The Cheapest DIY Shop/Garage Setup On Youtube!!!! | Cost Breakdown

what's up boys today we're taking a tour of my 
multi-million dollar shop slash garage setup   that's right it's finally complete our custom-made 
1.5 million dollar building is done we've got the   beautiful lamborghini aventador svj plus extra 
ultra sitting here looking absolutely gorgeous in   the sun hold up wait a minute something right look 
at how the paint gleams and we're changing out the   carbon plutonium ceramic breaks so we've got it 
sitting up here on the 500 band pack fifty post   lift and my air tank is squealing for some reason 
anyways snap on heard we were doing a crazy garage   build so they're like don't worry guys we're gonna 
hook you up with the family friends discount they   give us 50 000 off this 10 million dollar box so 
it was a 9.9 point oh god math bad 9 million 950   000 for this beautiful crap-on box i'm sorry 
guys i've been calling it a snap-on the whole   time it's actually a crap-on box so 9.95 million 
for this sucker looking absolutely gorgeous over   here we've got the snap-off box this is a sister 
company to crap on and they are selling this 500   000 box and they said since you guys bought 
this one we're going to give you 20 off this   500 000 box but they fully loaded it up with 
cinnamon toast crunch so i cannot be mad at all   and then they were like hey you might need this 
chat on box also from our other sister company   this one was the cheapest it was only 300 000 
but they gave us a 20 off too so pretty happy   with that whole set up there we're pretty 
happy with the way everything's been working   just generally speaking and if you haven't 
caught on by now this has all just been a joke   i've been drinking that haterade and i'm uh 
trying to poke a little bit of fun at these bigger   youtubers i've loved their beautiful big setups 
but in reality this is what a normal guy like me   can afford this is a 5500 setup you're not hearing 
wrong 500 bucks for everything you see here   1700 for a building i built by myself three years 
ago i'll put a link down below to show you guys   how i did it and then twenty five hundred dollars 
for the toolbox setup and then thirteen hundred   dollars for the lift system setup and uh that's 
the quick and dirty tour if you guys want the real   me forever to tell you guys the price of each 
and every single item individually now we're   going to start over here on this side because 
there isn't much i got this little pad here on   the ground because i like to get that on my knees 
that's right boys when i'm lining up my quickjack   system i love to get down on my knees i don't 
want to end up as one of those failed videos on   youtubes where uh people is uh mislining up stuff 
and then their car slides off the jack no thank   you that's not for me we got the rubbermaid fast 
track system up here we got the hooks on it and i   pretty much exclusively use this for my motorcycle 
gear i like these full face helmets because i like   my jaw on my face and i got a motorcycle jacket 
back there because i like my skin on my body   and not on the road we've got a summer racing 
fender cover up here 40 inch pittsburgh creeper   along with the pittsburgh three-ton jack you 
already know pittsburgh uh or aka harbor freight   is always in the house we've got a little diy 
engine spotlight right here it's super bright   it's connected up to a computer power supply and 
it shines a lot of light here in the engine bay   we got a little spotlight right here that turns on 
at night time so if anyone's creeping in here it   lights them up and then i've got a nice amcrest 
security camera here so i could creep on them   when they're creeping on me then we've got an 
insignia fire tv right here ignore the icarly   stuff although i do love icarly so i'm not gonna 
stray why you should ignore that we've got netflix   we've got prime you got youtube we've got all 
the goodies i'm pretty happy with this 99 bucks   works great got the remote here with a piece of 
velcro on it sticks on right there then we've got   a little beer me up thing here so we can pop our 
bottles that's right we're always popping bottles   out here we've got the little snap off box here 
it's actually a hyper tough box it's from walmart   i don't really count this as a toolbox i count 
this more of an organizer that's what it really is   i've just got some sprays and greases up here 
the most important thing in this whole garage   is this bottle of bottled cereal container of 
uh cinnamon toast crunch up top we've got some   allen keys a little engine compression tester 
then we've got tape gorilla tape if you're not   using gorilla tape you're doing something wrong 
a little light bulb drawer got this little uh   this is a new intake manifold for the big turbo 
setup on the skyline yes i put it here just to   show off on you guys because i am insecure about 
the big turbo setup on it and uh then we have   like little vacuum tees and hose clamps and uh 
copper washers vacuum caps things of that sort   gasket maker threadlocker jb weld and then on 
the side we've got these little uh magnetic definitely outside we've got these uh 
little uh magnetic container things   right here as you can see they're 
they're not that great we got some   peg holes on the side i gotta start using 
more of these because i like to get pegged and uh then uh on the side over here on 
the side i mean on the front we've got the   uh little uh diy smoke machine use that to find 
my vacuum leaks because i'm a crafting mechanic   and then we've got a little uh stanley heater 
here and now we have the piston resistance this   is my big boy box i pretty much work out of this 
all the time i really want to do an in-depth   tour especially about pricing and why i bought 
certain things but i don't think we have time in   this video for that so if you guys are interested 
definitely let me know down in the comments and   i'll make a more specific video so let's start 
with the box itself this is a husky 46 inch wide   24 inch deep three foot tall box it's got nine 
drawers they've all got hundred pound slides and   they are all soft clothes i really do like that 
let's if you snap on um we've got the uh little   outlet on the side here with some usb ports and 
this box was 350 then separately i purchased this   husky pegboard i'm not sure the weight rating of 
it so i'm going to put it right here and this is   55 and it bolts right onto these boxes it's made 
specifically for this purpose and it works really   good up top we've got my milwaukee stuff drill 
electric ratchet electric soldering iron and a   quarter inch screw gun we got the m12 and m18 
rapid charger from milwaukee we got a little towel   holder here that has a little rack on the 
top so you can put sprays and whatnot got a   little magnetic tray phone wireless charger some 
little cubbies here to hold lights and whatnot   a magnetic bar to put stuff that's magnetic we've 
got a little plastic scraper there and some extra   cubbies here normally i have my little obd2 reader 
here but uh my little cousin's car is a piece of   [ __ ] and it's always thrown check engine light 
so he has it this is my new obd2 reader from   launch so i've got to try this one out tells you 
some more stuff i just got this on sale and then   on the side over here we've got two magnetic bars 
so the one that's back here is actually helping   to keep this little cheap box stable because by 
itself it's very shaky and then we have another   magnetic bar over here for some more stuff and 
why is my neighbor backing up now all of a sudden   then we have the vise right over here and 
that's basically it for the top half now   in the top drawer we've got all of our sockets and 
ratchets i just bought a set of flex head ratchets   so those are the only thing missing from this top 
drawer top right we've got all of our wrenches and   i also got a set of flex head ratcheting wrenches 
that are also on the way this is a screwdriver   drawer second drawer on the right husky on this 
side pittsburgh on this side also everything is   on sale zip tie drawer if you don't use zip ties 
you work on cars then you need to have your asc   certification revoked blow torch um thingies 
canister things heat gun grinder i got an   empty space there i don't know what i'll put there 
quite yet then we have on the top left our plier   drawer you know we've got a bunch of pliers 
got a some extra wrenches and stuff inside of   the adjustable wrenches that is on this side 
then we have our ppe drawer for our gloves and   all that other stuff when you're getting deep in 
them holes you need different thicknesses so uh   the uh that's why i got so many different ones 
got our tool our oil tool drawer basically and   uh multi-use transfer foam that that's like 
for you know differentials and stuff like that   and then we have uh you know drill bits 
dremel interior removal tools got some   extra clips here because when you screw up and 
you break a clip you gotta need an extra clip   and then that's basically it for this box 
the continuation of my main box the peace   day resistance is in this mini pc resistance also 
known as the chaton obviously not it is the husky   box you guys already know it's obvious by now 
i'm a huge husky and milwaukee fan i just find   that their stuff is the best value especially on 
sale and uh that's my opinion if you got something   different put it down below because i really don't 
care up top we've got uh electrical stuff this is   just an electrical box let's go over the specs 
real quick actually i just got on sale for 89   26 inches wide 11 inches deep 15 inches tall it's 
got four drawers they all have 50 pound slides   it's pretty nice but it's not soft closing i'm not 
really complaining for the money especially since   the fact that it's got very light duty items 
in it anyway up top we've got volt meter wire   spools extra m12 charger then we've got electrical 
tape there's supposed to be more electrical tape   earbuds in my work bag and then we've got some 
clips then we've got connectors of all shapes   and sizes and these are all cheap connectors i 
i have nicer ones that i i need to put in here   i like the fact that i could have them all 
open because before i had all of this stuff   inside of here just in the bottom drawer of that 
and it did not look very good it was very messy   if i had to get to something so now everything 
is nice and open easily accessible and then the   third row here we've got fuses heat shrink and 
a few extra connectors bottom jar has the tools   so you know our soldering iron wire stripper 
uh solder and uh flux and whatnot the only   electrical tool that's not in here is the cordless 
milwaukee ratchet not ratchet that's not ratchet   uh milwaukee soldering iron the only reason i 
have it here is strictly because it looks cool   i could put it over there but this looks so much 
nicer to have all my milwaukee stuff in one spot   i am i am a poser anyways that's pretty much it 
for the toolbox setup the thing that aids this   whole setup right here is this up top so we've 
got a rubbermaid fast track system and the main   reason i have this here is just to hold up this 
extension cord and that computer power supply   which is connected to this free light that i got 
from my friend because he didn't put on his jeep   anymore and that shines down right here it's very 
similar to the bright light that i have there   for uh looking into your engine bay this one looks 
down right here and uh shines up whatever you're   working on it is a very nice and handy to have i 
don't even know why i have this here i don't even   smoke and um i also have my little work lights 
here i got some extra wires here so i could   plug them in and charge them quickly and easily 
and yes hate me this is also a husky light   as far as the 5500 budget setup tour is concerned 
that part of video is over remember 2500 for the   dual tool toolbox that you see here thirteen 
hundred dollars for the quickjack system   and then seventeen hundred dollars for the 
building but then as you guys can see there's a   ton of other crap back here too that is not 
associated with the original 5500 budget   but i'll take you guys on a tournament anyway 
and i will put the cost of each of these items   in the slides also if you want to trace that 
money that being said you don't need all that   stuff back there as far as i'm concerned daily use 
comes out of these two boxes the lift system and   obviously the building to keep me out of the 
rain and snow i don't even use this little uh   hypersoft box here so let's uh get into it and 
we're just gonna blaze through this pretty quick   starting right here we've got another husky 
item it's a 50 foot retractable hose and this   is connected to my 29 gallon central pneumatic 
air tank this is on sale from arbor freight   i decided you know what ramen for one month so i 
could have a nice air set up totally worth it but   then ramen for another month because you need 
a bunch of air tools to go along with it and i   pretty much bought this just to paint my cousin's 
car it really hasn't seen that much use it's only   got 33 hours on it i really don't need a tank this 
big but it is a nice extra to have right beside   that we've got a little battery charging station 
i've got a little tender right here you don't need   this but boy oh boy is that a nice thing to have 
then on the red rack here painting supplies up top   you already saw air stuff right here on this 
top shelf then we've got a key rack right here   and i've got a little samsung tablet here 
connected to this receiver and that is connected   to that speaker and those two speakers there 
and i've actually got another speaker outside   so we can have some music in here this is 
like a miscellaneous shelf where you just put   random whatever stuff you put your wallet here you 
put your uh phone to charge here and uh remember   i still have the other phone charger over there so 
whenever people visit it's nice to put their stuff   and they don't have to worry about it getting 
lost bottom shelf not bottom shelf but second   to bottom we've got fender roller bunch of other 
random tools radiator press kit ball joint tools   jigsaw chainsaw leaf blower i just got these 
actually on sale strut spring compressor these   are the recalled jack stands from harbor freight 
so i have to take that in so i don't crush my leg   this is the two items back here that i use the 
most more than anything i could give all that   up but the two things i want is this welder this 
is a cheap welder from like amazon or something   and then this is a jnc 660 jump pack 
these two things are super useful up top   on this gray rack we've got electrical stuff and 
i really don't want to look at this because it   i definitely have to pack it it is very messy but 
it's just random electrical stuff then we've got   the part shelf for the skyline so this is just all 
scotland stuff hoses v-band clamps silicone hoses   for the intercooler system we've got a bunch 
of spare parts and sensors and whatnot for it   and then spare parts for other cars spark plugs 
and o2 sensors these are the old uh convertible   motors for my old fcrx7 damn i do regret 
selling that car then this is my fluids rack so   we've got fluid specifically for a skyline up top 
paint oil out the wazoo like many bottles of oil   every time i see it for cheap um ignore this 
disability pass that i did not steal we've got   a bunch of oil filters right here then a bunch of 
extra fluids and probably the most important one   here this ketchup definitely need that when you're 
working in the shop or the bone sucking sauce   i was about to say so yeah that could suck 
but i'ma leave that alone um coolant and uh   windshield washer fluid we got the quickjack 
system here this is the pump for the quickjack   and then the oil drain pan i've got my little wen 
seat roller thing here so this was nice because i   used to live out of this for a while not live um 
work out of this you know i had all my tools and   stuff in here these are the wheel covers for 
the impul wheels on the skyline but yeah this   is very functional and i still use it now you 
know like when we're doing the carbo plutonium   brakes whatever i said before on this it's nice 
to pull it up sitting it so you can work on it   nice and easy and then over here we've got 
a miscellaneous rack detailing product and   rc car parts and the dip your car sprayer 
got the oem headlight from my old is 300   and then some other random stuff from 
my intercooler just parts and whatnot   uh some empty boxes turbo boxes fuel pump and then 
we've got this is the new gtr not new new to me   r32 gtr bumper that i'm going to be putting 
on to the skyline and uh that's basically it not much but i'm pretty happy with it y'all 
already know i gotta do the obligatory please   hit the like the subscribe and the bell but guess 
what i'm not because i don't want you to i don't   care if you do or don't i will continue to post 
completed projects like this that's what i've   decided to do i've decided to start using my 
channel as a place to post completed projects   like this i'm happy and i'm proud of and um 
the same thing's gonna go for this ae86 i'm   gonna restore this sucker i'm so glad i found it 
i hopped on it as soon as i saw it and uh this is   gonna get restored the big turbo setup is already 
done on the skyline i just have to edit the videos   and just post it up so content will be coming if 
you do care if you don't well guess what i don't  


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