98% of HVAC Techs Don’t Get all 3 Questions Right

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I have a question I'm trying to add a Little bit of tense music Here's intense Music It don't really work on you probably But here's your very first question We're gonna get that hat to you I'm sure And let's see if you have a knowledge of Uh furnaces All right the r98 MV furnace is made by Goodman Rheem Renegade or thermopride I'm gonna have to go with a ring on this One is that your final answer Yeah I might as well Hey that's the spirit man you know what That's absolutely right it is free it Was the r right did the r give it away They are but why did you say Renegade Because that's something I made up when I did that question It is it'll be a new one to me They sell Hill murder was like we gotta Pimp this hill more reversible Chuck Which I've never seen in action anywhere So malco's got everything locked down Probably I really like the marketing garbage the Cold forged the cold Forge does sound Good like there's a blacksmith hitting a Like molten metal with a hammer I like That made by Hephaestus I like that hey how would you like uh What I also found something at the Bottom of a drawer that's no lie Cowboy Of HVAC sticker I would actually like

That the most hey I'll give you two If you win all right if you win okay So here's question number two it's gonna Be not that hard I should give you harder ones but that Wouldn't be very fair all right question Number two let's see here what do we got Oh man you're gonna know this one for Sure all right which one of these train Air Handlers it should be is metal but I'm an idiot Is metal the tam-4 the tam-9 the gam5 or The Tim six Can we just talk about this it's gonna Be that 10-6 Are you positive Well if you go by Ted cut they're all Three of those are metal composite yeah But we all know the truth We don't think of those as metal uh and Uh you know what you're right it's it's The temp six you're absolutely right you Say smart man How good are you at uh complex HVAC Principles Depends on the principle let's find out Let's find out if you know this Particular principle I bet you do you're Just a smart guy let's see here I don't Want to build it up too much During an adiabatic process wait it took Like a jump right there from like level Two to level three

During an adiabatic process temperature Does not change pressure does not change Heat content does not change or volume Does not change [Music] So Minimally Familiar with adiabatic principles What do you know about it based on my Understanding [Music] I would have to say the volume does not Change Is that your final answer Might as well be Might as well be all right well I'm Sorry to say It's not volume actually I'm about to Double check because it is heat content You're right yeah the heat content Cannot change in the adiabatic process The others can change necessarily will Change but they can

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