Frustration Being HVAC Contractor Owner Navien NCB-240 Error E110 – Usually Exhaust Issue

it's me mikey pipes good afternoon we 
just banged out of bosch and carrier   almost the ultimate almost the ultimate in dual 
fuel hvac almost if it was a bosch furnace it   would have been the ultimate just saying just 
food for thought yesterday daniel replaced a heat   exchanger in an avian ncb combi system earlier 
today the homeowner called say she has no heat or   hot water so daniel's still cleaning up with the 
last job and i am arriving at the service call now   to see what's going on and uh we'll take it from 
them it's pulling up on the street right now i'm   just looking for the house and uh hopefully 
hopefully something simple but nonetheless   no heat or hot water and we just replaced the 
uh the heat exchanger in it and um hopefully   it's not no big deal but no not this one 
either oh where is this polaris this house oh apparently let's go to the service entrance 
in this cosmo hall just down there all right let's see what's going on here i think it's over here somewhere right thank you so much let's see what happens power cycle this thing 9.2 psi all the zones are off e110 all right all right so those of you 
who do not know e110 deals with exhaust   so exhaust blockage this truck is a mess because i went right 
from the install to this job now and   i'm just gonna grab my veto the service 
bag and we're gonna see what's going on   in there i gotta hold the navy and apparel 
today representing representing south korea i was making a noise i like it   when you charge the car you know yeah and 
if i make a vibration that i could hear yep all right so brand new heat exchanger pretty tight also pretty tight okay starting to see that ring around 
the collar right there you see that everything else looks all right i already know what's gonna happen here it comes yeah yeah it's simple fix though don't no worries and 
i'm so sorry you have to deal with this   because i know we just replaced 
this heat exchanger yesterday and yeah i'll get it up and running in a few moments 
don't worry ma'am i am like the navy and god there's nothing i know this thing blindfolded   seriously why did you come yesterday because why 
didn't i because someone else was here instead   yeah somebody else is a nice student but it's 
got a lot to learn i guess we all have we all   started somewhere right oh yeah i don't know 
we all started somewhere for like the kids   he's a good kid he's 22 years old you know and 
you know at normal kids his age are finishing up   college with hundreds of thousand dollars worth 
of debt and they're gonna then they're dying to   find a job to pay this debt he's smart his parents 
raise him well he's got went into learning a trade   and in probably four or five years he'll 
make a hundred thousand dollars a year   you know and have no debt but we 
all you charge me 100 and the kids   just to make um you should make a 
hundred thousand dollars a year right now no it's not my son okay that's the course of doing business and also it allows us   to come back here and not 
charge you anything right you're the one who spoke to my channel you know but again it could 
have been a lot more than that   because if it wasn't for us who was here last 
year someone else would have made you rip this   thing off the wall and instead of paying 400 
dollars you would have spent twelve thousand   dollars instead but let's give you back heat 
i've noticed that your thermostats are off your thermostats are off every question that we 
discussed what's up you've got an excuse for i'm   not an excuse i have an answer i'm like radio 
shack i have you have questions i got answers   no they're closed down you 
know they ran out of answers they ran out of answers i remember yeah you had had a lot of leaks 
coming from this thing yeah all right so now   let's turn on the hot water somewhere and turn on 
the heat because all the thermostats are off right   now you know that you want to turn on the heat i 
have to go upstate okay want me to do i'll do it   zoom three see this there's no resistance 
so it's open this has resistance it's closed   this has resistance it's 
also close domestic hot water   which is this half inch pipe nope 
this one sorry oh yeah she's hot all right now let's make sure we have water 
circulating here for the space heating side got the radiator icon good let's turn off the domestic hot 
water let's check our values no domestic water three-way valve and here we go it's getting hot now we're gonna watch our delta t have a huge 
huge difference now so now we're circulating   zone three is hot comes back up there cold circulating hot warmer more good so as you know your existing subscribers and viewers 
i keep it uncut unedited and raw on this channel   for a purpose because mistakes happen but in this 
example there is no excuse there is no excuse for   the deficient replacement heat exchanger that 
my company provided for this homeowner daniel   did not connect the condensate drain tube   from the bottom of the heat exchanger to 
the condensate trap he didn't connect it   what did he do he left the cap that it came with 
it factory and forgot about it and the homeowner   made him comment and maybe you heard her in 
the background like oh you're here in an hour and to daniel i say there is no excuse for not doing a complete 
and thorough job i say this over and over   and over again a good technician is observant 
of his surroundings right and daniel this is   not the first heat exchange you did and um 
there's no you know there's no ill you know   bad thoughts here it's not like i'm published 
publicly shaming you which you know i could   scream yell curse and scream and all that 
good stuff but you're not gonna learn that way   but i can what i can guarantee is that you'll 
never ever ever make that same mistake again   i guarantee it guarantee it and also keeping it 
uncut unedited in raw and i told you this daniel   on the first heat exchanger that i gave you to 
replace and i said do not forget the black cap   that goes on the bottom that's on the bottom 
of the heat exchanger right because mike the   other mic not only left the black cap on 
there but he actually was able to hook up   that rubber hose from the bottom of the heat 
exchanger it a condensate trap and of course   the next day the customer has got no heat or 
hot water and e uh 110 is on the display and   that's the exhaust issues listen to this 
system the condensate had no place to go   and it sensed that and it turned itself 
off shame on you daniel shame on you daniel a good technician is observant of his 
surroundings fortunately you're young and you   will learn and you will be a very v you'll 
you will you will be very very successful   in this trade i guarantee you i guarantee 
you just learn from your mistakes and don't   make the same mistake twice or multiple times 
okay hope you guys enjoyed this i'm headed home   it is 4 40 sorry 4 53 p.m gonna head home 
have dinner spend some time with gigi the   mini golden doodle and then hit the hot tub nice 
and bubbly all right be well god bless stay safe

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