Kode error e0 ac cassette daikin

Hi, OK friends, the cooling technique here is the AC cassette Daikin 5 PK , the problem is not cold and the indicator light flashes after we just washed it. Let's check with the remote, what is the error code, and the error code is e0, we will try to reset it first, okay, and we have done our research, we turn it off from the panel and we turn it on again for the case of damage with the error code e0 we often encounter that the problem is in the outdoor unit so the safety or security system on the outdoor unit works and what we often encounter is the high press outdoor unit or the pressure from the compressor exceeds our maximum will wait Does the indoor unit give an order to the outdoor unit OK, the tespen is on, he has given an order to the outdoor unit but soon it will flash again, OK, here is the outdoor unit, we will check for the high press pressure here , it is not high, and before that we checked the pressure Normal low press 150 psi The amperage is also small 5.2 A but soon the AC will turn off and flash again even though the outdoor system is normal and there are no problems, there should be an error error e0, the outdoor safety system is working but here there are no problems okay after we checked the outdoor unit there was no problem so earlier we took the indoor pcb down and we heated it up with a match the possibility of the indoor pcb error after we wash it because the error E0 should have been the damage to the outdoor unit or safety or the safety system was working but the outdoor unit we checked earlier, there was no problem okay and we have been waiting for a long time The air conditioner is not flashing anymore Maybe that's just a video from me Thank you for watching wassalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi full

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