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Wonderful sitting I love Raleigh and Durham Well at least Raleigh okay let's go to What are we gonna do Awards let's do Awards I'll go over here let's do some Awards here the ahr awards we talked About it in the navac commercial down There so Ahr Expo didn't go don't care to go but Let's see who won awards there because That's that could be interesting maybe I Don't know we'll see Congratulations to the 2023 Innovation Award winners let's see who they were Here's our categories heating cooling Refrigeration ventilation Plumbing Indoor air quality Sustainable Solutions Tools and instruments building Automation and software Yep Susie says Durham is scary Durham's Got Problems I mean I think they've actually Revitalized a little bit but Durham's Like one of them places and it used to Be like Jacksonville but Jacksonville is Not like that uh Jacksonville we go to All the time I actually like Jacksonville I used to think Jacksonville was like that I was wrong I Say this because Susie knows Jacksonville that's she used to be here Um Charlie England says got to be navig Did win yeah So we'll get back to the chat in just a

Second so for heating we have the Copeland HVAC compressor Zpsk7 scroll compressor I wonder if just Big companies win these they like buy These beforehand I don't know I'm not Saying anything for sure I'm just saying There's a bunch of people that are Recognizable here So built on the award-winning zps k6 Platform Emerson's zp sk7 scroll Compressor is the most efficient Two-stage compressor developed in the 100 Year history of Copeland brand Wow That just makes you forget all about That rust inhibitor problem shut up Zack Gonna be gonna be canceled by Copeland Or Emerson there's people on the way to The house right now just think about the Two stage don't worry about that rust Inhibitor problem these compressors can Operate 100 capacity or as low as 65 Capacity based on now is that What 65 that's not like groundbreaking is it Come on now When a partial load is needed a bypass Port inside the compression chamber Opens with partially unload the Compressor well that's not that exciting I mean come on now I'm sure it's great Whatever all right in the cooling Category kimores Option xl41 refrigerant oh r454b1

You ever think it's like okay Why option XL and I'm not saying it's Bad I'm just saying You know there would be something more Innovative that would come up that they Would say oh this is awesome But no option xl41 is a non-ozo Depleting low global warming potential Refrigerant replacement for r410a Xl41 provides a 78 reduction in gwp from R410a which I still don't know why we Care since the Sun is going to turn into A red giant expand and envelop the Earth As well as Mercury and Venus what does It matter if we preserve the atmosphere It's going to get pretty roasting here No matter what okay let's go down to Refrigeration Copeland Refrigeration Compressors zfw variable speed scroll Solution for low temperature Refrigeration applications see if There's anything interesting Uh looks like Wow Let's see read this Line here it has double the capacity of A fixed speed compressor of the same Size while providing a 20 to 30 Efficiency Improvement That sounds nice with Vapor injection Technology and a speed range of one Thousand to seven thousand RPMs it's Pretty fast that's a lot of RPMs all Right that's kind of that's kind of neat All right that's cool Adam High she's asking does anyone have

Experience with APR valves dude I don't Know what APR valve is what is the long Form of that what is that maybe I do Know what it is but probably not

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