Checking HVAC Ducts with FLIR ONE & Jason Cameron

Hey I'm Jason Cameron, licensed
contractor and television host. I want to give you guys a quick tip on how to
check your HVAC duct work and make sure you're not losing energy, whether that's
heat or cooling. And a great way to check that is with your FLIR ONE Pro thermal
imager, and that's what this is right here. Simple little device, but it's
packed with a lot of technology. Android or an iOS, either one works, you just
download the app, you plug it in, and you're ready to go. And you have a
thermal imager which is what you can see right there. So what I'm doing is I'm
just scanning the ductwork downstairs, and anybody can do this, homeowners,
because you're the one losing money if you're losing the cooling or the heating
that's coming out of the ductwork.

So as I scan this what I'm looking for is a
really bright area, and what you can see when I come up, is right there you can
see that really hot spot. Right? The heat is on right now,
and that's where I'm losing heat. And if I'm losing the heat down here I'm not
getting it where I want it, which is upstairs.

pexels photo 5877455

A simple solution for that. So
now that I've used my thermal, and I've addressed the problem – I've located the
issue – simple solution is to take some HVAC tape. This is repair tape that
you can get at any home improvement store. It's very inexpensive. Get a
roll of this, and now that I know where it is I'm gonna go ahead and tape that up. You want to make sure when you tape this,
you do a good tape joint all the way around. It's really important that you
use the proper tape. Don't just grab any duct tape,
make sure you have HVAC tape, which is actually made for this. Get a really good
seal all the way around, and what you've done, is now you've brought that heat or that
cool back where you want it which is upstairs and you're not losing money.

check out the FLIR ONE Pro, it's a great resource, it's a great tool to use to look for
energy like that..

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