Sharp Dc Inverter Ac Timer Blinking Lights Error Code | Sharp Ac Continuous Timer Blinks Diagnoses

Assalam-u-alakum Friends! I am Nadeem Robin and you are watching our You Tube channel Forever Tech In which we are making informative videos for you And will continue in the future Friends , Today we will talk about Sharp Dc Inverter Ac Whose error code we will discuss with you We will tell you in detail that when this error code will occur on unit display that how you will solve it And how will we bring it back to the working condition Friends , If you are new on our channel So subscribe to our channel Press Bell Icon so that you can get upcoming videos notification And also like and share to encourage us There will be no cost to you but we will be encouraged Friends , This is its Indoor model This is its Outdoor model So Friends , Before we discuss the error code Today first I will tell you in detail about unit display icons What are these and what does it means? And which functions generate from it First of all we will talk about Ion It isPlasma Cluster Generator This is Sharp new technology If we explain it in common language In your room there are Germs , Bacteria's and viruses When you will turn on this function When through air flow it will go inside And this function will be on So these all germs , bacteria and virus will finish So you will get pure air in the room And you can breathe freshly without any germ and bacteria Second , we will talk about the Operation Lamp So when it will turn on so it means that our unit is operating And is functioning And the third As it is having clock symbol so we say it Timer Lamp When Timer Lamp will on You can also use it as Timer like 1 hour time 2 hour time You can use it in sleeping time That for this much time it works and after that it gets off So automatically it will get off So it is known as Timer light Beside that when Timer light get faulted So it do the most important function And fourth, we'll talk Like there is an arrow sign So it means Super Jet So when we will turn on this function So it means that Room Temperature Unit have capacity to take in 5-10 minutes in 5 degree These all were that , which were on its display The display which you can see on the fifth no, its not turn on right now In some models this display is present , and in some models it is not present So because this is present in this model So how much electric you are using And consumption You are doing So it will show you in the display So Friends , Now we will turn on the unit And we will wait for the error code Error has start occurring on the display And the timer light is blinking In one second it will off and in the other second it will turn on And it will continue to do so So it means that it is Serial Communication Error When in common language we will explain serial communication error When in your Indoor unit and Outdoor unit communication ends So it is known as serial communication error It can have some reasons The first reason When the electric wires between the Indoor and Outdoor get cut or loose so then it will show you this error And beside this the second thing when your Outdoor get fused so then also it will show this error Your Outdoor PCB completely get faulted Its any component get burnt So then also it will show the same error Electric is passing but any small component is damage or any big or IPM is damaged So then also it will show you serial communication error When serial communication error will occur So Indoor unit blower will keep working properly But Outdoor will not work at all

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