Gree Dc Inverter AC Error code H3 Full Explanation | Gree 1.5 & 2 ton H3 Error Code | Gree Ac Error

Subscribe Forever Tech YouTube channel to get latest videos updates Assalam-u-alakum Friends! I am Nadeem Robin and you are watching our YouTube channel Forever Tech In which we are making best informative videos for you Today , we will talk about Gree Dc Inverter Ac In which we will tell you about H3 error code In which we will tell you in full detail that when this error code will show on your display What is its reasons? And what is its solution? Watch full video so that you can understand each and every point That's all I always request that whenever you visit our channel If you haven't Subscribe to our channel till now So must Subscribe to our channel And also Press Bell Icon so that you can get upcoming videos notification Friends , Let's start the video Friends , This is Gree Dc Inverter Ac which error codes we will share with you We have turn it on It is working on 16 degree temperature And we will tell you which error code will occur This is its Indoor Model No See error code has occur on the display H3 error code has show on the display Whenever H3 error code show on the display So what does it mean? And why does it come? So it means that your Outdoor unit is faulted What is the problem in Outdoor Unit this also I will make you understand And I will show you where is the problem And why it comes? And what is its solution? We will make you understand what is the problem in Outdoor Unit Watch full video so that you can understand each and every point And How can you disappear H3 error code from the display I will explain you in full detail Whenever H3 error code occur on the display so it means that in your Outdoor unit overlock protection for the compressor is faulted Or it has turned off So that's why your Indoor will show H3 error code It have some reasons Due to which this error code comes Let's go towards the Outdoor and I will explain you why the error code occurs Friends now we have come towards the Outdoor unit As you can see the white color cables in the outdoor unit This white color connector And cable is also in white color If this cable get loose connected so then also it can give H3 error If like this it comes out from its connector so then also it will give you H3 error We will show you where it is install in the compressor Now we will open its cover , So that I can show you where is thermostat fit Now we will take out the thermostat We have take out its thermostat Thermostat looks something like this from the upper side And looks like this from the lower side So this is thermostat When compressor goes to 115 degree temperature so then it turn it off And when it turn it off so with in 3 seconds it turn off the whole unit And on Indoor unit error start occurring Now I will tell you How to check the thermostat We have take out the thermostat from the unit But it is of different type The fist we showed you is fit in 2 Ton Comes different wires On the top is the red wire And is white wire These are the same things but it comes in 1.5 Ton and it comes in 2 Ton I will tell you the method….

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How you will check it? First take the multi meter Take out the thermostat from the unit And set the multi meter on the kilo Ohms Our multi meter is Auto , Auto detect by itself We have set it on Auto so it will show by it self its value Thermostat value in multi meter should be from 1 Ohms to 400-500 Ohms And should be less than 1 Kilo Ohms If it is 1 Kilo Ohms or more than 1 Kilo Ohms so your thermostat is faulted It is important to change it And if it is less than 1 Kilo Ohm so it will keep on working It will remain alright Its perfect position is up to 1 Ohms , 2 Ohms , 3 Ohms or 10 Ohms Now we will check it and show you We have hold it in vice so that we can check it easily In its both points we will attach multi meter points Meter has start working It is showing value .2 , .3 and fracturing And it is like this it is not having any value and resistance It is working as a wire Just like a normal wire If it will be like this so your unit will keep on working And thermostat start again working on 95 degree And if compressor temperature is 95 degree so it will keep on working But If compressor temperature have reached 115 , it will sense it When it will sense it 115 , So the switch inside it will turn it off When it will get disconnect , it will stop working So unit will sense just in 3 seconds The PCB will sense its continuity is not coming And within 3 seconds it will stop the unit When it will stop the unit , unit will stop working I will tell you in full detail its more faults As you can see the Heat Exchanger or Condenser of Outdoor unit When it gets too dirty This unit is better , it's not so dirty If it get so dirty From which the compressor will start getting heating up When it will be hot , It will turn off the thermostat Even that , unit can give H3 error So that's why your Outdoor Heat Exchanger or Condenser should be clean Time to time clean it so that you can't face this problem This is Gree Dc Inverter Ac 1.5 Ton Outdoor Unit In some models This is capillary model unit Expansion valve is not present in it , it is simple capillary To show you we have to open it As you can see we have open its cover See its capillary is install here And in tar coal sheet it is cover So that it can't vibrate To stop the vibration it is cover with tar coal sheet In some models it come capillary and in some models expansion valve I will show you how the expansion valve looks like When expansion valve stops working And capillary tube get block cause of any reason Then also your compressor will get so hot That's why it will reached to the 115 degree and will turn off the thermostat Due to which it will show H3 error code If your Outdoor Fan get faulted cause of any reason or it stops working So then your Heat Exchanger or Condenser will get heat up Or your compressor will start taking Ampere It will get heat up and thermostat will again turn off If it will reached 115 degree so then also it can give H3 error When Outdoor Fan is not working cause of any reason Further we will tell you if Fan Motor is not working so which error can occur Friends this is Outdoor Expansion Valve Which looks something like this In some model it come like this In some are capillary and in some are expansion valve If it can not properly open so then also condensor will start heat up And all the load will goes to compressor And compressor will also start heating up And will start taking many Amperes Like this it will cross 115 degree and thermostat will get off and Indoor will show H3 error code on the display Beside this , If from unit gas leaked So then also it will show H3 error code on the Indoor What is its reason? When your unit is working normally and perfectly Gas is full in it When unit discharge cools and also cools the evaporator After cooling the room , when gas is coming in return So it is cool at enough extent Due to cooling , it is very helpful in keeping compressor temperature normal When gas will be leaked , So in return cooling gas will not come back Due to which compressor will heat up Due to heating its themostat will get trip So H3 error code can come on your display When from unit discharge gas get less So then also this error code can occur So keep your gas full so that this error can't occur Friends , I hope you liked today's information And will come in work for you And will be helpful So will meet in the next video

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