Mini Split Heating & Cooling Installation Cost Review: An In-Depth Guide

Mini Split Installation: Was It Worth It?

Welcome back to the channel! Today, we’re going to do a follow-up on our mini split installation. Is it still working right? Is it doing everything we wanted it to do? And most importantly, is it worth the investment? Stay tuned as we go over the cost, performance, and savings of this mini split system.

The Mini Split System

In our previous video, we did a DIY installation of a dual head, 32 series Senville mini split system. It’s been about eight months since then, and nothing has changed in our way of living in terms of electricity and utility use. We’re going to compare our utility costs from the past eight months to the same period last year, so you can see exactly how much you can save by installing a mini split system yourself.

If you haven’t seen the video on the installation, be sure to check it out. It’s an educational tutorial that teaches you how to set up a dual head unit like the one we have. Keep in mind that there are several other reputable brands like Mr. Cool that offer similar products, so you have plenty of options to choose from when deciding on a mini split system.

Mini Split Performance and Placement

Overall, our mini split system has been fantastic. The only slight issue we had was the placement of one of the indoor units. We placed it in a spot where cold air blows directly on us, which can be a bit uncomfortable during the summer. To fix this, we installed a diffuser that directs the airflow upwards instead of straight at us. Be sure to think about the placement of your indoor units when installing them to avoid any such issues.

Also, consider installing multiple smaller indoor units to distribute airflow throughout your home more evenly. In our case, we’re thinking about installing another head unit for the back bedrooms.

Utility Savings

Now, let’s talk about the numbers. Here’s what we saved on our utility bills over the last eight months compared to the same period in the previous year:

– October: $42.05
– November: $60.12
– December: $50.45
– January: $100.76

In total, our mini split system has saved us $522.95 over the past eight months. With an initial investment of $2,100 for the unit (not including any extra tools you might need for installation), it will take approximately 3.6 years to pay off the mini split system through utility savings alone.

Is the Mini Split System Worth It?

After considering the performance, reliability, and cost savings of our mini split system, our answer is a resounding yes! These systems are quiet, efficient, and provide consistent comfort throughout your home. Plus, installing a mini split system yourself can save you thousands of dollars on both the upfront cost and long-term utility expenses.

If you’re considering a mini split system to replace or supplement your central air conditioner, we highly recommend giving it a try. And if you need guidance, be sure to watch our tutorial on how to install one yourself.


Overall, we couldn’t be happier with our decision to install a mini split system. It has done what it’s supposed to do and provided us with significant utility savings. If you have a chance to install one, don’t hesitate to do it because not only will you save money in the long run but also enjoy a more comfortable living environment.

We want to extend our gratitude to all our loyal viewers who have been sharing our videos on social media. Your support means the world to us. Remember to check out our mini split installation tutorial if you’re considering installing your own system, and we’ll catch you in the next video!

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