O general Ac Operation and Timer Light Blinking | O General Ac Operation+Timer(2+2 & 2+3) Error Code

Before checking the error code , First of all its very important to understand its display As you can see the Operation , Timer , Super Quiet options are present on the display Whenever error code will occur and Operation light will blink so it will known as its main blinks And when Timer blinks will come so it will Sub blinks From this we will guess that on unit which error code is present So Friends , The error code of O General Dc Inverter Ac we will talk is It has started coming on the display Operation light will be the main light and Timer light will be the sub light First of all we will count it First we will count the Operation 1 2 Now we will count the Timer 1 2 It is the combination of 2 and 2 Whenever Operation light blinks 2 times And Timer light also blinks 2 times So it means that your Indoor Room Temperature Sensor is faulted It has open or short circuited of any reason So you will change its Room Temperature Sensor so then your fault will be finished So let me show you that where is Room Temperature Sensor attach in the unit and PCB This is the Indoor PCB …….

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As you can the yellow connector and the black wire its Room Temperature Sensor and in Indoor it is attach here And in coil it is attach here You can see inside it It is fit inside it If you change it so I hope that your fault Operation 2 lights and Timer 2 lights will get finished And your unit will come back in its working condition Friends , Now the next error code we will discuss with you on O General Dc Inverter Ac As you can see on the display That both Operation and Timer light are blinking See now it will blink Now we will count it and Operation light will be main light See now we will count it 1 2 These are two And now we will count the Timer lights 1 2 3 When this type of situation comes that Operation light blinks 2 times and Timer light blinks 3 times So your Pipe Coil Sensor Pipe Coil Sensor which is attach in Indoor That has get faulted or short circuited Or has get open So you will open its cover and after opening its cover , change the sensor inside it We will show you that where is the senor attach and how it looks Friends , This is its Pipe Coil Sensor This red and white wire In PCB it is attach here This wire in PCB is attach here And in Indoor Pipe Coil Sensor where it is attach Let me show you See it is attach here I have take it out and it is something like this And it is fixed here

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