No Cooling! – Multiple Problems

guys in today's video i visit   an older fella that was having troubles with his 
air conditioner that was starting to freeze up stay tuned here it comes um okay it is set to cool inside if 
y'all see what i see up there that's a   really low roof it's gonna be tight in that attic let's uh see why this thing ain't running oh my word so i just turned it on the inside two thousand one so oh that's my head pressure that's that's more like what i expected i can't stop that from leaking 169 and 57.

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I think this right here needs to be rebuilt this is going to be r22 so let's change that 36 degrees and 75 in there it seems like every air conditioner 
i come across has something like this these capacitors like that all right super heat it's a little bit high our 
self cooling looks normal so i think i'm gonna have to go up there that right there is just ridiculous i'm going i'm gonna close that 
dual capacitor to take care of this contactor is not terrible let's make a trip up in the attic 
and see if we can find a leak all right look at what i found up here a jerome 422 might be an empty drum and if y'all can see 
the panels on this are facing the other way um lovely because this was just slightly low on refrigerant 
i don't like just charging the system up but i had   no really good access to that air handler there 
was no kind of walkway and it's a very crouched access to begin with   so we're going to replace this contactor see if 
we can't straighten this up and um top this off he had one boy oh why i'll tell you what i i enjoy working outside 
i did too they just haven't just tried school they had never went up i went through tech school too a long time ago tell you what um the hvac classes here in albany they just ain't 
worth nothing no more they graduating folks   don't even know how to put on their gauges 
and they let them go like that though i think they just want to keep pushing people 
through the system and get their money and   they don't care whether or 
not they got a good education they don't care no more 
about it but what they know when i went through tech school i was already 
working i was working a full-time job and   probably putting in 12 to 15 hours in school yeah about 
three hours a day where the military says not here you got no nothing don't oh i was trying to keep him out of the shot i'm 
not sure if y'all got any any of this or not put that little piston bag in there so now i don't know why they didn't the capacitor i pulled out was a five and that   has a five on it so i'm not 
real sure why they didn't use it all right we're fixing to fire this up and 
i'm gonna get it charged up y'all hear that that may have been my leap hey oh getting down on my sitting on my feet like that hurts 
me i can't do that like i used to all right now let's get this thing charged up 
all right when i wired up my contactor   i had my compressor wires backwards that 
could have burned up that compressor we're fixing to charge this up what i'm watching is my saturation temperature   ideally you want it to be above 40 degrees and at 
75 degrees inside this superheat should come down here comes my super heat a super heat of about 13.8 i'm probably going to leave it right there i would really like to have a 
better access to that air handling thanks for watching guys i do appreciate 
the support and i'll catch y'all tomorrow

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