Hvac repair & Ac repair , Top Common Questions And Answers

Intro Asslam O Alaikum Friends, I am your host Adil and i am here today with a new video The question is, what could be a fault it the ac takes more number of amperes written on the ac? So friends, it can have three reasons First Numbeer If the ac service is about to happen, it will still take more amperes Number 2 Even if the gas is charged more, the ac will take more amperes Number 3 If the ac noon has an inverter and it has a capacitor in it and it's been a week, it will still take more amperes.

In addition, friends, it has also been observed that even if the speed of the fan in the outdoor is slow, the ac takes more ampere. Then the next question The question is whether an Overload protector can be fitted with an ac compressor? Answer Some companies send a compressor with a protector and some companies don't Also, if you want to install this device for compressor production, you can install it Just like it is attached to the refrigerator compressor, you can also attach it to the ac compressor by looking at these connections. Next Question The question is asked what could be the reason why the circuit breaker trips as soon as we turn on our ac? Answer If there is a short circuit from somewhere or the wire is not fitted according to the capicty or the compressor breaks down, then the ac will take more ampere and the circuit breaker will be trapped at the same time.

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Next question The question is, what is the problem if ice freezes on the ac suction pipe? And what's the problem if the ice on the ac discharge pipe freezes? Answer First let's talk about the suction line If ac service is about to happen Or the weather is cold Due to which the head pressure is high Also, the speed of the blower motor should be very slow Even then it snows or gas overloaded Even There is an ice gym on the suction line So you have to check these things So the snow on the suction line will disappear Now let's talk about ice on discharge This line is also called Friends liquid line That's why the ice freezes on it When the gas is low Or if the outdoor fan motor is not running So because of these reasons, the ice on the discharge freezes So you have to check these things So you will find the answers to these questions I hope you find this short video useful Must subscribe to this channel for more videos like this See you soon with the next video Until then, take care of yourself Good Bye

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