How To Replace HVAC Control Head 2000-2006 Chevy Tahoe

Take the key, turn the key on, you're going
to rotate the steering column down. Step on the brake and shift the lever all
the way to first gear. Then you want to grab this trim piece right
here. Just pull out. You can use the trim tool if you need to,
and then just slide it out and up. Move that out of the way. At this point, you can shift back into park,
take the key out. There's two bolts, one here, one over here. Use a 7-millimeter socket, take those out. Now, there's two tabs, there's a tab on the
top and a tab underneath. The one underneath's kind of hard to get to. So if you use a pocket screwdriver just get
underneath there by the side a little bit, then you can pry the top one down too, just
push it down. Just like that. Do the same on this side. There we go. And just slide it out. And a connector on the backside, just push
down on this tab, disconnect it. And flip it over. There's these two tabs. Just pinch these together and slide it out,
just like that.

All right, now line the connectors up. Lock that one in place, and then same with
the other one. That's good. Just line this up. Lock the clips in. Put the bolts in, one right there, one right
here, and snug these down. Just snug. Now, you can turn the key on, shift all the
way down to first again, make sure your foot is on the brake while you're doing this, and
then slide this back in position. And there's a tab right here and a tab right
here, line those up. Then just line all the other pushpins up. And lock it back down. Put it back in park, shut the key off. Now, there's no relearn procedure for this
head unit. You don't have to do a reprogram. But sometimes the HVAC control head actuators
are going to do a recalibration procedure, which you don't have to do anything other
than just turn this switch to one and then start the vehicle.

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Let the vehicle run for about a minute and
all the doors are gonna do their thing, they might move, they might not. And then after about a minute, then you can
adjust this and see if everything's working properly. You can adjust the heater. But for the first minute, don't touch anything..

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