GE Refrigerator Won’t Cool – Easy Ideas on how to Fix a Refrigerator Not Cooling

hey guys my name is ben thanks so much for watching this video though I'm sure you do not really want to watch this video because something's wrong with your fridge does not cool it on the inside the thing of a fridge does not cool on the inside is usually you think it's going to be a very expensive problematic solution something wrong with the sealed system the compressor system but running a second hand appliance store for about four or five years I can now tell you this is about 75 percent of the reasons why this fridge does not cool this ge fridge has something to do with an easier solution than something like the compressor so I want to go through a few different things today with you to show you some easy things can fix just with a screwdriver and maybe a multimeter depending on how intense the correction is let's go look for ideas very quickly on what we can do to get it going now depending on the situation you may want the ice cream disconnect cabinet before move it though you should be able to put the fridge on video later here so keep that in mind, I turned the unit around so I can do it in my studio, but if you're home you want to pull it off your wall down and see below if there is
any physical obstruction on the vent system that exchanges hot air for cold air let's go down there and see as you can see here there is a large amount of dirt right here on the vent system that draws fresh air in to cooling the condenser system it can clearly be a big problem and many times if your fridge does not cool down very well this is what i am going to take a screwdriver this is my irwin nine in one and we are all going to start removing the screws from this to take back plate down because it can not only be a problem there are more things behind this plate can be a problem and just so you know it is 5 16 screws this screwdriver can handle many different types of screws so regardless of the ge fridge it would handle all if you bought one that could it was like a nine and one like this irwin it's the condenser coil that exchanges heat from outside for cold air inside and if it looks like it's absolutely one of the worst i've ever had seen it's supposed to be black, yes it's what's underneath it's supposed to be there but all the dirt affected this unit and caused the fridge not to cool properly i'm getting maybe a little cold air , but not much, so we need a take
condensing brush this is one generic disposable amazon we've had been using it for a year or two and I'm going to try to clean it as best I can I also have a vacuum cleaner- lizard need a few different things probably because I did not expect it to be so bad have not opened it before so let's go see what I can do the next minute I would say it's really important to keep a condensing brush if you have a
fridge at home e i also found it works well for washers and dryers too so i am going to include an amazon link to buy one of these because they are really cheap and clean your fridge so even if it runs well is a fantastic idea to it keep well for years maintaining this flexible hose for the vacuum cleaner works really well and you can actually buy them both for just a few dollars more than the brush so I also included the link we do use it for dryers more than even refrigerators so we clean these coils with a condenser brush off amazon a fluff lizard that i think you can get on amazon and an exorcist it is it is undoubtedly the worst condenser system i have ever seen and what happens again is if it is not clean of dirt, it can not exchange the hot air on the outside for the cold air on the inside so make sure it is clean very very important you know if your dandy tanner is full of house he was neurotically had a vacuum cleaner cleaned every day has kept his fridge very long time on the program if you have ever noticed so yes we have cleaned everything now one thing you need to know is it depends on your fridge the coils can be completely behind pattern or they may run to the front from the fridge under the kick plate so make sure you clean the sinks from the front as well as from the back because dirt can get in there and can cause a big problem for you make sure you do a very thorough cleaning work on your fridge I would say every six months would
be a good idea if you are danie tanner day but six months should be able to do it enough if you have a condensing brush and a good vacuum cleaner and make sure you clean all the dust on the floor otherwise it will go just go back in the machine and you are going to have the same problem much faster next we are going to keep the fridge down with the back cover because we want to inspect other components than just the coils let's look at the condenser fan located on the coils the condenser fan is usually located between the compressor and the condenser coils this unit tries to keep fresh air circulating in to cool both the black coils as well as the compressor if this unit stops working, it can have the same effect on a refrigerator as the dirt coils would prevent the unit from cooling down properly with the fan you can usually see if there are obstructions that could keep it running or to see if it is rusted or damaged and should absolutely be replaced with the fridge off you could try to replace the fan turn if you insert the plug
the refrigerator in the unit on which the fan should be nice very at all times if it does not start or do not want to do it consider replacing the fan Next we want to check the compressor replace with the refrigerator touch and feel the compressor to see if it is running it has a motor in the unit that is running to cool the fridge if it is not running and you do not feel any movement or buzz then it is very likely that the piece to the left is the compressor relay bad to confirm that it is bad when the compressor is running, disconnect the plug from the plug
fridge take off the relay and shake the relay if you hear a large amount of rumbling it is probably bad if you it shakes and sees small particles fall out it is definitely bad and you can do a final test with a do
multimeter to verify that it is bad by looking for continuity between the start and running sides of the relay as you in the video see if you can not read or get continuity the contacts have been destroyed and you definitely need a new one so fast so far we have under the looked
fridge for dust a bad fan and a compressor relay going bad make sure any of the parts are bad to replace it because the reality is if the relay is bad, your fridge is not going to cool down at all but we have checked everything on the back side so far and at least on this fridge we know what the culprit was but let's go ahead and turn on the fridge again around and let's look at another potential things that could be about this fridge it will cause it to cool down poorly or not at all because there are still some things we need to check before writing out of the fridge or leave it repair now we are going to open the freezer door of this fridge at this point you will definitely want the
electricity off for safety but we might want to use it to test apart in a bit with the shelves outside we want to investigate defrost system and the evaporator fan next and both can be inspected almost at the same time you have to between four and remove
six screws to get the thin piece of metal down that covers the evaporator tracks that are responsible for cooling the whole system down as in the process of it you fight a lot of snow or ice buildup at the back of the panel then it is very likely that you have a
defrost problem that needs to be addressed once you open the evaporator panel, you will see the evaporator spirals that make the refrigerator cold if this panel has a large amount of ice you want to inspect the defrost thermostat and the defrost sensor at the top of the evaporator coil here is a better overview of these components because it is kind of hidden on these types of refrigerators under the coils under the refrigerator do you find the defrost heater designed to turn on every couple of hours and defrost the ice and if you have ice then one of these components does not work to test the heater, take a multimeter and set it to ohm resistance or continuity to see if you can get an electric power indicates these thawed heaters are very difficult to inspect on the fridge itself, so I test it away from the fridge with the two cables look for continuity, you need a get
signal and with ohm's resistance you are looking for value between 20 and 40 ohms which is good this heater tests well but I noticed that one of the gaskets that protected the
heater was bad and could cause problems so I decided to do it replace to be safe go back to the defrost thermostat anyway this little item is another likely culprit to make the fraud system not work properly, the easiest way to test it is just to visually examine it is how it both look good and bad if the lid of the unit looks swollen then you definitely want to replace the defrost thermostat with the kind of model your fridge takes now if it is not swollen you can test it by looking at continuity when the thermostat below 30 degrees it's a bit difficult so you may want to call a technician to do this and now the last thing we want to see is the evaporator fan this fan controls airflow from evaporator spirals to push it through the
refrigerator and if it does not run then your fridge is getting cold but definitely not fast enough to inspect it would be to listen to it or look at the fan through the area where the lights are mounted to see if the fan shaft working properly at this point you can simply look up through this area or you can take
the rest of the system to expose the
evaporator fan as follows remove the ice maker by removing one screw on the left side of the ice fixed auger system that the auger keep system locked remove the ice maker while it does not work sign on the system that has one screw removed from the
left side of the unit then remove all the wire ties after remove the actual ice maker from the unit and gently pull it out and remove it two screws on the back wall of the fridge to loosen the huge plastic retention piece that holds the evaporator fan front cover that is only apparently on newer refrigerators then take four screws that hold the
top shelves in place to prevent this fan cover from moving and as soon as you did it all a 10 minute span you can now get to the actual evaporator fan on this unit now we can test the fan to see if it i s arrive and if it does not happen why these fans are usually straight whether they will run or not due to the failure of the fan or an obstruction one thing to look at is the door switches to see if it is the would cause
fan to not start and stop properly by testing the switch You can also use the fan with the DC function on your multimeter the fan should be between 8 and become
14 volts DC power if it gets this voltage and the fan does not run then is the fan clearly bad if it is not getting the right voltage plate itself can be bad so we took the fridge apart and found about five or six important things it could be the problem here is the condenser coil be dirty and of course the front was really nasty also the condenser fan the relay on compressor check if it then rattles on the front of the fridge we have to ice and the evap on the looked
evaporator system on the front of the panel or strongly cake on the actual evaporator flush itself we looked at the defrost system to see maybe if there was a component that was bad really fast and then finally the evaporator fan circling the air through the system the easiest five or six things you can look at on a fridge as homeowner because again was just a screwdriver once you get past those things, it's getting a little harder because you
're probably looking at a plate replacement or a sensor is bad in a fridge like this it's an electronic control board on a freezer it will be a
mechanical control and you can check it with you
multimeter with resistance I do not have a freezer to do this to this day but it is one thing other you can look at, is pretty easy to make my suggestion is if it does not make it right I think these things make up about 80 percent of the refrigerators I would call a technician and let them review the system, but hopefully these things helped you know i the fridges with us koo p it's all the things we look at and again most times we can fix it this way so no regrets but if you found a
defective part Let's go online to exclude things to you show how to find parts for this fridge because the most important thing is to become the right part for this fridge this one might look a little different than yours so the fans and components especially the relays are going to be slightly different and you need the right get one let's go look now the first thing you want to do is find the
model number of your fridge on most refrigerators it's going to be near the top of the fridge side of the wall take a picture or write down what the model number is next, you can click on the
link in the description to go to a website that does have most schemes devices which are
device benefits you can then enter the model number and get the right list for parts to find the part number for the replacement if you click on the s link in the description click from this video you buy from them it helps my channel with a referral fee but if you do not you can at least find the right part number compatible with your fridge anywhere appliance parts are also sold if this video is not complete clear how to install all the parts they do have videos at device parts benefits that only deal with the part trade replacement that can help you complete the end of
the repair and thats it guys for the video today friends I hope this video has helped you a bit with your fridge I did shoot some other videos with this fridge and they will be out soon make sure you like it and sign up for more content have a great day you

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