Gree Dc Inverter AC F0 Error Code | Inverter Air Conditioner r410a Ice Problem With F0 Error Code

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So friends as you can see this is Gree DC air conditioner outdoor unit which has stopped and on indoor unit F0 error code is coming as you can see if i will remove its cover so than you can see clearly as you can see when we have remove it so F0 error code is coming on the display as you can see F0 position here so what problem unit has done that F0 error has come on the display before this we have made a video in which we have repair its PCB so when we have repair its burn PCB now we are testing it so for testing we have done its fitting we have totally done its insulation, piping and we have on it but it was working for a long time and after this it has start giving F0 on the display now we will tell you why it is coming before this we have record videos and full information is there as you can see we have put its switch but its point is taking only 2 amperes and as you can see unit has red position now and it is not working now i will give it start as you can see unit has get on now unit will work now lets see which error code will come in it and than we will share it with you and its outdoor unit is also started as this unit is working now this is expansion valve unit in Gree there are units with expansion valve means unit with capillary tubes and if you want to know about expansion valve so must watch our this video you will get benefit from it now as you can see one pipe has got white layer her it is totally white so now i will show you reason behind it that this pipe is getting white now here you can see discharge pipe which is a thin pipe has got white layer beside it its section pipe is fine but now the white pipe has start coming in its real position so what's reason behind it so know i will show it to you here that when it was working in full motion than ice was coming in it it has less down its amperes it has slow down its motion and due to slow motion it is taking less amperes and due to less amperes its section pressure increases and when section pressure increases than ice also get finished so this problem is here so this is its second term so it is taking 4.8 amperes current and its pressure is very less 50 PSI is its pressure so it is very less in first term ice was there but in second term ice is not there we haven't record its pressure in first term but now ice is not coming here so it means that gas issue is in unit its amperes will increase ……….as you can see its amperes are increasing if it will go to 6 than ice will come if it is less than 4 than ice is not forming that's why if it will take more ampere so ice problem can come now here as you can see unit is taking 3.7 amperes this is about three to fourth time so unit is working sometimes it get off and sometimes it is working now I will show you pressure ………..when amperes are more than pressure is decreased and when it is taking less amperes than pressure increases its section pressure automatically increases now its pressure is 110 PSI so it is working on 110 PSI and pressure is increased before it when I showed you pressure so it was 50 PSI and it was taking 5 amperes current so this unit is testing itself in different positions that what problem is in it and it is trying to understand it and a the end it will give any error on the display and when gas problem comes so F0 error should come in it and when F0 error will come that I will show you in the start of the video so that you can know it as its pressure has get very less if it was showing 100 PSI in full motion that we might do top up in it when it is in full motion ……..approximately when it is working it is showing us 50 PSI it means that gas is very less in it so we will take out gas from it after taking out gas we will vaccum it after Vacuum we will charge new gas in it so that it can have good cooling effect and its performance would be great and now if you are having the same problem as well so what could be its situations its can be two situation here rather their are three situations one is this that if the gas is totally finished then it will show f0 error code on the display if the gas is low then as well it will show the same problem f0 error code and if the ice is coming up and the gas is quite inside it still it will show f0 error code on the display so what have you to do as if f0 is showing and the gas is completely finished refill the new fresh gas and the unit is running and showing 50 psi pressure so refill the gas and empty the old gas if pressure is about 80 to 100 PSI than top up gas in it so than your unit will get fine

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This post may contain affiliate links which means I may receive a commission for purchases made through links. Learn more on my Private Policy page.

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