Stephen Shares How he Coped with the Death of his Father

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My sister passed a couple years ago or a Year and a half ago in September and I Wasn't running the business at the time But I mean I took that poorly I took it Real poorly combined with some other Stuff and I don't know what it would be Like to run a business During one of those things yeah one of Those times How did could you refer to him as a rock How did you get through that time period Or do you have any I don't know because Everybody goes through something like This in their life yeah share how you Got through it I'll just keep it simple How did you get through it what made it Possible Um Well the two guys that I Um had lost the following year Um were what and my wife were what held Me through Um on December 2nd I think we got the Call that dad was going into the Hospital Um and going on a ventilator because of Covet Um when I got that call I was in the middle of a Two-system maintenance for heating At first I said Okay not a big deal I can finish this And I got through the first system

And I was like I don't I don't care Anything about this this is not Important right right But I didn't want to leave half half a Maintenance done and have to get Somebody else to come finish it so I went to the customer and I said hey I Just got a phone call my dad's You know going to the hospital and I'm Gonna Finish your other system maintenance so That it's done and we can get you off The books but Um If you don't mind when I finish the Maintenance I'm just gonna run because Right Um I my head's not in this right now we Literally Left like within an hour and a half I Think of when I finished that Maintenance and drove up to Ohio And then we spent quite literally the Next five weeks In Ohio completely unannounced Or planned Um My dad went into the hospital on the Second And by the 16th he had passed away Um And for most of that time I couldn't care less about what was Happening with the business just

Perfectly honest My wife would come to me and be like What do you want to do with this and I Said I don't care Let It Burn yeah that I I my sister was Covered too I went to the hospital to Visit her I know exactly what you're Talking about uh it is uh it was a Misery which I'm not going to explore Any further from my end on this show Because I don't think I want to do that Tonight to be honest with you uh but I know what you what you're saying you Get to the point where even though it's Your business it's your baby so to speak You you're in that situation those parts Of life where you just it's irrelevant What happens to it in that part of life Yep but it's almost like as you get Older you're you're better able to say I Don't care about this at all right now But I know in the future I will yeah so You have to get through it even though You you know at that point you don't see An outlet uh So your wife got you through it that's Good and when did you feel like because You said five weeks is that five weeks Without Any revenue or there were guys back home Still working on your end Well that was in the middle of the flex Shortage Um oh yeah

And um they were turning some service And maintenance stuff Um And we had two duct jobs that we were Supposed to get done During that time frame And I found and you might remember that the North Carolina Code Department said that We could use 4.2 Flex yeah for a period So I grabbed a bunch of 4.2 Flex from Ohio and we actually drove down Um For one night And um dropped off a car full of flex We didn't intend it to be one night but We drove down one one day Got down to a North Carolina that Evening had uh dinner with my lead Service tech installer slash everything Um talked about the work we were going To go in and start it the next day And we got a call that my dad had turned To the worst so we literally got up that Morning turned around and went straight Back to Ohio Um So at that point Um We had dropped off the flex ducts and uh They were able to at least do this one Job Um but we actually ended up postponing One of the jobs I think if I'm

Remembering Not misremembering Um because we simply couldn't get The Sizes of flux that we needed in the Quantities we needed at that point right Um But it was it ended up being five weeks Mainly because Dad went in the hospital He yo-yo'd for Several weeks Um And then after he passed I couldn't leave With my mom being in the situation she Was right Um So we ended up staying until January 8th When they had the funeral because we Couldn't do it I mean he passed on the 16th of December Coming up on Christmas and then New Year's you don't have time for a funeral Um So we just Hung out and helped mom deal with the Trauma until after the New Year And then once the viewing and funeral Was over we literally left the next day And came back Oh [Music]

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