Rheem Central AC Condenser Not Coming On 21 Error Explained How to Add Sealant to System

L 21. god damn it oh good morning it's me Mikey Pipes 
today is tuesday may 17 2022   and i'd like to give a special shout out to 
my amazing and beautiful wife happy birthday   happy birthday and thank you for putting 
up with my shit. really appreciate it   anyway ladies and gentlemen this morning we are 
heading to a service call in oceanside new york   we installed this ream prestige system 
about 10 years ago after hurricane sandy   and we also did a lot of other work in this 
house we did the boiler we did bathrooms we   sadly our house was inundated with flood waters   it was not pretty and um the whole neighborhood 
got wiped out and she's one of the many houses   we worked on but she's calling because she has 
no central air conditioning it's not working   and we haven't done a tune up yet this year but 
we're gonna go there and fix her up all right guys   stay tuned let's get going now one of the 
things i like to do especially when first   greeting a customer and this should be standard 
practice when you're standing at the front door   you want to be a step down and you 
want to be like on a 45 degree angle   to the door if you're like this right right 
against that front door you kind of like   become very intrusive you know and it's 
like take a step back a step down and be a   little bit an angle see step down a little 
bit of an angle and we're going to say hi my hero i'm just doing my job good morning i see 
your cape i see your cake good morning how are you   here i'm fine thank you i must you know what came 
in the mail yesterday and i can't thank you enough   you wrote a letter yeah to the south 
carolina building commission right   thank you so much the recommendation 
line i really really appreciate it   very thoughtful and it went overboard i 
need to go overboard but it's put plenty   of that's how i felt i tried to reel it 
back i tried to make it housewifey and now but thank you oh if you want anything changed   no no that was perfect right from the heart it was 
i was only afraid that you were going to move but   you told me you're not moving no no no no no i 
wouldn't leave you terrified me i wouldn't leave my goal is to conquer the east coast anything 
i can do that's fine thank you my manicurist is   going to call you don't worry about it you saw me 
i like my socks so it's red socks i like colors   you know okay you know you can be masculine still 
wear my grandson wears two different socks very   interesting different animals different it's great 
i have to check his socks every time he comes but   you saw my house when it was a salt water swimming 
pool so don't worry about a few steps oh but now   it's beautiful wow is the air conditioning broken 
yeah so what happens when you turn it on nothing   i get the fan but no cooling but no cooling no 
cool air comes out the phantom there's warm air   no it fee i think it feels cool in the 
den i'll feel a little coolness it doesn't   make the temperature go down but the breeze is 
good but the fan is on and the filter is clean   and the filter is clean double check is clean yeah it's clean let's look at the units i'm so sorry i broke two toes and oh i'm sorry 
really damaged so i can't go down the steps   so i can't take the things out of there that's 
fine it's fine no worries no worries just gonna   take a peek okay there's the condensate pump 
let's see why the outdoor unit isn't going on   it's a tight spot here the ream a little 
compact one rb hp runs on 110 volts all right here it is the ring prestige rapm back in the days we installed the filter dryers 
outside i don't do that anymore so i know there's   a control board in here let me get my tool 
bag and hopefully we're not on uh error 27   which is low pressure all right my primary go-to 
tool bag is the veto the pro pack this is the tp   xxl and i got a lot of stuff in here and i got 
a full description of everything that's in here   exception of this in the description 
box so and i even got my hik micro   b20 thermal imaging camera in there right i got 
my digital manometer my field piece in there   i have my portable carbon monoxide alarm 
my meter a whole bunch of stuff you know   switcheroo this is where it went peter god damn 
you peter i just bought a new one of these right   because it wasn't where it normally is which is 
there and now look it's in there ah damn it peter all right let's get the uh the quarter 
inch oh no it's wrong let's get the 5 16.   see that's a quarter inch i knew i wasn't 
[ __ ] let's go see what's going on just   take a quick little visual of the condensing 
coil not terrible but we were here last year   and this is one year's worth of dirt you know 
we're smack up against the grass on a pad right   we have good clearance there it's about 10 inches 
there so the moment of truth the rheem prestige   back in the days they had this icc board right and 
here's all the error codes and we don't want it to   be 27 which is abnormally low or no line voltage 
oh no sorry 23 23 21 sorry 21.

Sorry let's see l 21. god damn it all right l 21 is   low refrigerant pressure and that means ladies and 
gentlemen that she's got a leak now this system is manufactured 10 years ago exactly 10 years there goes our warranty that really sucks actually no manufactured it was june 2012 so if 
there's a 10 year warranty on the   condenser i wonder what the warranty 
is on the air handler evaporator coil   that rb hp and guess what it's probably gonna be 
outside of warranty so first things we're gonna   do we're gonna grab the testos and we're gonna 
check our pressures all right i got my testo   hooked up these are 557s i don't remember yep 557s 
and we have pressure in the system so let's see okay now 21. let's reset that again we 
may have a defective pressure switch interesting all right let's 
pull power this thing will die i could have swore there was a reset switch 
on this thing but i guess i was mistaken   okay so let's put that back in okay a little 
c all right now it's going to do a compressor   um wait period a compressor start delay 
little c flashing i'll show you little   c see y one first stage or second stage 
operation unit operation when it flashes   uh we're in that delay mode so now 
another thing with the low pressure switch   the um the low pressure condition is that 
if the filter was dirty and the system froze   up and we're also going to get that lockout of 
l21 so as you saw the filter was clean in there   and i didn't ask her if she just changed it i 
don't think she did but maybe the intermittent   failure with the indoor blower but something 
because i got pressure in there and it's   it's 63 degrees right so a little bit low on 
that temperature which normally reads the ambient   temperature of the outdoor condition but let's 
see what happens when this bad boy starts up we   may be slightly undercharged uh and that's all 
again all due to a leak or lack of proper charge while i'm waiting for a little seat to go 
away and stop flashing i hooked up my uh   wireless testo 115s this is going to measure 
the temperature of the suction and liquid line we do have a slight variation there which is 
kind of interesting in temperature all right   slight variation in temperature i 
wonder why still flashing little c make sure that's nice and clean okay capacitor just got to wait now inside 
okay yeah we have power oh i'm an idiot i'm just an idiot yeah we are under charged it's my uh suction pressure 30 psi with 
a saturation temperature of 12 degrees   negative 12 degrees so we definitely have a 
leak in the system i'm just gonna pull that   all right i don't want to go with an 
error again this is 24 volts and we have   y1 and y2 if it was wired and then common because 
this control board gets 24 volts for operation   all right let's talk about 
refrigerant leaks i have a page   on my invoice um air conditioning invoice that 
outlines basically it's like a disclaimer but   it's all about liability at the end of the day 
but it forces the technician myself included   to make the customer aware of options when there 
is a system refrigerant link and i'm going to show   it to you real quick so feel free to pause and if 
you want to use it for your own business feel free   if you want the pdf feel free to email me mike 
mikeypipes.com but it basically outlines a few   things and let's go over right now real quick 
as you can see this page applies to systems   needing refrigerant and it gives you basically 
a little summary there your system is low on   refrigerant there is a leak in the system the 
leak will not go away will only get worse and   you have five options a number one do nothing yep 
you can do nothing and there's a section dedicated   to that number two we can add refrigerant and 
there's a section dedicated dedicated to that as   well number three we can attempt to repair the 
leak with a sealant there's a section on that   number four we can perform a leak search and then 
repair or replace the leaking part and that's that   section right there and number five replace the 
entire system which is right there okay so let's   go head on inside we'll explain the diagnosis to 
my customer and see how she wants to proceed now a   lot of you're going to say listen mikey pipes his 
system is 10 years old and you know find the leak   except that labor is one of the most expensive 
components of the service call and the repair   so i'm not going to sell her a new system 
absolutely not unless she really wants that but   the objective here is to make the problem go away 
and the only way it's going to go away permanently   until another leak develops is replacing that 
component or making the repair of that component   so one of the first things you're going to 
look for is you see if you see any oil residue   around you know connections around fittings and 
things like that but based on my experience and   you guys could back me up on this who are in 
the hvac industry you guys know that rheem has   just and and they inherit leaks from birth kind of 
like navy and you know navy and leaks from day one   i'm not saying rheem does but they have a 
problem and back in the days about you know   eight nine ten years ago there was a 
class action lawsuit against rheem because   evaporator coil evaporated coils leaked and one 
in my particular case brand new out of the box   and the next day i was up in the attic replacing 
the evaporator coil so i guess kind of like navy   and because those south koreans don't know 
how to make great products for us americans   so let me stop and hey be edk sit on this and 
rotate i will give you the diagnosis oh god what   yeah it's a good idea to sit down yeah okay um so 
the system is not cooling because it's the unit   is not coming on outside the unit is not coming on 
outside because it senses a low pressure condition   what that means is there's not enough 
refrigerant in the system so when it runs   you know the pressures get lower and then there's 
sensors inside that sense that uh basically design   these sensors are designed to protect the 
system the compressor and things like that   what this means is you have a link okay um 
and what do we do okay so it's five options   and i mean i i'm gonna give you all five of 
them but uh whatever tell me what you would   do if it was yours let me give you the five 
options first okay so option number one you   do nothing you can't do nothing because you have 
no air conditioning right okay option number two   no because in some cases like i go to some houses 
that don't have a system like yours where there's   a computer sensing things right and this is 
america's system it's not cooling anymore and   it's frozen right and you need some refrigerant 
to make it make it not freeze up anymore   so no it is correct okay it isn't it you do need 
more more free on the pure on yeah you know it's   not free on your system uses pure on but that at 
the end is what you need but in some systems it'll   still run it's just not going to do anything 
or cool efficiently or effectively anymore   so that's why option number one exists option 
number two we add the refrigerant that you need   keep in mind it's like a having a what's going 
on right now is like having a nail or multiple   nails in your car tire you keep adding air 
to it but until you actually plug it or seal   it or replace the tire it's going to keep going 
number three we could add a sealant to the system   um your system is not new new but it's 10 years 
old almost so it's a very it's a very gray area   they're they're designed to work but 
there's no guarantee it will work   the ceiling does it's kind of like adding you 
know back in the days the car radiator would   fail and you you know yeah the mechanic would 
have the irradiator or sealant into it and   you know it travels throughout the whole system 
and you know it'll work maybe but it's not you   know good for a brand new car for example right 
you don't have a brand new car you have a 10 year   old car and it's life expectancy you know and 
close to the ocean you know 15 20 years okay   number four we look for the leak it is very time 
consuming yeah and it's a needle in a haystack   you hit the nail on the head you have three pieces 
of a puzzle theoretically we have an indoor unit   which has like a car radiator in it right we have 
an outdoor unit similar but much bigger that's   why the unit's so big outside and then you have 
the copper lines that go from point a to point b   right the leak could be at or leaks could be 
indoor unit outdoor unit copper lines right   yes knowing knowing the manufacturer that you 
have um you know listen any no this is going to   last forever some like listen those from the 60s 
and 70s there's some of them are still chugging   along but most are not so but then anything 
man-made is subject to failure and the um   it everything has a life expectancy to it so we 
can look for a leak it becomes time consuming but   if you want to go that route we add nitrogen to 
the system and we add gauges and then we we wait   24 hours come back the next day or two days later 
and see where the pressure dropped yes number five   we replace the entire system which is what you 
would suggest you would no i'm not saying that um   i don't think that that's what no not really no 
so what's the best option i trust whatever you say   okay so right technically speaking the 
system is nine years old right because we   didn't put it i think we put it right after 
sandy but it was like before the following   summer time so i was like that was 2013. 
okay so the system is nine years old i am not suggesting replacing at 
all i'm just giving you the option   if you were to replace it will you get more 
an efficient system absolutely will you have   the same quality of air yes will you save much 
a lot of money electric bill not really so it's   it's a little i think it still 
has a lot of life left into it   i would i would do one of two things number 
one if it was in my own house and i've done   this so i it's not like i'm just giving you 
the loaded answer right because before i raided   my house i was dumping pounds and pounds and 
pounds every year of refrigerant to my systems   i added the leak seal which slowed it down a lot 
but the end of the day i replaced it because that   was just due for replacement you have you know a 
more of an expensive system and it's not that time   i personally if this is my house or even if it 
was a rental for example like because that's even   better example right because that's what you 
absolutely scrape in the bottom of the barrel   right i would i would add a refrigerant and add a 
sealant and have a nice day that's what i would do   but i'm also in the business yeah all right but at 
the end of the day let's say we add this sealant   and we top you off and let's say what happens 
if it doesn't work great great question so if   sealant doesn't work if a sealant doesn't 
work the sealant also has an ultraviolet dye   which is like a chemical it's in the system and 
when it leaks out we'll be able to see it so for   example let's say it's leaking in the indoor 
unit we could we'll take a light and we would   find a leak and if it's in the indoor unit we 
replace the entire coil or like the car radiator   and as long as there's no other leaks you replace 
the coil have a nice day but these replacements of   those kind of components are in the thousands 
of dollars range and a big component of it is   the cost of refrigerant which is 70 i think 

pexels photo 2539462

Everything do you know that for the first   i i don't like to speak politics but i think we're 
on the same wavelength today for the first time   ever in my life right first time ever in my life 
i filled up my truck and it was over 100 bucks   it was a 120 it stopped at 125 that's 
unbelievable for the first time in my life   oh my god this has saved me a fortune because 
i can't drive i the only time i have been out   times i've been out since december 10th is when 
jeffrey comes to take me to the doctor okay so yes the refrigerant is 77 a pound 
the labor you know you have a service   contract you don't pay for labor but 
on the replacement of a coil you would   yeah but a discounted rate though so 225 an 
hour you pay one i think 155 an hour or 115   we have to look it up because you've had 
your grandfather from the old school days um but and the sealant is 175. so will it work 
you asked what i would do that's what i would do   it when that does not work anymore we look for 
the die and if we see the die in the outdoor unit   unfortunately i'm going to tell you to replace 
the outdoor unit if i see it in the indoor unit   i'm going to tell you to replace the coil in 
the android i say replace the whole outdoor   unit because it's weathered it's sitting outside 
it's by the time we it gets replaced it may be a   couple more years from now but it just it just 
get rid of it and it is what it is if it's in   the indoor unit it's a coil it's like a park we 
could just take it out put it back put a new one   in and half day later your job is done but that's 
what i would do that's what i would do what should   you do listen if you have money to burn replace 
the system but i'm not taking your money yeah and   and and that's really not that's really not like 
what how much would it be to replace the system   so the problem with yours is that your 
original system had you know you oh actually the only thing the only issue i have with your 
system is the voltage your system uses 110 volts   like um like the outlet and you're in the the on 
the wall wall outlet newer systems use 240 volts   now i already know what's gonna happen i'm gonna 
get the people it's like listen mike that's   exactly what i would have done done and there's 
gonna be others that are going to say something   stupid and and i am going to end up blocking 
them at the end of the day you give those five   options let the customer make up their mind in 
this particular case listen she trusts me i've   been this i've worked in this house for 10 over 
10 years and i leave no stone unturned but she   trusts me and she asked me what would i do and 
that's exactly what i would do i would just add   the sealant at the refrigerant have a nice day so 
let's go get that done i got a brand new 25 pound   container 410a there's the wrapper and hooked 
up to hoses we're going to open up the valve i guess that was open okay open up the valve 
and then we're going to purge the air out okay good that's good too a little oily 
there okay let's zero out our scale i'm just gonna dump a little bit into it with 
the system off while i'm waiting for a little okay let's drop probably about a 
pound in there if it'll take it yeah it's definitely going to take a pound minimum 
i'm bet i'm wagering on two pounds actually   let's have a little contest i will give 
a brand new pipe doctor flex fit hat   and the let's go bosch summer t-shirt to 
the person who's closest without going over   on how much pounds or how much refrigerant the 
system is going to need to be properly charged to   10 degrees of sub cooling right 
because right now it's 64 degrees   we could charge with sub cooling so the closest 
without going over to 10 degrees of sub cooling   all right down in the comments section down below 
don't cheat if you cheat you're a loser all right before i reveal how many pounds we took to get to   10 degrees of sub cooling there 
is there are the pressures okay all right i got that number in my 
head let's take a look at the total system   charge amount of refrigerator 
that this unit came with 146 ounces 146 ounces so a little under that nine pounds nine pounds total system charge all right we'll 
talk about how much i added in a minute but   i'm gonna say this you need to 
have place your vote in already okay these are the yellow jacket low loss hoses we're gonna put the super 
seal i'm gonna thread that on   i'm trying to do this 
one-handed and it's not working all right now we're gonna take 
the other side stick that there   and how i like to charge is we're gonna close this okay i'll charge them how i like to inject 
it i'm going to close my source all right   and then i'm going to open my low side 
service port right after disconnecting   this all right let's disconnect my high 
side again i got the low loss fittings here   all right so i have 102 psi of refrigerant 
here right now i'm gonna open that side   i'm going to open up this side and you're going to 
see it dump into the suction side the sealant died and again the most amount of pressure 
i'm gonna have here is 150 psi which   is a little high i don't know why that went 
up like that but we're good so let's take off ah i can't do it one-handed yeah i got it okay and i always like to wear gloves and 
i keep a rag nearby in case i get any   of that die on me or in the system i 
can wipe it up but as you can see here   the easy seal has been injected into 
the system now if you guessed 4.7 pounds   you won a free pipe doctor flex fit hat and 
a brand new short sleeve let's go bosch pipe   doctor t-shirt they're available in medium 
large and extra large only okay so if you won and you didn't cheat email me a screenshot to 
mike mikeypipes.com congratulations to the winner   another thing that i do for documentation purposes 
is that we are going to mark on the 410a container   how much i used i don't put the date 
on that this is 4.7 and also with my   sharpie on the inside cover today's date 4.7 
pounds of 410a the sealant with ultraviolet uv yes uh what temperature you'd like 
to set to and what mode thermostat don't change please remember no moment just the way it is okay so 
whenever i turn it on it stays there   okay what time would you 
like a set to 70 please okay 70 it is thank you hold okay oh what would you get   why hold the temperature there no i don't want to 
he said you want to keep it at 70 degrees not all   the time oh okay unhold it please okay you fixed 
it last time somebody came they screwed it up and   you came and you're the only one who can fix 
it so whatever you know whatever temperature   you put it on so you'll manually change the 
temperature okay so i need to press hold   okay you just adjust the temperature and it'll 
stay there it won't just as long as you adjust   the temperature it's going to stay there okay 
okay that's what hold this for it'll hold the   temperature of what you set it to indefinitely 
what does that mean and now if i put it on   68 it'll stay 16 until you change it again 
okay great thank you um we added uh 80 gallons i added the sealant i added 4.7 pounds   the total system charge is roughly 10 
pounds so it's yeah so it's a big leak we'll see we'll see if it's a smaller leak then 
the sealant will probably work but again the   only way to permanently make it go away is make 
a repair replace the component that's leaking   but even then eventually something else 
will leak so it's just it is what it is   but just keep that in mind you know just 
we'll see that it's a ticking timeline   yes correct all right so we finished up that 
service call spent about an hour hour and ten   there all together uh got him up and running 
i am a little disappointed that it needed 4.7   pounds of r410a um that's a considerable 
amount of the total system charge so   i am not confident 100 that i will not be back 
here this season to address this issue again   i have a funny feeling that we will be back here 
again this season to address the uh l 21 issue   because i think it's that's significant that's 
significant but as you hear me as you heard me   explain to the homeowner gave me options and then 
she asked like listen i don't want to be you know   go out on a hot day and i said there's a worst 
case scenario i'll fill you back up with some   410a again and you'll be good again you know until 
the leak gets significantly worse so we'll see   i'm shooting myself in the foot for asking this 
but let me get your feedback down in the comment   section down below i know that a lot of you would 
have taken this approach i also know that a lot of   you also would have taken the time and looked for 
the leak and then fixing the leak and making the   repair or replace a component and as you heard as 
you heard into the conversation with the homeowner   i could have i could have pushed option number 
five if i really wanted to but that's not really   in my opinion it's not ethical i think that system 
has a lot more life into it until the compressor   is dead we can always replace components on 
that system so that being said let me get your   thoughts and feedback down in the comments section 
down below until next time ladies and gentlemen   thank you so much for watching if this is 
the first time watching my channel watching   a video on my channel if you found this 
somewhat entertaining and or educational   and you haven't subscribed to the channel hit 
that subscribe button and that alarm bell to   get post notifications i try to drop a video at 
least five six days a week monday through friday   because i believe in promoting great 
professional business practices as how i   operate as an hvac and plumbing contractor owner 
thank you so much for watching be well god bless   stay safe you're not calling mikey pipes you're 
getting screwed there you go that's right

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