Troubleshooting Gas Furnace Not Heating – How to Strengthen Relationships with Your Clients

good morning it's me Mikey pipes and today 
we're at that luxury Condo building we've   got a customer who's got no heat let's go fix 
them see what's going on [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] all right there's the 
truck here is the mechanical closet customer has   no heat let's see what's going on Luxe air we got 
a lux there here yep got a lux there right there okay the offs it must be light I'm gonna guess 
it's light yep that's the light switch here is   the power switch to the furnace okay 
first thing I'm gonna notice is that   you have a little bit of condensate right there 
goes into we have a four by two inch pvc reducing   coupling and then it goes up and around so we have 
a lot of damage to this furnace looks a lot of   corrosion and stuff let's take the front cover off 
like that let's take off the lower access panel   okay all right so before we get started with 
what's going on with the service call I want   to give you guys as a brief overview of what's 
before us uh this right here we consider this a   90 plus percent uh furnace and we do that because 
90 plus percenters have some sort of PVC venting   that directly vents outside and does not utilize 
a chimney like an 80 efficient furnace does so   that's the first thing we're going to notice PVC 
venting we know it's a 90 plus percenter okay   um for identify identification purposes right 
here this is the gas valve you see the gas   piping coming in this is the gas [ __ ] this is 
a union we come down with a drip leg with a t   we come across to the gas valve we'll make sure 
the switch is in the on position all right if we   got here and the switch is in the off position 
we're here for a no heat call well who's trying   to switch off it's a case of who done it but why 
is it off you have to figure that out but below   there right here this is our hot service igniter 
kind of like an electric stove you know a heating   element heats up glows nice and red and it ignites 
the flame typically gets 110 volts oh this black   thing right and straight ahead of you that's the 
plenum sensor or high temperature plenum sensor   it's sitting inside the plenum which is where 
the heat exchanger is and if it gets too hot it's   going to turn off the uh it's a safety it's going 
to turn off the gas valve we have a flame sensing   rod which is right there it goes up and there are 
three burner tubes if you have a larger furnace   this one is only a uh a 60 000 BTU furnace right 
if you had a larger furnace see 60.

Get a larger   furnace you'll have more tubes for more heating 
all right this clear thing that's the condensate   trap or condensate a proportion of the inducer 
assembly which is what this is then do assembly   sucks in air from outside you know by means of the 
fresh air uh the fresh combustion air Inlet and   it blows sucks in right that's some of that air 
blows the get sucks the gas in and blows it out   um below there is our main control board 
Transformer and of course the blower in the   back so one of the first things we're going to 
do when we're troubleshooting a furnace I want   to see if we have any kind of LED indicator 
light on the main control board the furnace   control board and there that is right there 
so obviously with the door removed the door   switch is de-energized or deactivated so if the 
power's on we push this in we should see something there's a green light standby light and it could 
be flashing it's normal operation if it's flashing   a sequence and that's generally an error if we 
don't have any light there we're going to question   24 volts do we have a good functional Transformer 
do we get line volts coming to the machine we're   making sure that we have the switches on no 
sometimes you'll even hear a hum right but   we have a red we have a green flashing light 
now we're going to see what thermostat's doing huh so I don't know what this thermostat 
this thermostat isn't on responsive five   this is garbage we need a new thermostat okay RC w 
g y common C common is blue white heating circuit   is white green is fan yellow is cooling circuit 
and r r c is 24 volts yeah this on there okay   and the display is blank because my door switch 
is not active I'm going to utilize my switcheroo   this is a small flat screwdriver just to shove 
it in there uh because I want the thermostat   to be calling all right so normal switcher 
is not going to work because you have this   little it goes in there more but you guys get 
the point let's go back to the thermostat and   be very very careful when you're doing this you 
don't want to break anything you don't want to   show or anything you don't want to get zapped it's 
only 110 volts you can handle it you're a big boy fan to auto set this to 72.

pexels photo 3964704

We heard 
the clip of the relay let's set the time all right it is 10. 55. and 
it is Tuesday okay and go   let's go see what the furnace is doing all 
right let's go head on over back to the furnace   and we're fortunate enough we'll 
see something flashing there let's count steady heartbeat and there's our hot service 
igniter energizing with 110 volts I went for the gas valve too energized and Houston we had a case of a bad thermostat ladies and 
gentlemen but we're gonna let this run we're   gonna check the here how the blower motor comes 
on uh took a quick little assessment of that looking pretty clean looking pretty clean 
very good actually I've seen much more Sierra   cosmetically you know the exterior casing of this 
furnace looks kind of suspect this little bit of   uh condensate there looks like it's originating 
from this loose coupling wow the humidifier is   just resting there uh and there's your uh 
your condensate now so we're going to want   to seal that back up all right so I spoke to 
the homeowner we're going to do some servicing   on this General Air looks like the April layer 
we're gonna replace the water panel we're gonna   come back with that because I don't really stop 
water panels in the trucks we also signed up   with our heating maintenance plan it's 22.95 a 
month um it's recurring revenue for the company   uh just automatically charge to a credit or debit 
card they get great benefits if they have a true   HVAC system like this one of apparentical oil 
a condenser on the roof and we have a furnace   we're going to come twice a year one two and up 
for the heating season one sort of put a cooling   season and um if they get any repairs throughout 
the year are they going to pay a discounted rate   on any Services uh and plus it develops it further 
strengthens and develops that relationship 22.95 a   month brings peace of mind and locks them in and 
they're going to use us we take care of them they   take care of us it's a win-win situation all right 
so before we actually head on out of here we're   going to disconnect our homemade Switcheroo 
we're gonna put the access panels back on   right I'm gonna let it cycle by means 
of the thermostat put that back on there   like that put this one on there like that not 
really the greatest shape and it's fugazy but   okay get those on there they really don't 
want to turn I'll let this thing go through   another uh startup sequence and operation 
and then we'll head up head on up out of here   all right ladies and gentlemen 
I hope you enjoyed this video   um a little quick diagnosis gas-fired furnace and 
uh how to properly diagnose a defective thermostat   but also most importantly how to develop and 
strengthen relationships with your clients   we do that not only by providing prompt 
professional and exceptional service   24 7.

But we also have service plans maintenance 
plans you know we have one for plumbing and we   have one for HVAC if you're an HVAC owner or a 
manager or even a tech at a contracting company   that does not offer maintenance plans to your 
clientele you're leaving money on the table   and you're not strengthening 
relationships that you develop   that's one of the key things with maintenance 
plans not only are you there once or twice a year   but they're going to call you first they're not 
going to Google HVAC repair they're not going to   open up the phone book and look for a plumbing or 
or an HVAC contractor they're going to call the   number that they know they're paying for you know 
the magnet will be on their fridge the sticker   will be on the equipment and that's how you 
develop and strengthen relationships and that's   how you build value for your business if you have 
any questions about howing to implement this with   your company email me Mike 
I'll be more than glad to offer you what the   I'll be more than glad to offer you a consultation 
um and we'll go from there all right guys thank   you so much for watching let me get your thoughts 
and feedback down in the comments section down   below and yes I did fix the flu catching the 
next one be well God bless stay safe [Music]

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