UPSTAIRS IS HOT: Adjust Dampers For Heating Plus How to Tell if Dampers are Open or Closed

hello and welcome back to the air of authority 
my name is andrea and today i'm going to answer   a question that we got from our ask an expert 
page on our website and the question comes from   a customer named yvette and she asked this 
question i was wondering if you could tell   me how to switch my dampers now that we 
have the heater on because it's set for   summer right now and is pushing all of the 
hot air upstairs and it is stifling up there   thanks yes that is a fantastic question 
so let me call my dad right now and he's   going to tell you how to switch 
your dampers for the winter time   typically in most homes the main trunk supply 
trunks these are the this is the duct that is   blowing warm air or blowing cold air depending on 
the furnace or air conditioner will have a damper   in it and if you look at these sheet metal dampers 
they have a little wing nut on them if you're   familiar with what a wing nut you know what a 
wing that looks like i'll show a picture i'll   show a picture of it got a little wing nut on it 
and the very center of the bolt that goes through   that wing nut has a flat spot on it and that tells 
you the position of the damper so when you look   at it and it's been smashed that means the damper 
is in that position okay and as you rotate it you   visualize okay that this is the damper imagine 
there's a damper in there and it's doing this   so depending on which duck you're looking 
at and what season you're looking at   you can look at it and say oh horizontal that 
means that's open if i turn it at an angle it's   going to cut down the amount of air going through 
that duct so what you do is you loosen the wing   nut you adjust it sometimes it takes a pair of 
pliers you know you turn it so you can adjust   that damper hold it there and then tighten that 
nut down so typically here we are right now we're   going cooling season to the heating which means 
you know a lot of times maybe the air upstairs   the duck going upstairs is wide open because 
we needed all the cooling we could get up there   for the summertime well now warm air naturally 
rises anyway and now we're blowing all the   the warm air up there and you go no that's it's 
just the opposite i want all the warm air being   introduced into the home in the lower levels 
of the home for the most part and i can almost   just wait for the natural heat rising in the home 
is enough to to keep the upstairs bedrooms warm   you know so so does that make sense so yeah so if 
the if that little wing thing is in this position   that means that it's open if it's in this position 
it means that it's closed yes if you're leaving   that air isn't getting through there you're 
looking at a duct that's going horizontal   over your head you know now if you're you're 
looking at a duct and it comes off the furnace   and goes straight up like like it's going to 
go to the second floor okay well think about   the position inside the deck you just kind of 
have to visualize where that damper is but uh   and many times you can get someone to go upstairs 
for instance into the bedroom yes i feel there i'm   feeling air oh now i really feel that you know 
you can you can have tag team it and you can uh   have one somebody reporting back to oh yeah that's 
good that's good like that how how many dampers   does the standard house well some have none some 
have none because you know that would have cost   about maybe three or four dollars to install when 
it was in all the run hopefully most people have   a damper in each one of the supplied ducts so 
you might have a supply duct go to the right   and you might have them go to the left you know 
that you might have one going upstairs hopefully   you've got one in each one of those some homes 
go back and look at all the runs you know if you   have exposed ductwork some will have a damper 
in every run that goes which is great you can   dial it in for each and every run but uh so every 
house is different and typically dampers going to   the upstairs are open in the summer and closed 
in the winter if you have that kind of issue   totally right okay thanks very good let her 
know okay cool all right thanks dad bye bye

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