HVAC Fake News 11/16/ 22

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This video is brought to you by company Cam snap sync store and share it's as Simple as that to organize your HVAC Company find out more at companycam.com [Music] My name is Zach siota and this is the Live fake news for the very first time Let's see if I can get this right and We're going to try this every single Show sometimes all right our first story As I mentioned previously we had Bobby Beau Betty an anti-union contractor that Had went missing Bobby Bo Betty I'm glad I could say that So many times Bobby Bo Betty's body Bobby Bo Betty's body was found next to The New Jersey Turnpike recently with The letters SCA written on the back of It Now people believe that it was union Workers that did Bobby bobetti in but The sca was most likely going to spell Scab but the union workers were told to Take a break after the first three Letters Our Second Story Kim Jong-un actually let's skip to the Third story because I'm gonna come back To Kim Jong-un Goodman has now created levels of Equipment based on how to do Goodman Based on the new flammable refrigerants Goodman has now broken up their three Levels good better and best into TNT

Castle Bravo And zarbamba And finally Kim Jong-un hearing about Goodman's new Equipment levels has decided to Scrap his nuclear program and go for a Short range program in order to attack South Korea the new program consists of Putting Goodman units with flammable Refrigerant into catapults and shooting Them across the border Jobs will be created due to this new Program I do actually have one more Let's do one more Gwp we want to send it down to zero Gotta have a gwp of zero that's what We're all striving for blow up as many Technicians as possible but let's save The Earth until the sun turns into a red Giant and you know or God comes back So I mean let's save the Earth for a While with a gwp of zero my suggestions Out there to lower our carbon footprint Is let's build less Chick-fil-A's at Universities let's not even go to Universities at all just go to trade School you'll save so many carbon Offset dollars right there Turn off your Wi-Fi using less energy Will burn less coal and you will save a Ton of carbon Lastly unplug your electric cars Full hearty people especially in California do not realize that plugging

In their electric cars in their garage Goes all the way back To a fossil fuel plant and by unplugging Their electric cars they'll be saving The Earth and let's get those people one Of those big unicycles just like they Like My name is Zach siota and this was The live fake news [Music]

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