Top 5 Problems Cadillac SRX SUV 2nd Gen 2010-15

In this video, we're going over the top five
problems on the second generation Cadillac SRX. There's nothing wrong with this vehicle. There's nothing wrong with owning one or buying
one. These are the top five problems that we have
found. All vehicles have their problems. Number one, condensation in the headlights. Now you may find, if you look at your headlight,
you may see some fog on the inside of the glass. If you try to wipe it away, it doesn't wipe
away or even some little droplets. Now a little bit of condensation in the glass
isn't that bad, it's actually plastic. Normally you could turn the headlights on
and turn the high beams on, let it run for a while. Some of that condensation will go away. If it doesn't and starts to puddle up, the
headlight needs to be replaced. Number two, timing chains. Now the timing chains are located on the front
of the vehicle, on the front of the engine, which this is actually the front of the motor. This is a east, west motor [inaudible 00:01:04]
north, south.

So this is what keeps the engine timed. So the timing chain, it's kind of like a bike
chain and it goes down to the crank, which is down below. And it comes up to the camshafts, which there's
two on this side and then two on the back head. And over time, sometimes those chains stretch. And when they stretch, you end up with timing
codes and they have to be replaced. Now to prevent these from stretching, a lot
of times, if you change your oil regularly with the proper oil, you won't have as many
problems with the stretching. Number three, engine running rough at idle. Over time you may get some carbon buildup
on the throttle body itself. What you need to do is take the snorkel off,
clean that throttle body with the proper throttle body cleaner, and also the mass airflow sensor.

You can use some mass air flow sensor cleaner. You wanna make sure you replace your air filter
regularly so that doesn't get gummed up. If it is bad enough, sometimes you actually
have to replace the mass air flow sensor. Now, after you do these procedures, you're
gonna have to do an idle relearn. You're going to need a proper scan tool to
do it. There's no other way to do it. Number four, problems with the liftgate. You may notice your automatic liftgate doesn't
open it all or it doesn't open all the way. Before you try to diagnose something and see
if there's something wrong with it, first thing you wanna do is check the switch. So right here on the door is a switch and
a lot of times, if someone moves this by accident, then they won't realize it and then the liftgate
isn't gonna work, whether you push this button or the buttons on the actual liftgate. Also on the switch, there is a 3/4 open for
the liftgate so that it doesn't open as much. So don't be confused by that.

pexels photo 3964704

You can just switch it to max and then you
should be able to open it to the rest of the way. Now, when you're opening the liftgate, if
it doesn't open all the way, it gets to about this point and then starts to close, or even
at a lower point, most likely the cause is the liftgate struts. Sometimes these get weak and can't support
the liftgate. And then it will start closing as you try
to open it. Number five, sunroof leaks. Around the outside of the sunroof if there
is a seal and there's also a seal here, and if those seals get weak, you're gonna have
excessive water going into the channel. Now the channels have drains because some
water is gonna get in there. It's just a matter of how much water. You don't want too much. So in the channels of the sunroof system,
there's actually a almost like a gutter system on your house and it's going to channel the
water into drains that go all along the A-pillar and the B-pillar and the C-pillar to let that
water get out of the vehicle.

A lot of times those drains get clogged up
and the water is going to enter the cab of the vehicle and you'll find your carpet is
wet, or even your seats get wet. One way you can test this is with the sunroof
of open a little bit, have a cup of water or a bottle of water, and just pour it into
the channel. Just like that. It should go down. You should be able to see it down below. So there you can see the water's coming out
from the outside of the car, which is good. That means that drain's nice and clear. If you didn't see that water, it's going into
the inside of the car and that's not good. You got to clear out that drain. To check those drains, you can either check
them from the outside, take the inner fender well out, take a look and see if it's plugged
up. Or from the inside of the vehicle, take the
pillars off and check the tubes, make sure they're all connected. So those are our top five problems with this
Cadillac SRX.

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