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This video is brought to you by ewc Controls the best controls for forced Air zoning on the market find out more At ewcc Here's the big announcement okay here it Is All right so I thought of something and Like most of my schemes it's designed to Improve my own life Like you know what you know whatever It's supposed to be like that Think of others but also think of Yourself and in that spirit And I released something the other day About me using the upside app where you Save money on buying gas Well the upside app works really well I've used it for the last several months I've made like 70 80 bucks back on gas And it's saved me a ton of money so Here's the contest right here I said Well you know I want to save more money And we're going to give something away So I'm going to give away I'm gonna Announce the actual prize here real soon But it's going to be a big one And we're gonna announce it in a few Weeks If you sign up for upside using my link Which benefits me You will be entered to win this product It's a nice product we might have Mentioned it on the show if you're Paying attention we might have mentioned

It on the show just recently Like today All you have to do is hit the link to Sign up for it and you don't you don't Spend any money or nothing just save Money on gas so I can see my app shows me who signs up And who's actually getting gas so it's The people that get gas I'm gonna choose One of them they get the product that's Basically what it's going to be and it's A way to earn me some referral since and You guys win a big old prize

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