Error code E1 on my Pioneer ducted AC system. AC unit is a

error code e1 on my pioneer ducted ac system ac unit is a pioneer wall mounted type fan coiling unit model node wt02 3 alkyl 3 what does the code mean and how can i get it working again the unit is not cooling thanks this is dirty filter error code first pull and clean filter next power down air conditioner by holding power button keep holding power button and plug unit keep button power button pressed for 15 seconds plug unit back in continue to hold power button it will go through a test sequence when you hear beep re-ease power button and unplug unit plug unit back in push power button it should work from here a little complicated but that is how manual shows to reset faults rus we'll be offline for a few minutes be right back russ thanks russ i will try what you say i have to go to work now i will be back online this afternoon about six o'clock central time russ if you have a home improvement or appliance question and want to chat with an expert now visit ythi you

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