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Subscribe Forever Tech Youtube Channel to get every latest video updates Assalam-O-Alakium friends I am Nadeem Robin and you are watching your own channel Forever Tech so friends we were talking about this O General DC inverter air conditioner PCB and we are trying to solve its current trip error before this I had made video there I have give you alot explanation but in today's video first of all I will tell you that before checking current trip error you have to test one thing so lets move towards outdoor unit and i will tell you what is that thing so friends to solve current trip error ……another main thing to check in outdoor is as you can see its compressor so must test compressor if its winding has get shortcircuit there is leakage in it so PCB will detect that amperes are very high in the system and give us current trip error so check compressor so to test compressor already we had made video for it …….must watch it so than you can test compressor beside it friends here are two PCB's as you can see that this PCB give us current trip error beside it this PCB is of new model very soon I will bring video on this new model PCB because its design is totally different so very soon we will bring video on it so now we will talk about this PCB I have already told you about high voltages occuring in this PCB if you have check it and your problem is solved………so well and good ! but still if your problem is not solved so than we have to check its low side because here some circuits are made that the current and voltages are coming which are coming high or low in both conditions circuit work is to control it if voltages are high so it off the PCB and if it is low so than it trip the PCB so lets tell you which positions are that so first of all the point you have to check is the resistance…..resistance number 307 and resistance nuber 308 is very important to check them because from this point high DC volts which is positive side enter from this point after this the next point will be as you can see this circuit its work is to check votages and current it also make camparisson and give feedback to microcontroller if circuit got damaged so it will not work because resistance are directly installed in series so when they get shortcircuit so than this circuit will get opened because it can not bear such high voltages because it is working due to this two resistance and here presetted resistance is installed to control the current if they get damaged so problem can be occur and if high voltages and current pass through it than this circuit will get damage now it has get damaged what problem can be in it so i will tell you as you can see its diode number 0303 and diode num,ber 0304 if one of them or both get damaged so PCB will not work and its pin number 1 is on this side as you can see and pin number 1 on this side and we should get here 15 volts and if we are getting 15 volts so it means that here position or points are totally correct and PCB is fine beside it capacitors can also be faulty so what fault can be in the capacitor i will zoom it capacitor as you can see capacitor number C87 capacitor number C84 and capacitor number C85 if they will be short circuit so problem can be occur and can give us problem and resistance as you can see resistance number R311 and other resistance is on its backside i will show it i will zoom it so here resistance as you can see resistance number R309 and R310 and if they get damaged so problem can be created so we have to check them as well so check them if its position is changed and showing less mega ohms and it is opened so you have to change it here one more IC is installed and I will tell you its name so this is dual comparator as you can see as you can see IC302 this is dual comparator and its work is if high amperes or low amperes are occuring and if there is no amperes are occuring so it give feedback to the microcontroller and than microcontroller off the system and if feedback is not generating in microcotroller so than microcontroller will also off the system as you can see its resistance number which is attached with it so here resistance number is R81 so here we should get 5 volts beside it resistance number is so here it is written R334, R336 and R337 but this resistance is installed on this side numbers are written here but are installed on the other side as you can see 1 2 3 we should get 5 volts on this three resistance if here 5 volts are not occuring so its means that resistance or dual comparator is damaged beside it here resistan number R339 is installed if this resistance is damaged so than problem can be created because it is attached with Q300 and this is NP transitor and in this transitor there is doble resistance so with double resistance already build in is installed and if it get damaged so than problem can be created
so in this way check all these points o than you can know which point is faulty beside it here are two very important points you have to check it what are that points so i will tell you so as you can see with dual comparator there capacitor number C305 is installed so in its positive side we should get -12 volts if here -12 volts are not appearing so problem can be occur so as you can see here capacitor number C306 capacitor number is here but installed on the other side as you cab see in its positive side we should get 15 volts if it is showing 15 volts so it is totally correct otherwise there is problem it means that comparator is damaged or capacitor is shortcircuit or open so than here we have to change them

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