How to Clean A Window Air Conditioner (AC unit)The Easy Way Without Removing From Wall The Right Way

hello my friends today i want to show you 
an amazing way to clean your air conditioner   when it is inside the window and you don't want 
to remove it from the window and it's the way   to do it from the inside if you look in here i'm 
not talking about just cleaning that air filter   i'm talking about actually cleaning and see all 
this nasty stuff and i want to show you two ways   to do it um one should be super good but let's go 
ahead and take this off right here okay you wanna   hold this for a second i went ahead and i already 
unscrewed there's four screws um so i went ahead   and already unscrewed but i want to go ahead and 
pop this off and while we're cleaning this i might   go ahead and spray this with some bleach water or 
something or soak it in bleach water or something   um to go ahead and start um because this thing 
itself looks a little bad so i'm going to need   to cut this right here but i want to go ahead and 
take it off and you can see kind of like what it   looks like right there and so let's go ahead 
and get to cleaning all right so we went ahead   and we we took this off there's like two screws 
here and we got this thing in a bag right here   so i want to go ahead and um maybe clean this up 
a little bit put it uh maybe just place some root   bleed spray on it um and i need this to be drying 
out while we're doing all this the two screws that   were here were holding this electrical paint yeah 
this little piece right here yeah so we put it in   a bag to keep it from getting wet or bleach on it 
yes all right so i'm gonna go ahead and take care   of this all right so i'm just spraying this down 
some of this maybe a mold and i want this to be   soaking and working some while we're cleaning 
it out so just kind of spray it on let it soak   got some stuff in there and um this should be 
working for us while we're cleaning out oh it is   gross all that stuff if you have like a bleed soap 
mixture may work just be careful because sometimes   some bleach uh some oblations some different 
types of soap may actually make poison scoops all right so we want to show you two different 
ways this is a way in case you don't have a shop   vac with like specialty tools um to suck 
it off this is this way can actually work   but what is your method here um i have a 
toothbrush and you want to be very gentle   you don't want to bend the metal here 
um and i just kind of use the toothbrush   to kind of like fling the dust out by doing this 
little like that okay and then what what's that   for the toothbrush and then after after i 
get as much off as possible while it's dry   then i would have the spray bottle that has 
just ivory soap and water just a mild soap   and i will go ahead and spray from the top 
down and it will kind of run all the way   down all the dust and the dirt will run down and 
then what i would do if you don't have a vacuum   a wet vac is i would um soak it up with paper 
towels just kind of stick paper towels in here   gently and soak up the water okay so i have right 
here a rigid shop vac this is like a spatula t1   because it's the kind that can actually disconnect 
to become a blower and then i have some reducers   right here don't worry i want to put amazon 
affiliate links in the description hopefully   um so i have like reducer type things right here 
and then it brings it all the way down to do like   the detailing so i'm gonna go ahead and get this 
out of the package and get it all set up and start   okay these are really cute um they're just like 
tiny little attachments and brush and then there's   like a suction here so if you were doing this and 
you have a shop vac you can just suction the water   right out of the bottom if you were going to use 
um water but i think these are really useful and   um it's kind of interesting to see how this works 
on the we've never done this before so normally   she would do it the old way with the with the 
toothbrush but it takes a while there may be   some really nasty sludge that gets like down 
in here so this should work out really well for that all right so the vacuum took a lot of it 
out now she's got some water and soap um if you use a spray bottle that has a 
stream you can actually really like   get some of that dirt out but this one 
doesn't have a real strong stream but   i'm just gonna wet it down and 
then like um use the toothbrush and then i i dipped the toothbrush in a cup of 
soapy water to clean it off as i go along and kind   of um because some of the dust has gotten moisture 
and so then it like hardens on like down here it   wouldn't vacuum off it's kind of like hardened 
on to the um whatever these are called what are   they called coils is that what they're called but 
you can see it coming cleaner as you go down it   it's like getting back to that metal color instead 
of being coated in dusty grime so this takes a   little while but if you're patient you can get it 
nice and clean and then your air conditioning will   work more efficiently i've done um i think 
two videos on how to clean it from the outside   and i also want to do a video on of how to clean 
an air conditioner like if you want to get really   really extreme and remove it completely from the 
window and then like how you can go about cleaning   it to get like a really aggressive thing um even 
more so maybe even than this um but this is a   really good way to do it for the inside of your um 
home so let's go to time lapse all right before we   go to time lapse i just want to say it's a good 
idea to have your air conditioner unplugged first   and also um you want to do a paper towel away um 
just the soaks up the water that you're spraying   if you have a paper towel sitting in 
here just kind of helps soak it up as you   drip water and also you're gonna 
be careful of electric eyelids so as you can see we're making 
a lot of progress here um   the ac unit the bottom left 
is still a little dirty   but it's definitely coming way way way way cleaner 
you can uh kind of see it's uh really coming along so let's go ahead and go back to time-lapse okay everyone so there may be like mold back 
in here different ac units may be a little   bit different for this one she's spring uh she 
wants to go and spray bleach in there to kind   of get rid of a little bit of the mold that's 
starting and then she wants to rinse out with   water um obviously you need to get rid of all the 
bleach so you don't have like the fumes blowing   back at you because that could be hazardous 
so how long do you want to let that set for um   not long few minutes all right so the 
bleach has been soaking for a little while   now she's wiping it out and then what do you 
want to do and i'm just going to rinse it with   a little uh water just plain old water um we've 
had air conditions in the past that got really bad   mildew all in here and that's gross and like 
the air you're breathing it's coming out and so   i would recommend doing this periodically before 
it gets too bad but in florida we have really bad   humidity in the summer and it can really get 
bad fast i think there's this guy right here all right um are you gonna spray the water 
too okay yeah so i'm just gonna rinse it off   just to try to get the bleach off of there   and um you don't really want to just be 
careful with the bleach fumes make sure   it's all gone before you're running your air 
conditioner and also just remember that bleach   is corrosive to aluminum so something to keep 
in mind you may not want to let that sit there you want a paper towel and then um on the bottom of the air 
conditioner we went to uh probably   going to like use the shop vac to uh 
just kind of suck some of that out and um which attachment do you 
want you want this little one yeah   okay so we have so we can take the shot back and 
bring all the way down to this little teeny tiny   thing right here which is kind of cute it's a 
very huge shot back to have something so small   we want to go ahead and turn it on and let's go um okay so now we have this part right here now i 
had gone ahead and sprayed bleach on this earlier   and i went ahead and was rinsing it off earlier 
in the water you wanted to get back a little bit   um so it's like way way cleaner um i need to 
go ahead and screw this on i might wipe it   down a little bit there's two small screws 
and then this was held on by four screws   so i want to go ahead and take this out put 
it on screw it on and then screw this up all right my friend so we have a really like far 
much like cleaner ac unit here um you can see   the coils see how beautiful it looks remember 
how disgusting it looked earlier by the way   everyone if you really if you appreciate what 
we did please subscribe turn notifications and   leave a comment let me know what you think so 
i went ahead and i cleaned this off too and um   and also cleaned this off the filter too 
i did a video on how to clean your filter   out if you want to watch that i might leave 
a link in the description um so here we go   see that and of course it's good to put the filter 
in the right way so install the filter like so um   there's like a little thing right here 
there you go um let's push this in   and there we go that's it now we gotta like plug 
it in and turn on instead of crayon or something   so please subscribe to our notifications let 
me know what you think love y'all and bye

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