O General inverter Ac timer and operation light blinking (3 & 2) | O general ac timer light blinking

Subscribe Forever Tech YouTube channel to get latest videos updates Assalam-u-alakum Friends ! I am Daniel Robin and you are watching our YouTube channel Forever Tech Friends today video is going to be interesting , amazing and informative Because today we are going to talk abut O General Dc Inverter Ac blinking error codes Friends If you haven't subscribe our channel So Subscribe our channel And also press bell icon so that you can get upcoming video notification from all the first in the future Friends So let's start the video This is O General Dc Inverter Ac which error code we will discuss with you in detail When error code will show on the display so then we will tell you Watch full video so that you can understand each and every point As you can see this is its Indoor Model No. Error code has occur on the display As you can see it is showing on display Now we will count them First we will count the operation light 1 2 3 Operation are three blinks and it will main blinks After this we will count Timer blinks Timer will also show blinking now 1 2 And these are two blinks Means 3 , 2 Operation 3 blinks and Timer 2 blinks are showing on O General Dc Inverter Ac Operation 3 blinking and Timer 2 blinking is the problem of Outdoor As you can see we have come towards the Outdoor This form we will do on side so that we can tell you what's the problem As you can see we have come towards the circuit As you can see the brown wire and white connector This is the sensor of Compressor Discharge Pipe Coil Sensor This is the error which is showing on the display I will tell you in full detail So now we will remove its circuit I will take you towards its compressor As you can see I have remove its circuit See this is its white connector Its wire is fit here as you can see in the discharge pipe coil sensor It is fit with it Discharge Pipe line If it get open circuit or short circuit so then it will show you this error on the display It will show Operation 3 lights and Timer 2 lights This is Discharge Pipe line which is coming from compressor It can have one more reason of coming this error As you can see this steel Pipe Coil Sensor is fit with it If it get remove cause of any reason Then also it will show error After all this you will just have one question ….

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How to repair them it? Its very easy to repair it … This also I will tell it to you To repair it you should know its exact resistance value It will be short circuited so it can show you any resistance value So you should know its original value That how much is its value So you will check the old one whether if it is open or short circuited How to check sensor we have already made a video on it You can get it on right side ( i ) button And you will also get its link in description By watching video you will understand how to check the sensor And by changing the sensor still this fault is not going from your Indoor If still blinking are coming so it means that your Outdoor PCB is faulted So this you have to check it You can also get it repaired Or completely change it So from your Indoor this blinking will get finish And your unit will come back in its working condition And then you can enjoy the cooling If this error is shown so you can know it from your Outdoor PCB that which error is this You can see this LD it will blink So from this you will know which error is this Friends to show you we have open its Outdoor PCB As you can see the blinking on screen will be the same blinking on the Outdoor PCB From which you will know it is the fault of discharge pipe coil sensor Friends I clear you one more thing that blinking will turn on for 0.1 second And will turn off for 0.1 second Three thermistor are fit in Outdoor And for all three will be the same blinking And in Indoor It will give different blinking in all thermistor So friends you have watched the video I hope you liked today's video It will come in work for you and will give you advantage So friends will meet in the next video

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