Der hellste Bausstrahler der Welt! 27.000 Lumen | Milwaukee MX Fuel im TEST

Welcome to My name is Sebastian and that is bundled 27,000 lumens in a construction site lamp or in a construction spotlight, as they say in the vernacular. You can see a little bit ….. This is when someone builds a structural steelworker and says what's next? Packs in with it. So here, it's just that it's over there, there is no other way, and over there in every dimension. By the way, recently I showed you all of these devices. Yeah, all the Milwaukee construction lights. I link the video here again up here. definitely watch it. I said the little one here, the little rascal, we’ll grab him an extra video because it’s just awesome to be set up, it starts with the set up. We now have 27,000 lumens that are in here and here you can light up a bridge pillar or other things. But now let's first do the following: I'll show you the device here very briefly and if you don't say it's over or the thing is really funny, then I don't know either.

Let's go back to the comments in any case , what you think of the device. Um, first of all a very interesting thing, I think. That is actually great. It is difficult, but relatively easy to handle. I've got a little kick back here, I can take the whole thing and then I can do it beautifully. The glow do me back and forth and can go back and forth to the cameraman here or there where it should end up. So, I think that's a great solution and I think that's easy. And they are nice big roles. But we want to stand up and our friend here, we can move him upstairs. I'll do that at 3 meters, ten up, start there.

We need ten seconds for this, we may have to do that right away. And then yes is relative are prone. Yes, as it stands here, it is approved for wind speeds of up to 55 km h and so it can just stand around. But so that it stands well. Do you maybe need extra feet and tell me oh, come on, we'll put extra feet in there, but we do it as cool as no one else does. And we do it like that and then here it is terrific. Okay, I can't put it another way. So, so far it has been like this. Everyone who showed this lamp to who was standing next to me started laughing when I did this because it's just obscure. And now this thing is really, really good. By the way, you can easily drive back in that way. And I only did it to do it again. Oh, wonderful. So and now is so the device here is now in battery operation. We don't have easy. Wait a minute, I just have a battery. This is the battery.

Come here, come here This is my Max Fuel Battery. OK. Yes, there is a bit behind that. How much do we have in here? 432 watt hours. So we can do it. Our battery. Yes, we have the way, I think if I'm not mistaken, 72 volts with six amp hours Yes, the device itself, so the light charges the battery by the way also with the network operating as one. The cable here is hanging, but so that you can see, we really have it out. The lamp has two modes, once in mains operation, we have 27,000 lumens and we also have battery operation, of course, since we have up to 20,000 lumens, which we get out of here.

And now let's have a look. So far it doesn't look that spectacular, or are we going to turn it on? And then we do the following. So called. It's on and we're up here. You can see that it is booting up nicely here. We now have the option to adjust the whole thing here . So and beautiful for you . I can take every single element here, put it anywhere. I can also rotate it again so that it is set the way you need it, on a specific point or a large area.

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For example, you can turn it apart again here. Everything made very, very robust. Now we're going to start too. Got the questions at the bottom of the comments. Yes, there it is now and we are doing it in your direction for you too. That’s already light. So there’s going to be nice. I think if I wear it any longer, our friend will need sunscreen on the camera. For that we prefer to make out. So now you can see how much, how much power the whole thing has. And if you ask how we often shoot here, do that with exactly this, then it's because this is our reason. In the studio it's up-to-date, that is, and the others that we have back here are also such that we of course take certain soft boxes and so on immediately.

But the room here is huge. Several 100 square meters, sometimes in different studios, and this is the MX Full, that's the name of the lamp , which is always our light, we shine on the ceiling here and illuminate the whole thing. And of course they can also drive in any other position, in any other position. I need something like that. Maybe that's how it is after all and you can see that it's already light. That was a long time ago. I think it's really bright and I have to say it's okay to be in front of the camera, right? Excellent! I would have looked at myself several times and used various devices from us and also from Brennenstuhl.

But this is kind of a Transformer smile, lighting technology thing. It's really fun. By the way, we also have the opportunity to take photos here. If we are in network operation, then we can do the following via the ONEKEY APP, namely that we set the duration of the light duration. That means we can say so much. It should be four hours on Monday. Tuesday again at the time and so on and so forth. I can set all of this via the app in the mobile phone. Is programmed in here and then it switches itself on or off. What I can also do is say okay, I am now running on a battery and I now need light for ten hours.

Then I say okay, there are already lights and then he regulates himself. I also think that it emits light for ten hours is a very interesting thing that you don't have to do the math yourself. How long does the whole thing last? All very useful features and of course it's something in the icy segment, because where are we actually here? I'm shitting off again. We are in an area here where I say well, this is no longer intended for the user. We are here at the proud price of € 5,000 gross. Yes, it's really a lot of money and I was happy that I have something like this here, at least temporarily here, to have fun with it and just to have us stop and come here every now and then. That's funny, I have to say. Write about your comments on the lamp or shine … in the comments below. And should I show you more of that? Or more? Still obscure and even bigger construction sites Construction spotlights? Or do you want to know something about me? Just read the comments below and now I'll say go to the construction spotlight and see you next time.

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