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[Music] All right My name is Zach the baby face Yoda and This is the HVAC fake News HVAC Installers across the United States are Lost for words because a recent report Issued stated that HVAC installers were Among the most obese people in the HVAC Field The installers were concerned knowing That they have a rigorous job filled With strenuous lifting it wasn't until Service techs reminded them that they Realized that there isn't much exercise In sleeping in the corner of the crawl Space HVAC service text didn't fare much Better they were ranked second Unbelievably so HVAC service tech spend A lot of time in the Attic sweating it Out losing those pounds they spend a lot Of time lugging those heavy recovery Cylinders and Recovery machines so why Is it that they are second only to the Installers One of the reasons is there's choice in Foods among the most common service tech Foods are the Taco Bell chalupa Bell Grande del Fuego El Grande which is 12 Pounds of beef and is roughly 4 200 Calories a byte the association for Service techs that grew up in the 1990s Will be meeting again at the Holiday Inn Express down on Highway 67 The password this year will be chicken

The China the Chinese chicken take a Drumstick and your brain stops ticking The alternate password will be it's been One week since she looked at me cocked Her head to the side and said I'm angry Union whistleblower Bobby Bo Betty has Resurfaced again still not dead Surprisingly after all these Union Attacks he went to the latest union Meeting up north in a Union state we're Not going to name which one for his Safety and raised again some concerns About work speed The fact that it's communism and other Things The union workers replied that was a Great Point Bobby and then spent the Rest of the night beating the hell out Of him Bobby is also looking for four Used tires that fit a Chevrolet Capri Classic oftentimes we are led to believe That the most modern vehicles or what we Require for our everyday jobs Ford is Offering a new program They're bringing Back the classic E150 and e250s they're Selling 10 year old models that never Sold in the first place you get them at Half price and you get the first two Axles for free in that same line of Thinking let's continue talking about Automobiles homeowners released their Five most skeptical automobiles for Service techs to arrive in if you're a Service tech and you arrive in one of

These vehicles you might be getting some Funny and worried looks on the faces of Homeowners as you approach the door Number five is the Civic del Sol from Honda number four is a tie between the El Camino And The Ranchero number three is any Ford or Dodge pickup that has a fender Color different from the rest of the Body color number two is a migrant School bus and number one Is the vehicle used in the classic movie Dumb and Dumber my name is Babyface Zaxiota and this was the fake news [Music] Thank you

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