Work/Family Balance.

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How's it going and welcome back to the Channel in today's video it's going to Be a different one it's all about family And work life balance it's actually Thanksgiving today so if you're Wondering why we're wearing some um Honolulu style shirts What we like to do every year is have a Different theme for our Thanksgiving Gathering and this year is a Hawaiian Theme so we've got the Hawaiian shirts On This video is brought to you by truetech Tools quality tools essential support And by RLS original patented proven So typically on this channel it's all About let's do some work right it's About the work getting stuff done making Things happen But on the flip side of that coin is Which is something I'm actually pretty Passionate about is having a balance Having a balance in your work in your Life in general so that encompasses what We do for a living Um if you're constantly working all the Time and you're neglecting all the other Areas of your life it's just not going To be sustainable and you're going to Burn out and you're not going to enjoy What you're doing so that being said Today we are celebrating family we are Celebrating friends and ultimately we're Really focusing on being thankful and

Having gratitude in the things that we Have in our life for me it's all about Family I really enjoy being a dad a Husband and uh so yeah it's all about Just being with the family today Cooking some really good food and just Having a good time Yeah so my wife's family is from Florida So we come to Destin Florida every year For Thanksgiving and it's a blast I love It because I love the beach and we're Probably about I don't know 15 minutes Away from the beach So we'll come down here for a few days Spend time with the family go to the Beach eat some good seafood You know just enjoy ourselves and have a Good time and uh We usually try to come up here actually You know two three uh times a year But it seems lately with the younger Kids and busier lives we've only been Making out here maybe once or twice a Year so Anyway feels good to be out here Those Um [Music] Oh man this is super fun I really enjoy Being around the family all the Different personalities all the kids Running around just having a good time Really do enjoy it but I want to talk About work life balance again this is

Something that I'm super passionate About these days because we really need To take a step back and think about why Are we going to work why are we putting In those long hours working our tail off It's for your family for the most part Right so We need to make sure that we're Maintaining that balance between our Family and our work life because if you Don't have that balance in your tier in One way or the other something is going To suffer so I've seen time and time Again I've even done it myself within The trades we tend to focus on working Working to provide for our family but to Be honest with you that is not the only Thing that we should be doing when it Comes to providing not just money we Need to be there for our family we need To be there emotionally and we just need To show up so that's what this video is All about Thanksgiving really makes me Think about this more than a typical day But you know being grateful for your Family and enjoying that time so I start Thinking about well what about day to Day you know going to work Monday Through Friday what does that look like So Anyhow going back to the balance that's Super important because at the end of The day that's what we're working for Um and if you don't maintain that

Balance with your family or your friends Or whoever is important to you in your Life uh that relationship is going to Suffer and at the end of the day You're not going to be happy you're Going to be just chasing your tail if It's just always about work so anyway This video is just to to you know talk About that just a little bit because I Really do feel like in the trades you Know it's all about grinding and working Hard you know and there is a time for That but there's also a time to you know Make time for your family for yourself You know outside of work so anyhow it's Just a balance it's really what it boils Down to and um you know because I want To come home and I want to have that Relationship with my son I want to have That relationship with my wife my Daughter you know to where those aren't Being diminished because I'm always gone I'm never available to show up to a Baseball practice or a baseball game or Whatever the case is so At the end of the day we need to be There for our family whether it's out There working and making money or if It's showing up and being there in Person Because you know we just want to have Fun with the people that we love [Music] Um

[Applause] Yourself [Music] Out here Oh man good people good food equals a Good time it's been a great day and I Really hope you guys got something out Of this video I really wanted to do Something different for today Um and just you know get your mind Working on something that's a little bit Outside of just typical work again this Is something I'm super passionate about So I just wanted to you know relay that To you guys and see if you got something Out of it really hope that you did give It a thumbs up if you did subscribe to The channel if you haven't already until Next time see you guys later [Music] Foreign [Music]

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