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Subscribe Forever Tech Youtube Channel to gey every latest video updates So friends we welcome you in todays video as you can see this is DC inverter air conditioner and TCL PCBs are installed in it so this unit is working so error is coming in it …………so we will show you which error is coming in it popular brand name is written in it but we have hide it and we are showing you that this AC is of TCL as you can see E0 error code is coming in it so what does E0 means whenever E0 will come on display so what does it means as you can see its blower fan is working there is no fault in it but due to error outdoor does not work and friends if we see its outdoor PCBs so they are also working and all three PCBs are working but error is also coming in it so now we will see that which error is coming here if the error is same so it means that we can easily understand it so we will count it i missed them so we will count it again 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 so it is showimg 7 blinks so it means that it is giving communication error so what we should do in this situation when this situation comes so it means that its outdoor is working but its communication wires as you can see as you can see 1NL so this 1 number wire as you can see if it has loose connection or it is disconnected so it means error is coming due to it or continuity finishes in this wire or it get burn so it will give same fault outdoor will be working but E0 error code will also come beside it as you can see indoor PCB if wires are loosely connected in indoor specially of communication than also it will not work properly so than you have to also check it that wire isn't loose here after loose connection the other fault is that isn't wire burned so than must check its continuity or if any mouse has eaten it so we have to check it aswell here we have open the indoor PCB because here differnt situations can occur so we will tell you what can be its possible faults this situation can occur if its supply is indoor to outdoor means main supply is coming from indoor and moving towards outdoor so fault can also be in indoor PCB and what can be that fault as this PCB is directly controlling the electric and here a relay is installed ………as you can see a switching relay is installed here and if this switching relay does not on due to any reason if this PCB does not on it or this relay is damaged than also this fault can come so than we have to check this position that how is its position here our PCB is working properly here relay is installed here as you can see where ACL is written it means it is line out is coming from here and this is input and main supply is coming from here so this will input so check them as i told you if fault is here than you can repair it still there is no solution for your fault these are fine and after that what can be it we will show you in outdoor the name campony has give it is that is serial communication from indoor to outdoor means that indoor and outdoor can not communicate eachother contact is not there thats why E0 error is coming on display beside it friends if you have recently installed it and after installing it fault has occur or you have serviced it and after that fault has occur either way electric is not coming or if you have opened the PCB and you have attached wrong wires with eachother so this problem can occur and PCB will not work so what will happen that if you have opened the wires and mostly there is issue of opening which wire as you can see here is main supply and if you have not attached main supply wire so than problen can occur as you can see main supply wires are downwards this main supply which is power PCB are coming from here and than are going to PFC and again from PFC than are coming back to PCB which is power PCB from here AC goes and here DC is converted from PFC again comes in to power PCB if you have attached them wrong or if you have not attched these wires so it will create problem when it is converted to DC than it moves to IPM so DC supply is also going to IPM and if you have not attached this wires so it is possible that unit will give you error beside it the other things are possible here are if you forget to attach this reactor wires than also problem can occur as you can see these both are reactor wires this one and one that is going downwards so they both are reactor wires and as you can see they are installed in this position and if you forget to install it so problem will come and it will give you E0 error and if here PCB is not working so what situations can occur so i will tell it to you as first i told you about indoor and if electric is cming in it so than its this terminals electric should also come in them and you have to check it with multimeter that electric is coming in it beside it here phase 1 which is communication wire in its centre 24 volts are appearing or not if 24 volts are appearing in it so it means that its outdoor PCB is dead so how we will check outdoor PCB and what posibilities can come in it and if its fuse get blown due to any reason so it can give you this problem and it will not work so error wioll come beside it ZNR is installed here as you can see here protection divce are more than one if one of them get burn than also this problem will come because they are fluctuations observer if electricity comes above than 250 volts so than they get burn or get shortcircuit due to which fuse get burn if there is this problem so it can be repair quickly beside it if its PTCL sensor as you can see brown colour PTCL sensor is installed in it if it get burn or do not work so PCB will not get on so thats why check it they are small faults but if any big faults occur ………..for example that if capacitor has get shortcircuit large capacitors or if IPM has get shortcircuit and if PFC PCB is not working so different error code can occur in it it can occur that due to it the whole PCB does not work so we have to check these things so repair it or change it so your fault can be finished and the unit will be back to its working condition

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