The Story of the Jimmy Wiggler and a Fiberglass Tree

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What's the Jimmy Wiggler What's your secret to changing a Reversing valve Well I have one little trick I use but There's no real secret and Where to buy the smart snake Oh yeah the smart snake's pretty cool But I cut them and use them by hand Um the smart steak snake just get online And buy it from wherever you start Typing it in it starts coming up Um let's see if we can show him a Jimmy Wiggler oh good grief hey put your pants Back on man Well he wants to see a Jimmy Wiggler This dude a Jimmy for those of you Listening to this as a podcast Ted's Actually [ __ ] naked right now and uh He's pointing at something it's uh it's Too pixelated to see Oh we got uh So the Jimmy wiggler I used to Temporarily provide Power to a blower motor for continuous Fan while waiting for the board in case I don't have the board for a furnace I'll stick that Like I'll go to where the Transformer is Optimus Prime pull it off and plug that On the Transformer and plug the Transformer there and the high speed to The blower there and Take the door switch back in the door Back on whatever and you got full time

So that's what a Jimmy wiggler is I Thought a Jimmy wiggler was anything You want it to be like a vague term um I Didn't see where he asked Joe anything So let me check Over there Um and the only secret I had to changing A reversing valve is something you never Think of but instead of uh Instead of unsweating it Just take a big pair of Something you know one of those uh one Of those tools that They're shaped like that cut xylophone Yeah xylophone and cut the valve cut it Right up near the valve And then all you got to do is unsweet The little Pieces out of it with the valve out of Your way And it's a lot easier that way Um I agree with that it says cut the Valve out now obviously you can't cut The new one in I bought a um Uniwell makes a fork with three Flames With a flexible yeah I bought every one Of those the circle one the everything And I just can't make it happen but I Make a shield to put behind it out of Sheet metal if it's on a train anyway Because you're right up against it you Know it will be fine thin coil Just because it's a failure doesn't mean

It's a train Zach Actually pretty likely that's going to Be tricky so well you said you know it Will be I got to verify through your Language if you're saying train is good Or bad You said train was fine It's the best money can buy I never said That I was perfectly satisfied with it I Complained about their things of theirs All the time it's the best all your Money can buy that's what that's what That means no The best money can buy for you know in My opinion but Um But you mentioned bolt cutters and That's too big to fit in the tubes well I'll tell you this don't take a Sawzall To it and get metal shavings all down Into the pipes Lesson learned on that there's there's Some angle grinder no it looks like a Angle grinder it looks like a bolt Cutter but it's got those circular Shaped Jaws that surpass each other You know Um oh yeah like for the big thick wires Right I think it is an electrician's Tool so what are you talking about Yeah Yeah cable Cutters there it is that's What it is and I got a couple of them I Just don't know what they are and I'll

Cut that brass you know cut the part of The Uh I guess it's copper but I'll cut it cross Cuts whatever you know But as far as putting them in I mean you Can use uh I like wet rag but in the old days when I changed a lot more of them than I do Now because I'll just change the whole Unit and charge train or charge them or Something But I would take an actual wet rag and Wrap it around through well we get three No questions asked a year And it's not that many like I've never Put a compressor in a uh in an inverter I just changed the whole unit We get three a year No questions asked Now they've changed it from no questions Asked to do the right thing and we can Replace any unit As long as it's within warranty and we Don't have to fix it three a year I gotta mention do that that'd be good If you're yeah 50 a year no more unless They really needed to but Um How do you charge for a train for a Whole new unit I'm interested well like I said I Um this must be that line of questions Of an invoice I send them an invoice too And I never hear back deer train

I am Joe Shearer I know you've never Heard of trash can Shredder but here is Your invoice do Tomorrow please Comfort care benefit I don't know what That is but we are TCS dealer train Comfort specialist dealers And there's different levels and you get So many of this so many of that and the Do what's right or do the right thing or No questions ask whatever you want to Call it I don't know what they call it This year they change it every year but We get three a year And I certainly reserve them for 20 Seer Machines but Um one time I changed a reversing valve And there's a video of it So if you really want to find it go dig Back and you'll see we're in the yard I Had the entire train package unit Completely apart everywhere in the Backyard that's not even the unit he was Working on of a single wide trailer and Then I found out I was at the neighbor's House no but I had the whole thing apart And had the condenser coil off had the Lid propped up with PVC Probably should have just pulled the Compressor out And reached in there but there's you Just can't get Some torches to work with no oxygen and You get up in this housing and try to

Weld and you know it just doesn't work Well gotta pipe oxygen in there with a Separate tube just fill that whole area With oxygen so you just throw away the Uh bay tank torch that I use and get an Actual real torch with us is that what You call your map gas a b tank I don't use map gas I thought you said Map gas was the way to go I mean I'll use it like on a gas line or On if I'm just putting a 3 8 filter Dryer or something oh wow from the attic Changing that but I don't use map gas to Change out a unit or anything or map gas Is only 10 degrees warmer than Zoom lock Yeah Um math gas is really not map gas any Longer you notice now it's map Now back in the 90s it was map and it Actually had a settling in it I've got a Few of the cans of the real stuff and it It would get a lot hotter Um And he says he wants to hear know about More about Doug or no you don't you just Everybody to fight and argue this is That's a false statement right there This is reality television he's a he's a Good guy he's uh He's the type that will ask an Intelligent question he's just joking Around right there but he'll ask an Intelligent question and make an Intelligent comment but

Um since me and Joe clowned around so Much over the duck board stuff maybe He's just uh For their benefits no he probably wants To genuinely hear about how it's the Superior product to build duck plenum's Out as easy okay It's too late for this stuff guys I like to talk for 22 minutes best money Can buy Ted all right well don't start Off that huge line two minutes he just Said you got 22 minutes after 22 minutes The stream will have been off you guys Will be talking to just each other on a Video phone call no thanks Which I think you did this last week Already unless you got some kind of Scientific proof in between last week And this week not to say that it was a Superior product last time Superior product you know it all starts Down in the jungle In South America where they get the Finest fiberglass tree Ever and that's where leave Harvest Three four yes fiberglass tree I don't Like that that's not environmentally Friendly are you sure it's not a like a Marijuana plant or something you're Playing with absolutely not tell which They get the finest fiberglass tree And then They take it and they press it Oh it's those coconuts where the strings

Are around the coconut and they fall on Your head No Ted no this is a fiberglass tree it Grows up that's ridiculous Ted we're Talking about a fiberglass tree okay What you said was ridiculous now Joe Back to the fiberglass tree please hey Thank you thank you sick [Music] Thank you [Music]

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