Is this a Legit HVAC Service

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I'm going to show you guys emails that I've gotten and these are pretty good And I think that you'll enjoy this Because I went into my spam folder Because I was looking for some of the People who emailed me for the giveaway And I found RJ in the spam folder and Have Clint but there's only two guys who Emailed me so I guess everyone else Didn't want the prizes that's a shame I'm sure we can find some guys who will Want the prizes I just give them all to Susie likes prizes you know what I'm Saying all right so here's the first Email that I thought was really really Funny and you guys could let me know So I'm going to read it out podcast People don't you worry it's on the Screen for everybody else hi I love the Very first line hi we are very legit That's the very first line of this we Are very legit at providing construction Material estimates and takeoffs we cater Many General Contractors we cater like The food subcontractors real estate Firms and Architectural firms we Specialize in estimating all trades such As flooring Electrical Plumbing Mechanical masonry paint and insulation Etc We also help with architectural Drafting And 2D and 3D drawings these guys are Real helpful guys we have experience in Residential commercial and government

Related projects oh you had me until you Got the government sorry Feel free to email us your architectural Plans so we can provide you with a Reasonable quote kindly Ellis Darlington Legit estimation Legit bro So here's a here's a tech tip for you Guys you guys like things that are Called Tech dips I've seen the views on Those Since you guys like Tech tips Here's one for you if someone mentions The word legit in the very first Sentence when they're talking to you Chances are it's not legit That's a good life Tech tip and some of Our senior citizens will probably Benefit from this if anyone's watching

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