Here’s Why I’ll Die Before I Buy a Chevy Silverado

rev up your engines today I'm going to
talk about Chevy Silverados this particular one is a 2015 LTZ pretty much
top of the line for them that's a sharp-looking pickup as you can
see it is kind of a show truck as you can see here it's got the short bed on
it it's not a full sized bed it's more of a show-off truck than anything else
look at the rims they're not made for going through mud but is you gonna see
here you can already see the quality's kind of cheap okay a time lock that's
why it's on lock look pull on it nothing happens you got to jerk it around it's just cheaply made tailgate I can feel the plastic already
coming apart five years old and the latch is starting to go I know it's
gonna snap off I fixed a bunch of these come on now yeah I mean this was a
$43,000 truck when it was new when it's only five years old cheap plastic wrap
on the handles it's a truck come on now when we check under the hood
it's got a nice v8 engine puts out 355 horsepower but of course all that power
comes at a price on a big heavy truck this particular one gets about 15 miles
a gallon in town 19-20 on a highway now as we check the interior the
truck has lots of room turn the key and yeah still got a key which I like starts
right up the electronic stuff but it don't have that many miles on it it's
got 67,201 miles and that's small mileage and barely five years old it's
got a big problem got the AC on the wall but it just got room temperature air
coming out of it it's those refrigerant the customer
filled it up and it lasted a few weeks and now it's blowing warm again I met
whole video on this you can watch it but basically what I did was I emptied it
all out with my recycling machine I filled it back up again put leak dye in
normally you'll see where the leak has come with a dye but it didn't show
anything till I got my sniffing machine out it smells refrigerant leaks that's a
normal beat when it beeps fast means errors are fragrantly
but as you can see there it checks for other gases too I just did a couple of
tacos and I guess they're all gassy from my mouth because it's beeping from that
but in this case when I stuck it inside the AC dash it started beeping meaning that the evaporator inside the dash is leaking that's bad not that it's leaking due to
their horrendous modern designs this is a 15 hour job tearing the whole dash apart to replace it it's well over with parts and labor and everything a $2,000 job on
a vehicle it's just barely five years old
it's got 60,000 miles on it to me that's uncalled for that is just poor
manufacturing by GM like I've been saying it'll make the greatest stuff
anymore now it's bad enough that it's leaking but in the olden days the GM
truck had the evaporator here under the hood I could change an evaporator out in
about an hour not 14 15 hours one hour but they decided to move it all inside
so you got to take the whole dash apart and like I say it's a 14-15 hour labor job
and the cost of labor the cost of parts be around 2,000 bucks to fix the stupid
leak on something that should look like that fast
again there's my 94 Celica 240,000 miles old as the hill still got the original
evaporator and still blows freezing cold GM quality not there anymore
now this baby's got all the creature comforts it's got heated and cooled
electric seats and when you go in the back you can see a back seat isn't a
joke it's got a lot of space to sit in a nice little area to put stuff in cheaper
quality and design even an air conditioning system blown out here like
the Toyota Sequoia I showed the other day you just get near from the front they
could have easily put Vents in here but I guess it would have cost him too much
or maybe they couldn't figure out how to do it more interested in having an
armrest it's got cup holders in it now you're not gonna get stuck with this
think as you can see here's the front end and there's the drive shaft on the
right side it's all wheel drive so you're not gonna get stuck in the back
it's got a big beefy round here got put oversized shocks on it got a big
old tire you know it's a solid built
truck you'll argue on that and as I say when you climb inside plenty comfy
it's a nice comfy big truck traction control on or off and you're gonna just
the petals and stuff you know that's got a lot of creature comforts there's no
arguing with that let's start it off take it for a spin it's got the obligatory backup camera that's got decent cornering for a big old pickup truck we're not gonna
wait for this guy who rudely pulled out in front of us and that typical these
days got some pickup they all the engine hey rise like a typical pickup truck it
out you're gonna feel bumps they're sloshed out by the weight and everything
but you see when we get these bumps rumbles around it's a pickup truck it's
not a Lexus or a Cadillac you know it's a pickup truck but for a pickup truck
rally it's got pretty smooth ride good enough when you going straight not
hitting any big bumps and if you used to driving the land yachts around like I do
when I was a young kid you got a point and steer you know it's not the best
of steering but you know it's a big old truck that's what it's gonna act like
like I said it's got a pretty cavernous back seat yeah climb inside it's not
particularly cramped this is a tiny little backseat it's got plenty of room
but I do have to say for almost $50,000 five years ago and this thing already
needs two thousand dollars plus of air-conditioning work on it the quality
just isn't there as the old saying goes chrome doesn't get you home really
chrome veneer is very thin it's what lies under that veneer that's important
so when you consider what's under this veneer I'm not very impressed with this
I could have done a heck of a better job for all that money
and there's some bonus questions and answers enrique garcia says how reliable
are the toyota yaris they're not bad vehicles I've customers
with them with 150,000 miles or more the kind of little little tinny washing
machine cars you go down the road you're gonna feel every bump cuz they're little
they got a smaller wheelbase they're a basic car their interiors are kind of
ugly and not all that comfortable but if you want a car to get from here to there
and especially if you're buying to use one cheap think it's no go for years and
only give me a decent knock around car me I mean if I was gonna get a car I'd
much rather get a Toyota Corolla 4-door than the Yaris cuz it rides so much
better than nice looking car too but if you want a real cheap car to get around
and they're not bad hot ski 83 says Scotty what's your take on a Toyota Venza
alright there were great cars but it was a marketing failure by Toyota they had
either six or four cylinder engine most had six and they were an SUV now
they were in between the matrix and like a lexus RX they were in between and
they're in between the price and it just never really fit you know like the
matrix had cost a lot less people that really wanted luxury went out got Lexus
the same company as Toyota venza they never really took off they
were actually priced to quite a bit too high for what you got because you didn't
get enough for the high price the lower priced ones hey you got pretty much the
same thing other than you didn't get a v6 engine and a matrix but they're
plenty fast enough with a 4 it was a marketing failure but as a
manufacturing car it wasn't a failure they're good cards they have any
particular problems that were just in the wrong price range for what you got
and then they stopped making them joe says scotty which ones should I buy toyota 86 vs.

pexels photo 5835359

Scion fr-s vs. Subaru BRZ well they're all made by Subaru so my advice
is buy the one that costs the least if you want one cuz they're all made in a
Subaru factory Toyota doesn't make them they're all made in the Subaru factory
so what the heck by the whatever the cheapest priced one you could find cuz
they're all basically the same vehicle made by Subaru in a Subaru Factory and
then just rebadge this Toyota's or Scion so wherever you get the best price go
ahead get a new good vehicles you know they're not Toyotas they're boxer
engines they're not Toyota engines the Subaru boxer engines if you want a boxer
engine go ahead but if you don't like them don't buy it cuz they're all boxer
they can have problems as they age, salad dressing says what's the cheapest and
more reliable car for a new driver okay cheaper reliable mmm of course you
look at like a Toyota Corolla or an old Toyota Camry they can run forever even
with high mileage I meant people buying with one hundred and fifty thousand and
they're still driving them with two hundred and fifty thousand you don't
want to pay much for a car that's got a lot of mileage but there's such reliable
cars and since they made millions of miles I think they sold over 30 million
Corollas parts are available they get wrecked they're in a junkyard so you can
get used parts cheap if you wrecked yours and you want to bolt some parts on for
what your wrecks oh really Toyota Corolla would probably be the
best final one and if it's old oh yeah it still runs good it could be a good
vehicle, 72 novices do you think the insane incentives being offered by the
manufacturer boost sales of their overpriced vehicles as far as I'm
concerned the Great Recession is already here and it's probably gonna last for
quite some time not just the virus but everything else a bloated stock market
the rich taking everything into people the middle class as usual getting
screwed over like they always do when all the deals have to pay for everything
I think they're gonna have a real hard time selling these expensive vehicles no
to keep making the bigger and bigger SUVs I saw one the other that got paid
eighty thousand dollars for an american-made SUV and I'm like that's
insanity well I guess a few months from now I don't think they're gonna be
selling that many of these 80 thousand SUVs anymore so you can get all these
incentives you want no interest blah blah blah but I don't care I'd rather
pay cash for a car that's five grand used and get no interest on an easy
house another car so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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