Troubleshooting Ceiling Fans – Capacitors and Pull Chains

Hi. I'm John of FanDiego, the ceiling fan store. I'm here today to talk
about two little things that make a very big difference in how your fan
performs and if it's actually performing at all. First is the capacitor. Right now we get a lot of questions about
the cause of people whose fans aren't operating properly.

Often times, the culprit is this little piece
here. This is the capacitor. This facilitates the speeds that you have
in your fans. What's important when trying to replace the
capacitor is knowing how many wires the capacitor has and what
you're microfarad rating is. Often times, there will be multiple numbers
here. It's best if you can
bring that part in, and often times you'll know it's bad because it'll
bubble. Actually, it'll look like it's exploded on
the side. It's not
dangerous. I wouldn't touch it while it's exploding,
but it'll melt rather than explode. This could be really important part to have
replaced. Often
times you'll know that this is bad if your fan is stuck on two speed. If
it's stuck on the high speed, for example. That's what we see the most.

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The second important part is, a little part
like this, your pull chain switch. Pull chain switches do go bad, and they can
be replaced. However,
there are scores of different pull chain switches. So, the most important
information that you can give us so we can help you properly is how many
wires are going in, and more importantly, where the wires are going in to
each slot. Some of these have two layers for wires to
insert into. Some
only have one. But for each place where a wire can be inserted,
it's labeled on top.

Now it can be difficult to see, but it's going
to say L1, 2, or 3, or sometimes LA, B, and C. That's critical for
us to get you the right switch. We much know the color wires and where they're
going into each slot. These
are 2 relatively inexpensive fixes. I think under $10 a piece that can get
your fan back to operating perfectly. Again, I'm John of FanDiego. Have a
great day..

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