Will Smart Monitors Replace HVAC Maintenance Technicians?

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So moving on to measure quick all right I'm going to bring up a measure quick Thing right here because everybody loves Measure quick it's the best thing in the World everybody loves it so I got an Email from them evidently I'm on their Email list which makes sense because you Know I hadn't measure quick for a while It says become the two to one contractor Well let me let me back up here for a Second I kind of assume people know what major Quick is but there's a lot of guys out There new like Adrian who was watching Earlier that came by the house he might Not know what it is because he's still In school measure quick is just a Platform an app that helps integrate Tools and take measurements and do Calculations for anyone who remembers The eye manifold it's like taking brain Out of the eye manifold and letting it Work with various things it's a pretty Smart thing Foreign Jim Bergman is the guy behind it Just like the guy behind the eye Manifold to a certain degree I never Know how much Jim Bergman was to do with The eye manifold but the way it looked Had a lot to do with it so that's hey There we go It says become the two to one contractor And this is their newsletter blind Maintenance servicing equipment without

Significant problems is stupid that Caught me off guard Servicing equipment without significant Problems is stupid and thank you wink HVAC for that Super Chat five dollar Super Chat from wink and let me tell you What that really helps out the show it Really helps me out because I you heard That children conversation that's not a Made-up thing for the show that's real Uh so the five dollar super chats they Help that's part of how the show makes Money and it's really awesome that you Did that so thank you Uh this the stupid thing caught me off Guard It says I wish I had a better word for It but stupid really fits the case it's A huge waste of time talent and Resources in hopes of a sale that Usually doesn't happen what do you guys Think of that statement because we're Transitioning over into one of those Smart monitors which you put on your AC That feeds data A long long long way back to the Original person who put it in the system Or put in that data monitor at least So it takes that data and they monitor The equipment and they cut your service Visits down to one or I guess you could Do it to zero everything hbr says stupid Is stupid does well I just I want to Know what you guys think because we're

All performing maintenances and This is saying that you wouldn't have to Do that anymore It kind of makes sense to me to say that Because if you're and I can't I can't do Anything more on here because it's Either going to play a video And uh This thing up here that says you can now Install all this if you if you click the Learn more button it just goes to Another thing where you fill out a form And stuff so it's not really an Expansion that I can show you guys But we're familiar with things like Since he predict That's a project he was working with We talk about football in the chat Good luck with the football games guys I like the aspect of a human looking at The machine I don't know why that is and That might be just kind of foolhardy but I like the idea of a human looking at The machine and checking things out even If a Brain so to speak electronic brain a Computer computer brain even if a Computer brand could do it better Because it can analyze all the different Criteria and tell you if it's got a Problem Essentially what measurequick does it Tells you you have hey there could be Low airflow hey there could be this or

Could be that hey it's it's a pretty Good idea right Do you think that technicians are going To be better than the machine That's the question But we're gonna we're gonna keep moving [Music] I did all my stuff The smart monitors I like I like the Smart monitors I think they're really Really cool they give you a lot of data I think that's really really nice yeah Salesman Tech I already feel like I need To take a shower just from doing that I Legit do I like I want people to do it But I just don't know how to tell Everybody I don't know how to tell Everybody Um I like the monitors this feels like we Should end this show I feel like the end Is coming Let's not let's be prophetic it's just I'm saying the end is coming If you don't like the monitors we can Talk about it next time as always guys Those of you in the live chat can change The content of the show by requesting or Commenting or having a question if You're a new person don't be afraid to Chat a lot of these chatting guys that Are sparring with each other it's okay They're all in good fun make sure you Feel confident asking a question or

Talking to these guys because a lot of Them besides how full of crap they look Are really smart guys so while being Full of crap make sure you realize that A lot of them are full of crap but They're also extremely smart experienced Technicians never hesitate to ask them Ask out loud I'll discuss it we'll get Answers from them maybe I'll have some Answers whatever it's Shop dog doesn't It sound like something Shop dog should Do right the whole shop is talking That makes sense right that's good Enough so I'm going to get out of here I Hope you guys have a nice Sunday evening I'll be back this week debatable Awesome uh I'll be back this week maybe Maybe Tuesday we'll see that Uh RJ says Jehovah's Witnesses have said The end it's coming many times yeah I think it was a 2012 I think the Mayan Said it's about to be over oops we Missed it

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