that's drunk West we are master distributor of just about every brand of gas regulator so we sell a bunch of regulators to a bunch of different markets they all have one thing in common if you don't install them correctly they will not work correctly 99 times out of a hundred if we get a call about a regulator with a problem the problem is not with the regulator but just with the installation if you follow a few simple steps you'll do the installation correctly save yourself a lot of time effort and money here's the normal setup of a gas regulator in a gas train we've got the gas supply coming in we always want to put a drip leg it's easy to forget it's kind of hard to do you need the drip leg you need the wise strainer and then into the gas regulator why do we need that because the gas supply has more than just gas in it the gas is dirty it's got pipe threads it's got pipe dope it's got little pieces of rust that's got all kinds of debris when that debris gets in that gas regulator and sits between the soft seat and and the hard seat it's going to leak through best practice for start-up we naturally have to have the high pressure for our leak pressure test on the gas supply do yourself a favor relieve that pressure out either the drip leg or out this part of the strainer let it do the work you'll have pressure in there might be a few psi might just the inches of water column let it do the work and move all that debris through the system and out that open hole safely away from the regulator here's the piping setup we've been talking about gas supply in here the drip leg that you need the why strainer do yourself a favor when you have the compressed air on for the pressure test when you relieve it relieve it through the cap on the leg or the plug in the strainer let it do the work to clean the debris out of the system when you buy your gas regulator make sure you ask for a strainer and be sure to pipe in a drip leg and that's it if you follow these few simple instructions with a regulator installation and you'll save yourself a lot of time and money keep us in mind your friends at Strom quest for all your regulator needs you can find us at www.cynergydance.com

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