Chris’s Son tried to Pull One Over on Him One Day (It Did Not Work)

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So my oldest son he's 25 26 I don't know some videos oh anyways But uh he worked for me for years and he Just got to a point where he would not Tell the truth about stuff for some Reason I guess he thought if he would Throw a lie out there that I wouldn't Find out about it but he always got Caught and there was one time he was Doing an install he was going to change A condenser and he couldn't find his Tubing Cutters had to reclaim all the Freon out the unit so instead of going To the hardware store that was five Miles down the road and back and buying A set of tubing Cutters he decided to Try and unsweat the condenser and then Put the new one in place well everything Was still ridiculously hot because he Didn't get a hotter hose to cool Everything off and well He ended up burning a giant hole in the Bottom of the pad brand new pad we put Down for it and uh then he tried to Leave the job uh and not show me what he Did and made him go back and he showed Me and I was not happy to say at least And luckily he did show me because the Homeowner texted me a few hours later That evening and sent me a picture of The same thing he finally sent me and Was like what is this and why is this Happening and you know I had to explain Her hey you know we had a technical

Issue you know we're gonna get a new pad We'll come back and fix it and take care Of it and and yeah that was not a fun Night to say the least but uh you know I Mean I mean you know it's kids are kids I mean you know I'd you know they love Those cell phones and and you know but I Mean I'll give the kid I'll give him Props all day long he's a smart kid I Mean he's actually an assistant manager Are you Michael now I mean I don't know If he just needed to be in a situation Where he's got somebody always with him Instead of being out in the service Truck where you know nobody's there Watching him air conditioning it's air Conditioning it all right Michael yeah It'd be inside it's good yeah yeah I Mean he's he's like I said I mean he's He's the assistant he's been there for a Year and a half and he's the assistant Manager I mean so pretty good I mean He's he's killing it so That's pretty so it's a success story I Mean it starts out like oh my gosh and Then it comes back like oh okay oh yeah I mean It's funny like it's real funny I I Think it's good that's a it's a good Story because had you not asked for the Other picture which is a good thing You would have never known until the Person called later anyway oh yeah Normally wait what I mean that would

Have been until it turned into a Nightmare of a night because I'm like Wait why is the homeowner sending me This and why didn't I know about it you Know and And why did he take this weird angle of Picture of the unit usually we take it From this angle but he took it from an Odd angle where we can't see hardly Anything yeah exactly yeah I sense lies Exactly Yeah something bad has happened here Something bad has definitely happened I Uh I remember I was learning how to Braise a long time ago and they put me On an air handler it was a Goodman too This is the reason why governments fell Is because of people like me uh and I Was brazing that thing And anyone who has braced for a while Knows that one of the first few things That you're kind of apprehensive about Is the amount of heat you have to put on Something oh yeah that's the right Amount of heat you want to kind of back It off I don't want to you know melt a Hole in anything well I was busy not Melting a hole in anything for a long Period of time and it was like the Biggest clumps of stuff oh yeah on this Thing I don't even know how You would be able to even use it you Know you see the guys go in there and Clean off like the Braves with like a

Wire brush whenever it's all messed up To scrape it off heat it up or something I'm sure that's what someone had to do To me years later and that's the reason Why Goodman is bad everybody because I Mean [Music]

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