3 Hidden HVAC Secrets Contractors Don’t Want You to Know!

The Three Secrets Heating and Air Contractors Don’t Want You to Know

In today’s video, we will be uncovering three secrets that many heating and air contractors would prefer to keep hidden from homeowners. So why would these companies want to keep this valuable information under wraps? Because it can potentially save you money and headaches when it comes to dealing with your heating and air systems, and some contractors just aren’t keen on having informed customers. With that said, let’s dive into the three secrets you need to know!

Secret #1: Adjusting Prices Based on Workload

The first secret is that some heating and air companies will adjust their prices based on how busy they are. This practice is similar to car salespeople lowering their prices at the end of the month in order to hit sales quotas. If the heating and air company is swamped with work, they may raise their prices, making it more difficult for you to get a reasonable estimate for their services. Conversely, when they hit a slow period, their prices may drop significantly in order to attract more business. To make sure you’re being treated fairly, it’s a good idea to get several estimates from various companies, and take note of how their prices fluctuate throughout the year.

Secret #2: Sneaky Thermostat Battery Practices

The second secret is related to the batteries in your thermostat. Some shady contractors will put batteries into thermostats that are already hardwired and working just fine. This practice can lead to issues down the line as the batteries start to die, potentially causing you to lose air conditioning on a hot summer day. It’s important to note that not all situations where a contractor puts batteries in your thermostat are shady – there are legitimate reasons for doing so, such as when there aren’t enough conductors in the cable going to the thermostat. However, if you notice a technician adding batteries to your functioning thermostat for no apparent reason, it’s a good idea to ask them why they’re doing it and assess their response.

Secret #3: Checking Your Own Warranty

The third secret is all about your HVAC system’s warranty. Many homeowners are not aware that they can check their own warranty with certain manufacturers, instead of relying on a heating and air company to do it for them. Some companies may take advantage of this lack of knowledge by telling you your system is no longer under warranty and charging you for repairs that should have been covered. To protect yourself, consider checking your warranty using the manufacturer’s website, or by visiting a dedicated warranty-checking site like griffinair.net or newhvacguide.com.


By educating yourself on these three secrets, you can potentially save money and avoid being taken advantage of by unscrupulous heating and air contractors. Remember to ask questions, get multiple estimates, and always keep an eye out for any questionable practices. And if you’re in the market for a new HVAC system, consider checking out newhvacguide.com for valuable tips and information to help guide your decision-making process. With this knowledge in hand, you’ll be better prepared to tackle any heating and air issues that come your way, and your home will be more comfortable for it!

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