***Milwaukee Packout Dolly… What Milwaukee Doesn’t Tell You! ***

All right today I had freedom Milwaukee
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taking a look at the new Milwaukee pack out dolly system retails for around $89
Milwaukee doesn't pay me to do this stuff I do it on my own everything I get
I pretty much by myself so yeah with that said let's take a look at the
Milwaukee pack out dolly system what you get in the box when you open it up
pretty self-explanatory if your dolly system uses these are your casters open
these up says that the caster system has I think about a 250 ohm load on it and
get us a spring told me to put it off the side make sure we don't throw that
away then we have the unit still this is a
break unit looks like so what's this pretty much look like this pretty much
looks like the lid of your pack out no instructions on how to put this together
which is pretty self-explanatory I'm gonna put this over you want to make
sure you have your set of wheels on one side let's put one set you push them
down if these don't go there look if you look right here okay this hole is
smaller than this hole so take a look at your casters which is kind of weird
because they they don't send you any direction so it's like okay putting
these together and you don't really know so this caster with the brake on it is a
lot smaller in diameter with the pin then this one this one is a little bit
bigger so with our big ones push down put these in here geez alright now I'll take our once with our
brakes and these just slide right in come down ok now we have our brake or
braking system and there it's a plastic piece right here that has see that has
an indentation for the spring now we want to play put our spring bitter
spring and we're gonna set it down in the middle there's another indentation
in the pack all unit so we're gonna take our take our pins of earth pins off
don't loose don't loose the pins or the cotter pins like it just did hold under
set those down now we're gonna set this on top of the spring they're right no we messed up again
let's spin the unit around hey this is first time for me let's make
it easier for you when you guys get yours so okay now we would have thought
that spring would have went in this little indentation here that they have
let's do this this little indentation right here you would have thought that
the spring goes there it actually goes back here there's a like a little X that's where the spring goes I guess set
the spring in there then we're gonna put the brake unit on all right so then
we're gonna push down push our pin through try to do this through okay now we take our cotter pins
and put a cotter pin pin why it doesn't come assembled like this I have no idea
I want the very few Milwaukee tools that you have to assemble all right so now
this is what it looks like and when we push down on the brake it should kind of
keep everything from rolling now what this brief does it doesn't lock it
doesn't lock these wheels at all it's just basically this pad right here is
really grippy and so when you when you push it down to the floor it acts as a
brake doesn't lock any of the wheels but it gives you some traction so when you
go lock your tools on to this hack out dolly that they just when you go and
push push the pack out locking mechanism on the on the toolboxes when you push
them in it doesn't the you know casters or the dolly just don't go all over the
place it kind of gives you up a ground point so where you know they don't slip
if this doesn't slide on you hey we have our dolly roll this over now I'm gonna
put my foot up great actually when your foot down it rolls really nice I do like
how the casters are now you can use this as a little seat that's pretty cool pretty nice I could totally see people
having walkie dolly races in their shop oh yeah and just wait someone's gonna turn their
pack out system into a little motorized system to where they can have low races yeah oh yeah cool I do like how you can
use this as a little little bench so like if you're you either you're at
launch or whatever you can just plop down on your walkie pack out system and
you can still still kind of move around a little bit you know pretty comfortable
but that's not really the key that's not the intention that this was for is a
little put on there it's nice lock the wheels watch the
wheel good Z's work keep them keep pretty well locked what thought that the
fucking wheels would have been black yeah kind you have to kick them up kind of
hard to get them down lock but I'm sure over time that they will get a lot
better click looking a review on the Milwaukee
pack Akali if you like it if you have any comments comment down below yeah I'm
Philip Burgess and uh thanks for watching

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