Top 5 Problems Chevy Silverado 2500 Truck 3rd Generation 2015-19

In this video, we're going over the top five
problems on this third-generation Chevy Silverado 2500. Now, there's nothing wrong with this vehicle,
there's nothing wrong with owning one or buying one. All vehicles have their problems, these are
just the top five that we have found. Number one, HVAC mode actuators. Now, the HVAC system is your heating and air
conditioning system. Now, there's a lot of different ways for the
air to flow throughout the system and you need doors to open and close for that system
to work.

Well, the actuators that open and close those
doors actually fail sometimes. So if you're trying to get airflow to come
out of the vents here, sometimes it'll be stuck just on defrost or vice versa. And then also with the heat, you may have
it on high temp, and you might get cold air coming out instead of warm air. Now, to fix this, you're gonna have to replace
that actuator. Now, throughout the dash underneath, it may
be hard to get to those actuators. There is panels underneath that you can access
some of them, some of them you're going to have to take the glove box out, and some you
may even have to take some of the other parts of the dash part. Number two, seat haptic motors. Now, those motors are actually located in
the driver's seat, one on each side, and what those motors do is actually come on to warn
the driver when you're getting too close to a wall or some other object.

There's actually sensors in the bumpers and
that's how that works. You may end up with a driver assist service
message on the dash and most of the time it's the sensor that's on this side, the outboard
sensor, and the reason for that is there's a wire in there and when you get in and out
of the vehicle, it pushes down on that wire, causes it to break. All you gotta do is pull the seat up and replace
just that motor, clear the code, and you should be good to go. Number three, the starter motor. Now, the starter motor is located right here
through that wheel well. When you want to change it, you actually want
to change it from underneath the vehicle. And what you're gonna notice is a no-start
condition, the vehicle just clicks, it doesn't crank the engine.

Either it just clicks or you don't get anything,
but a good thing to do is check the connections and if that doesn't work, most likely you
got a bad starter. Number four, the throttle body. Now, the throttle body is located on the engine
right at the front. This is what allows more air into the engine. As you accelerate the vehicle, it opens the
plate allows more air in. Now, what happens is the sensor on the side
actually goes bad or one of the sensors isn't agreeing with the other one, there's two sensors
in there.

pexels photo 3964341

In that case, you're gonna get an engine reduced
power light come on and with the check engine light and the code you should get is a P2135
and that's basically saying that there's something going on with one of those sensors. You definitely want to check the connectors
because that could cause that issue. Most likely, you just need to replace the
throttle body. Because of how that code is and it's talking
about those two sensors, cleaning the throttle body is not going to fix your problem.

Number five, the EVAP purge valve. Now, the EVAP purge valve is located right
here on top of the engine and what this does is it opens and closes. The computer's going to command it open and
close to supply engine vacuum back to the EVAP system, back near the fuel tank. Now, most likely you won't notice any driveability
issues, you may just notice a check engine light with an EVAP code. A lot of times, those leaks, the valves will
get stuck open and cause the system to leak down vacuum or even cause too much vacuum
in the system. Most of the time when you get an EVAP code,
you want to check the gas cap. This vehicle doesn't have one.

Now, these sometimes leak as well and this
could cause an EVAP issue. In that case, you'd have to replace the filler
neck. So those are our top five problems on this
Chevy 2500. If you enjoyed this video, make sure you subscribe
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