Repairing an old System, instead of Condemning it!

hey guys we got us a no cooling call this 
gentleman told me he keeps it on 82 degrees   it's freezing up and he's had a high electric bill 
so something's wrong let's go find out what it is screw in the top right so bring the 
top left bring the right side out first no no no right right there yeah well i think all that 
up there is just sealed off i think you're right i don't see 
no openings up here well sort of   yeah i guess they put a water heater in 
here yeah i can see it it's back there yeah all right you don't hurt to have one up there well the coil is dirty but it's   um if you're keeping it at 82 and it's still 
freezing up i think we might have another problem that got up to 12.

Do i'm not sure that tip's gonna be any good got up to six that got up to 10 and i'm repeating in the same spot mm-hmm yes sir so headline smoking heart that liquid lines heart oh temperature sensors better diagnosis three eighty two that liquid line is 137 degrees this may not look dirty but i'm gonna try to 
clean it up i think this thing is overcharged to make up for a clogged evaporator coil and you can see there's 
been an attempt to clean it but it's leaking that compressor ain't gonna be long for this 
world running there temperatures like that let me go get my water nozzle there we go so i'm getting a lot more dirt out of 
that and you might might have thought so got a ton of dirt out of this thing it was a lot dirtier than what 
it looked like just looking at   it through this it didn't look so bad but man i did i got a lot out that right there is a 38 000 btu i guess a double wide here this fellow is saying that it 
has never really done right so all right got to turn back on let's check our vitals again now while this pool is wet i expect 
my suction to be below freezing come on i got lots of dirt out of that all right so with that head pressure down my suction is slowly coming 
up it's at 30.

31 degrees as that dry dries out let's see where we end up so now what was that number where i 
checked them under check them under load 2652 let's do that all right first this one's gonna be for my 
fan check my hand draw on that i got 0.54 so what you do is you take 0.54 times 2652 
and then you divide that by the voltage from here to here and i'm reading 300 and i'm actually reading 345 so divide that 
by 345 4.15 that's supposed to be a five let's do the other one this 
is gonna be for my compressor i got seven it's all over the 
place isn't it seven let's go 7.14 so and then you divide that number by the voltage across i got 407 volts 46 that's a 50 and five so it's a little bit low all right so um it may not be completely dried out yet 
but these pressures look a lot more normal   13 degrees of cooling 11 super heat now it 
was like um 84 degrees in there so this is low and it had a piston so my superheat should be higher 
and my suction should be higher   i'm still watching this over 
here to see how high it goes but my temperature of my liquid lime right now is 103 degrees before it was what 
i say 137 that's a lot better somebody out here this week the best let that sit for just a 
second i might spray it again so thank you i know i'm just polishing a turd 
here but i can certainly make this   a lot better than what it was let me 
make sure i don't have any power here nothing looks like there's a 5 16.

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I just love it when i lose screws like that okay blue is for my fan grids for 
my compressor and orange and yellow for my run mining do this for my fan red for my compressor orange and yellow i'm going to get me a self tapper i thought 
i'd explain why i'm going through the trouble   to try to make this as nice as i can because 
this customer right here needs air and second   the landlords that i work for sometimes they 
don't always want to hear that hey this needs to   be replaced sometimes even if you think that's the 
case you need to try to help them out a little bit and draws coming down i think my condenser is dry by now let's see if my pressures go up 
any on my evaporator coil and   my super heat has certainly gone up so that little bit of coil cleaner 
looks like it did some good keep an eye on it it's starting to go 
down a little bit that's my super heat okay so my head pressure came way down cleaning that coil didn't do a whole lot i 
don't remember what my super heat was but   that looks about normal that suction pressure 
is low considering how hot it is in there it does feel like it's moving more heat though i want that suction to go up my suction really ain't going up considering 
how hot it is i may try to add just a little bit   use somebody's water hose put it back the 
way you found it if you leave it laying out   and they don't do that that's the kind of 
thing they remember okay i did decide to   add a little bit my head pressure now is 
260 suction 64.

saturation temperature 37   degrees instead of 33 which is where i 
started and my superheat went way down i'm going to tell them to start 
budgeting for a new system   this should last him a good bit longer now guys thanks for watching and 
i'll catch you on the next one you.

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