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Hi I'm Vance and welcome back to
Repair and Replace. If there's water leaking from your
furnace or air conditioning unit, then it's likely that your condensate pump
has stopped working. In this episode I'll show you how to troubleshoot
and replace your condensate pump. Condenser furnaces and
air conditioning units both produce water as
a by-product. High-efficiency furnaces condense water vapor to extract additional heat from the air the air. Air conditioners not only cool the air in
your home they also remove moisture. This excess water is best removed by
gravity through a floor drain.

Condensate pumps are used
when a floor drain is not practical. As water flows into the condensate pump basin the water level rises and triggers the float switch. The motor then pumps the water
up through the discharge tube. When the water level drops the float switch
disengages and shuts off the pump Some models include a safety switch which will shut the furnace off
if the level gets too high. This can be useful in the case of a
pump failure as the water can quickly add up. A condenser furnace can produce
up to 20 liters of water a day while an air conditioner on a humid
day can produce up to 40 liters of water. To begin you might need
a screwdriver, a nut driver an adjustable wrench, and a small bucket First clean up the water around the pump. Fill the reservoir with a little bit of water
and see if the motor starts running. Observe if there's any water
leaking from the bottom as this could mean
the plastic reservoir is cracked.

If the motor runs but the water
level doesn't drop then the check valve might be plugged. Turn off the furnace and
disconnect the pump. Now remove the discharge tube
and let any water drain into the bucket. Next unscrew the check valve. You should be able to feel
the valve move. If it's stuck then use compressed air
to free the check valve. Now reconnect the pump
and test the unit. If that doesn't fix the problem then
the pump might be plugged internally. In this case it's best
to get a new pump If the reservoir is full and the pump doesn't
run then first check a few things. Turn off the furnace and disconnect the pump. It's now safe to remove the cover. Next check to see if the
float switch moves freely. If the float is stuck it can
prevent the motor from running. Now reconnect the pump
and test the unit. If the motor still doesn't run then it's best
to replace the condensate pump. First turn off the furnace and unplug
the old condensate pump. If your pump has a safety switch
then disconnect the wires.

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Next loosen the mounting screws. Now disconnect the discharge tube and let
any water drain into the bucket. Swivel and remove the inlet pipes. Now slide the old pump
out of the way. In some models you might need to
install a mounting bracket. Other models will screw directly
into the side of the furnace. Now connect the inlet pipe
and set the pump into place. Next attach the discharge tube to
the barbed fitting. If your old pump used a safety switch
then connect the wires to the new switch. Now plug in the pump
and turn on your furnace. Finally test your new pump. Fill the reservoir with some water
to make sure it's working. And there you go,
your new condensate pump should take care of any water made
by your furnace or air conditioner. If you liked this and want to see more
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