Singer Dc Inverter Air Conditioner E0 Error Code | Singer Ac Error Code | E0 Error Air Conditioner

Subscribe youtube channel Forever Tech to get latest video updates Friends this is singer Dc inverter air conditioner we will share its Error code with u when its error code comes we will tell you E0 error code has come on unit display whenever this error code comes what does it means and why it comes? Friends we will tell you its complete detail lets get started this error code comes when between your indoor and outdoor communication is finished and do not talk with each other this error code comes first of all check in indoor and outdoor any connection is loose connection or not? if there is loose connection make it right then may be this error code disappears if in indoor outdoor any wire is loose connected it will work right for sometime then it may spark so tighten all wires see wire is tighten now this is perfect will not make any fault then you will check all these three wire continuity we have opened the indoor now we will tell you in complete detail when in indoor E0 comes what will be the fault now we will take out PCB and give you complete demonstration now we have taken out PCB completly from unit we have kept the set up as you can see E0 error code is shown so what you have to do is you have to set multimeter on dc voltage see Dc voltage has come as our video is about communication whats that??? we had already made that video if you have not watch it so watch it first after that solve communication problem if on multimeter display 24 volt comes this means your indoor is completely fine is giving output this means your output may get faulty so we will check it before that let me tell you one more thing….if unit switching relay is faulty its not giving output so it can show E0 error code for that first check from tester see its giving output light is blinking this means here output is present and outdoor might be faulty if this output is not present here and E0 error is coming this means there is fault in your switching relay I will completely open it and show you this might be faulty you have to check it why its not working? Friends this is its switching relay as you can see 225 Ampere and 280 volts are written and works on dc volt Friends we have taken out outdoor PCB out from unit and when it gets faulty so E0 error appears first of all let me show you …when this switch gets faulty so still E0 error appears on display in spite if capacitor is faulty so still it may happens its any component burns can give E0 error any of the component it burnt in that condition E0 error will appear if IPM, rectifier, IGPT or any component gets faulty PCB stops working and E0 error will appears must Friends let me tell you one more thing in outdoor PCB sensor or thermistor is attached if this gets faulty will show E0 error on indoor unit and what is thermistor PTC we have already made video on that if you have not watch that video so watch it that you can easily solve thermistor problem Friends as you can see in outdoor unit there is also switching relay attached see let me show you this is its switching relay which is 25A, 250V and operates on 12 DC if this also gets faulty so may show E0 error code and your unit may not work

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