Ross vs the STU for a Combustion Analyzer

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[Music] So welcome to the show Ross how you Doing Pretty good Oh man you broke up a little bit I'm Gonna I'm gonna cross my fingers and say This is gonna work out for you Ross I Think it will I think I uh finger over My uh mic on my phone oh good that's Like the best case scenario of anything That's ever happened on this show okay All right so have you seen this game Played before no I hope I didn't get Myself into something I shouldn't well Hey it's gonna be fun either way so Let's do it I ask you a question you get it right You win something and if you want to Keep going you risk what you got for the Next thing that's the premise of the Game there's four questions and you Could end up with the combustion Analyzer which is pretty sweet that's Pretty good to win on some random Saturday Night Live Stream So Are you ready I I think so No one really knows until the question Comes you know it's like I'm gonna Accuse some music here to play along to Kind of heighten the mood here we go And here's your first question this is Your easy question and you're going to Potentially win this sweet HVAC shop

Talk shirt which I find in the Box in The back of my shop so thank goodness For that here we go Tev TXV and eev are examples of a capacitor Grades B Motors C expansion devices or D Electric vehicles What say you Ross hey You say Which one did you say he has a truck Okay so I should I should probably Decide to say the whole thing because Evidently all these letters sound the Same across the internet so he said c Expansion devices and uh You know what I hate to say it but uh that's exactly Right that's exactly right I love Playing that that's our that's our Friend John right there so uh you are Exactly right it is expansion devices You are now the proud owner of this Sweet shirt All right but the shirts are great but You could have all these stickers the Nylog two pack and a shirt If you risk the shirt what do you say I I said let's go for it man it's like You've watched this show before that's All people say is let's do it Every single time and of course we had To play our trade-up noise Awesome And you can Loop it like I did evidently

And keep playing it over and over again Okay what I have to do now is I'm going To actually turn off the live chat so They can't help Or hinder depending on how you look at It depending on what question is A chat I don't think in this Um stream yard Oh okay then well you know what they you Doubly can't see them because they're Gone right now they'll be back in a Minute we have our second question here And it's gonna be medium low medium We'll call it we have four total Questions and here's your second one And good luck The brand weatherking is a variation of This major brand a train B ream C Goodman or D Linux And you have lifelines you can use a Lifeline if you need it I'm gonna go beep B Rheem is that your final answer Yeah The final answer is it actually Rheem That's exactly right it is ring you you Are correct man you got uh Say that one more time I wasn't even Sure about that I just thought I'd saw That on the top of some of the older Ones You know what I'm saying that's a real Success story here we I like that I just Kind of guessed that's what we call the

Term for that here is we call that balls To the wall you're just gonna play until You crash and burn or succeed which is What we hope for You could trade up again keep succeeding Get a tool bag some Appian stickers put The mafia on stickers everywhere how Many other players we got queued up here Zach well I see one more player in there And uh it's totally up to you you know You can keep going or you can take your Stuff and go home I mean that's fine too You have these great stickers All right I'm gonna I'm gonna keep going We'll see what happens all right he's Gonna keep going let's see no one's ever Stopped before actually sometimes people Stop but it's it's not really common Yeah you got to keep going right you Gotta keep Oh yeah I'm sure you're gonna get this Right too there'll be no regret involved With this today so you're going for These prizes right here on the screen You got a bag got baggage shirts you got All the stickers man you're gonna you're Gonna be so happy as long as you get This next question right I'm sure you will let's speed the music Up to add some tension And here's the third question right here Slightly harder than the last ones R32 has a no Glide b a Glide of less Than five degrees Fahrenheit c a Glide

Of six to ten degrees Fahrenheit or d a Glide over 10 degrees Fahrenheit and you Have lifelines You need it Um So [Music] Um I'm gonna say let's You want to ask the chat All right let's ask those Chad people I'm gonna turn the chat back on we'll Give them a minute to reconvene that's Your only Lifeline so that's what you Got here you're going to be using that Chat All right And chat should be opening back up right About now and uh chime in what do you Guys think is the actual answer R32 has No Glide a Glide of less than five a Glide of six to ten or Glide over 10. Adam says no Glide Mark says no Glide One guy just said easy but he doesn't Say the answer so you don't know if he Actually knows or not or he's just Saying easy [Music] One of them's guessing a Adam says it's not a blend there's no Glide So all the people so far have either Said it's easy or they said it's a I'm gonna go with Hayden is that your

Final answer final answer you do you Trust these people oh man well that's Exactly right they're right there's no Glide it's a single component Refrigerant does it have a combination Of refrigerant so you're good to go what Is R32 use what application do they use That in they use R32 in This air conditioning high temperature Stuff they use it there's there's Systems that you would have seen it in Already like smaller stuff like window Units and stuff had R32 I believe and I Think it's gonna be more widespread as We go on here in the next few years But that's where that's I don't know if It's using any middle or low temperature Stuff I'm not familiar with that I Didn't think so but I don't know So R32 slightly flammable enjoy R32 But you know you're one step away from The grand prize which is quite a jump up From where we've been uh that's uh Ted's Raising his hands saying I think that Means go for it But of course it's going to be a hard Question I'm gonna go for it all right You have no lifelines you're gonna go For it I'm sure it's gonna end up fine There'll be no crashing and burning in Here today let's find out Without further Ado here's your final Question for the grand prize The temperature and pressure at which

The solid liquid and Vapor phases of a Substance can coexist in equilibrium Yeah it already sounds like it's gonna Suck a midpoint B triple point Absolute zero or D the brochure limit Again that's the temperature and Pressure at which the solid liquid and Vapor phases of a substance can coexist In equilibrium midpoint triple point Absolute zero or the Roche limit I'm gonna go with d the Roche limit Is that your final answer Yes For all the marbles Is it the Rocher limit I don't know if you hear that but it is A no yeah The temperature and pressure at which The solid liquid Vapor phases of Substance can coexist it's going to be Triple point where all three of those Things converge And let's see one guy said triple in the Chat which I forgot to turn I should Have paid more attention in physics well I tell you what anyone that takes Physics probably didn't go into trades Anyway so let me worry about it I did I would have said I was a brick mason it Didn't come up in Brick masonry uh It was a great try a nice effort right There Thank you for playing hey you can play Again next time okay win something else

All right man I appreciate it take care Thank you [Music] Thank you

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