Ultimate Toolbox Organization and Review! – Harbor Freight (U.S. General) 44” Top Box Tool Review

hello everyone this is paul with jonesing4 tools live from the jft studio yeah anyway today we are reviewing my us general 44 inch top toolbox in blue as you can see my bottom one is black i wanted to get the orange one but it wasn't in stock uh let's go ahead and start with the side of it let's see yes i got the green uh glove holder um the reason why i got green is my youngest son wanted to get a toolbox that's green and maybe he'll get it on his birthday but right now i got the uh the uh the glove holder i finally got the glove box holder i mean the glove uh holder because i always forget to put on the dang gloves so with it being green it stands out and i'll remember hey let me put on some gloves and let me tell you something about these uh harbor freight gloves um i used to buy the cheaper ones uh four mil and they would they would break open all the time they were terrible but these seven mil are perfect just just one glove on each hand and they do the trick i don't have any more issues with them falling apart so uh i'm pretty impressed with that i noticed uh last time i bought gloves there they have the the nine mil the 10 mil 12 mil and those are great but this is this is the highest uh you need to go in my opinion okay now this right here the side tray this came off of one of my old uh harbor freight five drawer boxes that i had a long time ago you know i just had the typical stuff uh three one oil what else we got nic is lubricant this is some two cycle oil three in one oil what else we got here loctite uh yadda yadda you know the same stuff everybody has but let me tell you something about this top box um like i said i started out with the bottom one and uh and that and that was great but i ended up filling it up and i needed something a little bit bigger so i went ahead and got this top box i've had this top box for about a year now and uh it works great no issues um as you can see the tops open i just added a little bit of light up here uh you know um let me turn this light off i want to talk about this light this right this light right here is rechargeable i tell you what i love having it a lot of times i can uh what i'll do is i'll clip this on my t-shirt around the neck and then i i can just get in their car or look at the engine and it works great plus as a magnet here magnet on the bottom um but it's just an excellent excellent light and for a decent price uh let's what else i got up here uh this works great um uh to hold the wires and stuff when i'm soldering has the clips magnet magnetized this is a great little product i think this one's lyle so i just stick it up there because i don't want to lose it um just some little cheat sheets um i don't have to explain now this thing i really don't hang much stuff up here um [Music] let's just do it oh this is this is my oem um uh ratchet you don't take out those side terminal batteries this thing works great it's long reversible and i just i really like this i hate those side terminals batteries these are just a couple of the harbor freight um [Music] reversible uh ratchets you got three eighths no you got three eighths and quarter on this one and it's long flexible and then this one is just a three-eighths and quarter non-flex but anyway let's let's take a look at this um in this box i have a couple different uh systems to hold the um the sockets in this set i believe it or not this is actually my favorite for for uh socket holders that don't leave the the toolbox they're labeled easy i mean uh easy to read no issues with them that's what i have all my half inch i got a half inch over there metric and then i have uh sae over here uh let's see and then my quarter there on these magnetized aries uh things and i like this because i can just grab this whole thing and bring it to the cars magnet and set it on the hood by the boom bada bing these work great well other socks i got these are those uh bolt biters from gearwrench um they work pretty good plus it came with its own little holder i got no problem with these uh good little buy i had i started using these i don't even know what brand this is but these are another bolt biters and they work okay um but i don't know what brand they really don't matter i wouldn't suggest them but i do suggest these all right uh here's my quarter inch here's my 3 8 these are 3 8 sae i got the flex ones um gear wrench and they work good i i don't use them much but they're ready um these are all my uh spark plug wrenches or sockets and i also have another one i gotta figure out where i got it oh here it is this is what i always use though this one's magnetized flex head works great i don't even know i have these but just in case you never know uh let's see let's take a look at my ratchets i love ratchets this is a quarter inch matco non-flex snap-on three-eighths non-flex gearwrench 120 3 8 flex unlocking carlisle 3 8 flex locking and big daddy half inch ear wrench 92 soft grip i love soft grip uh let's see tape measure and lumpkin let's see what else we got here this right here um this is my uh yes yes adapters go from quarter to three eighths vice versa so on and so forth self-explanatory what else they got in oh yeah this big rascal this is the pittsburgh breaker bar and you guys say whatever you want pittsburgh puts out some pretty good uh ratchets this thing right here i think i paid like 19 bucks when i bought it and it it has no problems doing what i needed to do all right here we go this is my pittsburgh works pretty good um it was cheap uh this is actually the the first one torque wrench i bought three eighths i also bought the quarter one but i ended up giving that away to somebody uh metric here you go most of my sockets are pittsburgh um i mean you can't beat them uh i've never broke one and if i did all i have to do is go in there and exchange it yes i have a harbor freight just down the street and uh probably about a mile from here and uh i got no problem buying pittsburgh sockets um now you know don't get me wrong i like colors i have gear wrench i have techdon um but all these here are pretty much pittsburgh except for these gearwrench and uh um these other ones are gearwrench as well all right so let's go down to the next drawer here we go this is my plier drawer here is a mixture of everything all right you know where to start um milwaukee scissors works great uh what are these tech tone uh they work great let's see who what are these what brand is this um here we go let's just say oh carlisle i tell you what these things take care of business very impressed with these um there's some cheap tin snips we don't talk about them uh cheap pipe wrench really cheap pike wrench but it does work um you guys know about these uh a panel clip tool um uh brand is this one this is just some cheap flush flush cuts for zip ties let's see what are these pliers i think these are doyle works fine uh right here these are harbor freight special to um for your radiator hoses they work cheap effective though now these are outstanding channel lock brand they work great no issues with them um but i ended up getting these as well and and these are harbor freight but i got these because that way i don't have to switch between the tips i have the smaller tips here the bigger tips here um they both work great no issues uh see some other little flush cut cheapos doyle's pittsburgh this is uh something new pittsburgh uh been trying out soft grip vice grips made by uh what they call bremen or something or another if you know just leave it nate uh the name down in the description no issues i i i i like them so far channel locks uh vice grip brand detecting let's see yada yada i have some canipix a couple pairs but i have them in another toolbox but anyway let's see next drawer this drawer right here young drawer self-explanatory the thing about this this box i i can put a lot of stuff in it and i was able to separate the tools more this is my screwdriver jordan picks gearwrench pick set love it good deal um right here vessel screwdriver this is really the only screwdriver i ever use this is the number two striking cap when you hit it twist this right here is worth its weight in gold love it buy this of course i have uh the tectons and i got no problem with these these work fine i like the handles but the most comfortable are these carlisles outstanding um let's see carlyle scraper here's another pick oem works fine yeah let's go to the next drawer okay this drawer pittsburgh they work fine not fancy i like them because green because i don't lose them they work just fine uh this little kid right here this is like when i'm working on lawn mowers and chainsaws where you gotta adjust everything well it's a whole kit and here's one of them but they have the different ends to adjust the carburetor here there you go that's what it for this one that's that's what it is down here on the end this kid's cheap kit i got on the amazon is filled with every size there is for those nothing really spectacular to look at let's see oh ratchets i am addicted to ratchets i have all kinds this is just some of them i'm not going to go into detail about all these i'll just do a quick little passover that way you can pause it if you want to look at it a lot of them i use some of them i don't i just wanted to review oh yeah old school snap-on old-school mac uh this is the silver eagle macko [Music] there's an old proto all right moving on this drawer is just a lot of the little specialty wrenches that you hardly ever use line wrenches um different brands not really talk about all right let's go down here okay here we go um now this drawer actually has a lot of things um this is the ames um uh test the heat there it is bam works pretty good this is a decent price harbor freight too never had an issue with the good stuff all right pittsburgh carbon steel tap and die set um never had any issue with it uh great price i don't even know what i paid for probably 20 bucks or so got it on coupon back back in the day where it was 20 off let's see that's a quick look always comes in handy okay gear ranch i think this is a serpentine bell kit yes excellent excellent product the newer one has uh the flex right here but this this thing is worth its money i think he was like 42 bucks good stuff all right man it's hot here this summer in mississippi i tell you what i'm sweating uh this is another one of my torque wrenches i'll show you why i like this one this is the half inch right there i love how you got the black background and the yellow it makes it easy to adjust quick and it works fantastic no issues at all with it okay excellent all right ah let's see what else we got here abn oh break service kit i'm not gonna go into that um this right here is the great find barbara freight has this the quinn digital torque wrench al stanton worthless weight and gold i'll do a review by itself excellent uh this right here is just bed adapters stanley fat max excellent gloves this right here is just a set of sae uh big wrenches and i got my little teeny torque wrench it works good all right moving on the last drawer for the top toolbox what did everybody say the money drawer okay i got all kinds of stuff in here um everybody always talks about the milwaukees and you know what they're right they're outstanding no issues oh yeah i do have an issue these darn batteries yeah that's my biggest problem not with the the tools but with the batteries um this right here of course everybody's favorite never had an issue with it the stubby i thought i would use it more but i really don't i use the 3 8 ratchet this is my backup bostitch this is great the problem is i can't get these dang batteries no more bosses should never stop making these old as dirt but works great um what else we got oh the lyle brake pad spreader works great no issues and the harbor freight uh battery terminal checker excellent ah yes but anyway there put but the bottom line this u.s general toolbox top been outstanding no issues with the drawers no issues with the paint fading no issues at all the locks are great um i tell you what they are worth their weight in gold it's worth paying a little bit of money for them um compared to the the stamp on matco boxes these boxes are just to hold the tools this box don't get moved around a lot if ever they're just to hold your tools why spend thousands of dollars when you just spend three to four hundred bucks on this top to hold all your tools it does great but listen i want to thank you for uh sticking with me during this tour uh this is paul with jones and for tools we do tool reviews for those afflicted with the tool addiction please if you if you like this type of content subscribe to the channel like it share it leave a comment of what type of toolbox that you like or if i should get something else but listen i want to thank for your time have a good night you

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