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Hello guys this is Abhijit and you are watching roytechtips youtube channel and today in this video i'm going to share with you guys like how you can service your AC at your home without any technician support you just need a blower and the first step is to dry the AC so if your AC is running for a while that there is moisture inside it there is probably water inside it so before cleaning this you need to try to remove those dusts
so I say there is your own fan mode and run it for near about 30-40 minutes after 30 minute later I turn off the AC Switch it off And then remove the plug next we'll open the front panel of the
indoor unit it's pretty simple just remove these
clips and it will open After opening the front panel you will see there is two air filters and Those air filters are dirty Its full of dust And you need to clean it using simple water As you see guys My ac filter is full of dust And it also blocking the air flow Pulling the air filter up Will detached it from the AC Remove the air filter There are two air filters And a Bactria filter This is the Bactria filter remove the bacterial filter then remove the another
air filter after using air filters you will notice that AC fins are blocked with insane amount of dust to remove those dust you can use a air blower or an air compressor I am going to use an air blower turn the air blower on and move the air and move the air blower vertically and make sure below it hasn't touched the AC fin now as you see guys the cooling fin looks neat and clean it will definitely improve the cooling performance next we have to clean those two air filters and bacterial filter I put all of these
filters you below the tap water and I just clean it using water and if you yell
filter is really dirty you can use some detergent or you can use some liquid
soap to clean it up after clean up put those filter on some places to dry it up after this I am going to use an air conditioning cleaner and beautiful named Blueoxy It will kill bacteria and germs also clean remain dust from the AC it will also remove any kind of bad smell From the air conditioner I bought it from AMAZON.IN if you want to check it all the link is in the description below this is optional but definitely this will give you an awesome fresh air from AC I am spraying it the metal fin just once and leave it for five minutes then take those filter and if still they are wet use a towel to soak the water from the air filters and then place the bacterial filter and air filter inside the AC then close the front cover and then clean the AC using a cloths next plug the AC Cord turn on the AC and set it on max and run it for 15 – half an
hour to let the AC clean itself as you see guys few minute later a dirty soap
water is falling out from the AC drain turn the ac on for couple of minutes more To clean those fins And after that turn off the AC The out door unit is on the roof top and yesterday there was a heavy rain An it clean the unit there is no dust over the fins it's absolutely clean so I don't need to clean the outdoor unit but if your router weariness is dirty you can clean
it just using a blower how I service my AC at my home sometimes
I get really bad a spell from a seekers of the dust and those bacterias just
grow inside this AC so I use the AC cleaning liquid that clean the AC as
well as kill all of these bacterias and then it is well really crude like it's
for a smell really good for a week a little more time with some time then I
spray it again again to get a good smell from the AC so if you are guys getting
really pedestal for AC you can try it and if you guys have any question in its
additional 8 min and the comment section below
I definitely answer if you want upper portions and guys let me know that how
my finish is up this – is really bad and if it's bad how bad it is I don't know
let me know guys comment section below or do think about my English my accent
my videos I really appreciate that guys so I really appreciate every one of you
guys like whoever was this video stay tuned at this end of this video I really
every one of you guys so let's meet you on my next video till then

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