I Believe in Stop Leak Now Kinda

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This video is brought to you by Beckett HVAC pump Solutions you can trust Learn more at beckettus.com forward Slash Industrial Out of Revelation here last few days a Revelation that I now believe in stop Leak I now believe in stop leak and this Is gonna break hearts and shatter Minds Out there and totally destroy everything As we know it philosophically So this is why I believe this and uh you Guys you know it's way to the end here Because I really like it I'm just Kidding So My truck tire has been leaking at a very Slow rate of speed very slow every now And then you know I take the little Inflator out there fill it back up A little while later a few days a week Or something maybe an hour Oh I gotta do it again Gotta do it again man what's up Everything hvacara it's good to have you Here So I kept doing this for what feels like A month or like seven months probably it Was a long time it was a long time of me Filling up this tire periodically that's Just that's who I am I fill up the tire Periodically it's like I better go Repair this tire no sir let's keep Filling it up indefinitely So I was filling up this tire

Indefinitely with the uh little brobe And Bauer inflators And then it started to more rapidly Deplete out of the tower I was like you Know a responsible person would probably Take this car in say we need a new tire For this I know I'm not a rich person so I'm like What kind of stop Gap solution can I Employ And get by for a little bit longer so I Looked inside my shop here which you Can't see because the turkey's a new way But my shop is back there this the Screen is in place for a reason because I have to Hey I'm glad you liked the turkey Thomas That's why it's here for your viewing Pleasure So I was in my shop here and my tires Outside And what do I see on the Shelf is some What's it called fix a flat fix a flat Oh man Fix a flat that's like stop leak I can't Be using stop leak for automobiles tires I should be specific for the tire of an Automobile Of course I can so I grabbed it down and I took it outside and it's like I Followed the fix of flat instructions Not at all because fix a Flats like the Tire has to be depleted you have to put The the puncture in the area or leaking

Area at the six o'clock position I did None of that I did none of that I just Said I'm gonna shoot some stuff in here And see what happens so I put the whole Bottle in there it wasn't full Put it all in there Pumped up the tire to the recommended Pressure And it said go ahead and drive it around I guess that swishes it around in there I imagine it swishing and coating Everything inside creating a permanent Seal like Flex Seal So I was driving down the road drive two To four miles so I drove two miles I drove the least amount as recommended By the fix a flat aerosol cylinder That was about a week ago because I Released a video on little tools Channel About the Bauer inflator because that's What I use to blow up this tire took 11 Minutes to blow it up from zero to 35 PSI didn't overheat didn't blow up Because those little inflators get Pretty hot They're not designed for continuous Usage A lot of them are 10 minutes some of Them are five minutes So 11 minutes it survived and that tire Is still perfect The fix of flat it worked It worked beautifully okay I'm I'm Floored by this

I am floored and I now have a new Respect for all stop leaks so next time I go to a system which will be like Never I'm going to it could be my own System I'm gonna definitely I can't use It I I would never use top League even After that story because a tire is one Thing refrigeration system is a much Different thing everybody that's Reputable says do not use stop lick Everybody out there like your sporlins Your Dan I don't know if danfoss said it I'm assumed danfoss said it I can't understand what they say because They have like a Dutch thing going this Damn flash like located in I'm gonna say The Netherlands it's probably somewhere Else so I did Mark or something So when they talk it's a little bit Difficult to understand but I'm assuming They're saying to not use any secondary Additives beyond the oil that's in the Compressor I'm just going to assume that but Everybody that makes the other stuff's Like yeah it's fine why don't why don't These guys say it's fine then if it's so Fine Why don't these guys say it's fine I Don't know Everything hvacr says put it in your AC And see if it works hey man what's the Difference between polymer balls I I Don't know I'm sure there's a huge

Difference I didn't look at the chemical Makeup But it would be interesting to see what The difference was spray some stop leak In there stop up that metering device Probably same day if it could stop up The hole in my tire it should darn well Be able to stop up a TXV pretty easy oh Yeah let's see so next time stick fix a Flat in your split system it'll work Better yep it's like AC renew AC Rejuvenate I'm gonna call it AC Rejuvenate I'm just going to put some Painters tape around that can and call It AC rejuvenate if you want to get a Coder or larger temperature split on Your AC and AC rejuvenate I can I can see it now there'll be People buying that stuff There'll be sales guys out there going You know what this only cost you an Extra 150 a can and you know what you Need to put it in your system Let's go ahead and put the the AC Rejuvenate in there I'll add the UV you Know seven UV lights uh 13 Remy Halos And let's see what else can we put slap On a system that don't matter nothing Let's see go ahead and put a 12 inch Media filter on the back of every system It's only going to add about three Inches of static pressure it'll be fine That's what your your your blowers for To overcome that static pressure from

Your 13 inch media filter so we have all Those UV let's go ahead and put one of Those ionizers in there too because I Don't like molecules floating around That don't have a positive or negative Charge tool What are they who they think they all Are they're like illegal aliens we need To get them out of there so we need to Add that stuff Everything ACR says no temp split at all You better believe it there ain't gonna Be any refrigerant to make it through to Freeze up the coil it'd be like there's Nothing passing it's just a 100 Restriction and then the system's off Is what I'm assuming will happen I don't Want to put it in a Bosch because the Board will probably go bad somehow the Board will will become damaged somehow I Don't know what's going to happen I should even say that knockout wood Don't want to say no the Bosch has been You know Mechanically sound except for the very First day I got it it was broken which I Think I've told you guys before and it Was like one of the breakers in the heat Kit had failed it was it was no good so I just had to wire it straight through Because I don't use the breaker and he Could anyway because the air handler has A main breaker that's 60 amps and that Covers the 10kw heat kit so beyond that

Mechanically fine just tuning it for Humidity has been the difficulty but Otherwise it's been you know operates 100 legit

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