Top 5 Problems Pontiac G6 Sedan 1st Generation 2005-10

In this video, we're going over the top five
problems on this Pontiac G6. Number one, the VVT solenoids. On this engine they're located right here. This happens to be the four-cylinder version,
and this is what gives the cam timing the variable cam timing. Some of the symptoms you're gonna find is
the vehicle runs rough, you'll have a check engine light, and sometimes the vehicle will
stall. The best way to prevent these solenoids from
failing is changing your oil regularly and making sure your oil level is up to par. Number two, the electric power steering. This vehicle has electric power steering,
and sometimes it doesn't work. There's a steering column that actually has
the sensor built into the column, and there's an electric motor that's attached to the column. Sometimes the sensor will fail and you have
to replace the column.

You should get a code for the power steering
system, and that will let you know that you need that. Or also, the power steering motor sometimes
fails, and that needs to be replaced as well. Number three, the BCM connector. BCM is located underneath this panel right
here, there's a fuse box under there as well. Just pull that panel off. Here's where the BCM is located, and here's
the connector that fails. Some of the symptoms you may find is the taillights
are not working, and other odd electrical issues. To fix this, it's actually really easy. You need to disconnect the battery and then
disconnect those connectors on the BCM. You can reconnect them and the problem should
go away. To prevent this from happening long-term,
you want to use a special dielectric grease that works on low voltage. Regular dielectric grease isn't gonna work. Make sure you use a low-voltage dielectric
grease. Number four, the turn signal switch.

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On this vehicle the turn signal switch is
located right here, and some of the problems you're gonna have with it is when you engage
the turn signal and you go to turn the wheel, and you turn back, it doesn't disengage. Other symptoms you may notice is it's not
working properly, or it may engage while you're not using it. Number five, front hub bearings. You may notice while you're driving down the
road that you hear either a helicopter or an airplane type noise, and it changes when
you turn the wheel back and forth. Most of the time, that's due to the hub bearings. Now, you can grab the wheel, if you raise
the vehicle up and give it a shake from top to bottom, if there's excessive play in there,
most likely it's the hub bearing. You can also grab the coil spring while you
turn the wheel, and if you feel excessive vibrations in the coil spring, that can help
you determine whether it's the right side or the left side.

So, there's our top five problems for this
Pontiac G6. Overall, these cars are great cars. I actually used to own one. If you enjoyed this video, or it helped you
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