They Tried To Repair 2 Ton GREE AC – But Failed

So friends for repairing any problem the most important thing is tools after that, we get to experience some experiences we do not get without tools so as you can see this is floor standing Gree air conditioner non-inverter a lot of people came here to repair it but I think due to their tools they can't repair it if they were having experience but they haven't used tools properly as you can see this is it's outdoor and we have to repair it on the basis of tools if we were having an experience so then we can't repair it without tools as you can see we are having a PCB this PCB has come for repairing so a problem with it is that I will tell you its fuse was burned as you can see and very badly it was burned that's why we have changed the fuse and after changing it problem is coming in it now I will show you what problem is coming in it and why it has come for repairing so we will give it electric as I give it electric so in one second it is giving E1 error code on the display so E1 error code is coming in it that's why this PCB has come to us and this whole system has come here for repairing but no kind of fault is not present in the PCB because this PCB is totally fine so what issue is here so now i will tell you its problem also, I will tell you what mistake people are making on its fitting nowhere as you can see when we install it so here system is present to see high pressure and low pressure in such big units as in the system, it is written that I will show you we will zoom it here as you can see it is written LPP and OVC they both are for low pressure and high pressure LPP is for low pressure and OVC is for checking high pressure and thus this system is installed here here two octocupuler are used through which micro controller can sense that high and low pressure switches are not offed on any situation if this get off than octucupler will stop working and than micro controller will start giving error and it will stop here its low pressure switch is not present here thats why direct neutral is given to it if we talk about its high pressure so switch is present for it but installer is not installing this switch due to which this problem is coming here so lets see what problem installer is creating so how can we repair it that E1 error can be finished from it now we have come on side and now we will install PCB in the unit here we have start insulation of PCB but we know that people tried to repair it but they can't repair it that's why during insulation we made very precautions we checked each and everthing in it so chance of any mistake can't be there here complete fitting is done perfectly so as after starting unit E1 error was must so we have start the unit as you can see E1 error is coming on the display due to less lightening we can't see it properly but E1 is showing on the display but before moving towards another part we will tell you that that if we have non-inverter air conditioner or if it is inverter air conditioner if an E1 error is coming A high-pressure switch will be present due to which this problem is coming Besides it, some other things can also create E1 error so I will clear that ……

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After that, we will tell you what we have done in it that it has become fine now we will tell you possibilities that which fault can come that E1 error comes on the display one of that we have solve now that also we will tell you but if its condenser and if the outdoor unit condenser get choked due to dirt and fill up with dust and if there is no air circulation than this problem can come because due to high pressure …… high-pressure switch can get off beside it, there is a fan motor in it if it rotates slow or doesn't work than also this problem can come so it's important to check these things normally valves are opened but if accidentally valve get half-closed or fully closed discharge pipe or section pipe any of them or if both of them grt closed then this problem can come due to high pressure there will be no cooling and the unit can give you E1 error code or capillary it gets choked then also this problem can come so it's important to check these things if we see other reason…………so pressure switch is installed here if it get frauly than also this problem will come normally its points switch is closed and continuity must be there if it get disconnect or opend than you will get E1 error and you will get this unit stop and then your unit will not do any function so check switch if there is a problem in the switch so repair it than your unit will come in running position now we will one by one check all things here as you can see we have taken out the wires of the switch and after this, we will check its continuity that continuity is there or not now we will put it its beam voice as you can hear is very good it means that its switch is totally fine now here we have checked the capacitor of its condenser fan motor we have also checked the valve that it isn't closed and also we have checked its condenser that isn't it dirty so after checking all these things we know that unit is totally fine because pressure switch is installed in outdoor and from indoor to outdoor a wire connects them due to which microcontroller senses that that pressure switch is working there is also a connector in indoor we have opened this connector so what work we have done in this connector as you can see so this is that jumper we have installed it in its center as it is two wires so we can check continuity in it now we will check outside we have opened its connector as well and after opening it we have checked its continuity when we checked its continuity so no kind of continuity was not there so we understand that this wire is burnt and now we have to change it but before changing its wire we decide that we must check isn't any wire is cut in it because if the wire is cut than also this problem can come when we checked it so we can't see such damage and after following it this pipe moved inwards and here is a hole and mouse have eaten wires from here not only this wire but the wire which was fused that problem was also due to this short circuit now here we have get its complete problem then we have taken it out its wire was very long thats why we pulled it and than cut it and joined it with indoor now it is its testing time now we well start the unit and see that it is working or not so we have started the unit The first E1 error was coming and now 32 has come and after 32 if we see its indoor fan motor so its blower motor is also started and it has started functioning very good now we will move towards outdoor that it will start with its time or not if we talk about outdoor we wait for 3 to 3.5 minutes and after that, this unit gets started and it also started its function it means all things have become perfect because only wires were cuted due to which this problem was occurring so if we were not having a multimeter here so than we can do nothing if we change wire than also this problem was still in it so now everything is perfect … is working and compressor is working so thats why due to tools we did this work

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