Dealing with Being Slammed with HVAC Service Calls

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Uh here's a question for you you in the Summertime about 500 people have called You to go to their house first 95 degree Day You know you're going to have about 300 Run capacitors to change change your run Capacitor what all are you doing at that Call before you leave Um Making the invoice right and that's That's it right no Um I'm always a little bit afraid That if I don't Check the other capacitor It'll take a dump the next day And if I don't at least get pressure Superheat and sub cool I will be leaving a problem That could have been resolved Um we don't get slams Partially because we don't have the Visibility I guess Um Despite our strong referral Network and Whatnot Um but We don't get a lot of demand service Unless it's a very strong referral from Somebody that's already spent all their Money with somebody that didn't know What they were doing and now I have to Figure out how to make it work for free But

Well well it's good well eventually you Will be slammed and I'm sure you've had Days when you were oh you would call Slammed yep and uh no that's a that's The worst is when you fill it up with Maintenance and then Three four people call and you're like I'm booked And look with these maintenances but It's 99 degrees outside yeah we're doing Maintenance today sorry I had one day Even already Um we had two different people call in With two different concerns and they Were in such locations that it made more Sense to push our first appointment back Than to try to get to our first Appointment and come back to these other People Um and I think I didn't get to my eight o'clock Until 10 30 or something That doesn't sound too nightmarish to me No it wasn't bad Um but I went into this one service call With The solution already figured out and I Was wrong Well you know I've I've been there Myself someone tells me what's wrong I'm Thinking about what it could be I'm Planning my mode of attack and you're Right it's tunnel vision but I mean it's To me it's natural yeah it's like my

Unit's going burnt let me go get the 35.5 I'm waiting for you you know right And sometimes it's not that sometimes It's something else it's a burnt wire Okay yeah hey yeah the start wire is Burned off of the Run cap the Run cap is Fine yeah the Run caps never found I'm Just kidding no the wires burned off the Compressor I was bound and determined That it was a tripped float switch It ended up being a contactor tripping The low voltage fuse Oh interesting yeah okay yeah Contactors are bad so it was tripping a Fuse Going offline so it wasn't a one-time Fuse most of them yeah okay it was a Little e-fuse How many times have you seen that not Not as common uh but no Contactor is pretty common for shorting Things out uh contact your coil Um yeah these are new guys imagine new Guys are out there listening yeah the Contactor cool any relay with a coil can Short and cause the uh low voltage fuse To either blow or whatever you got I Think I actually went back to my memory Of one of your videos talking about Um Ohms on a good and bad coil oh wow And I just took that from something I Learned from a different guy yeah that's It that's cool it was the 10 ohms thing I'm sure yeah uh if it's over 20 that's

A little much you don't really see them Over 20. that's never really the problem It's uh it's below 10. yep and it was Zero five it was Zero yeah that's that's A dead short like that you write on the Warranty form dead short or burnt Shorted or whatever you I remember going In there it's like what is the capacitor Burnt short right burnt short or Something but uh I had to check the new One just to be sure I was like okay so This one's reading zero what's the new One reading Or gold [Music]

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